Friday, August 18, 2006

3 Notes from today

Let me speak loosely and candidly for a moment, my dear uptight Non Duality sponges.
I guess I don't have any choice in this. - Even though I decided weeks ago that I would cease from writing these notes, since I thought I had exhausted everything that I had to say on this matter, I still find myself writing them.
Every now and again, someone writes to me with a 'break through' they have experienced.
I immediately know without a doubt that what they are describing is that profound 'emergence'
from 'identified mind'. - I recognize it, even though each one is a unique 'case'.
- I know, from my own experiencing, that things start falling into place 'after' that breakthrough.
It all is about the investigation. - Really taking a look at what the mind is up to.
- In knowing what the mind is up to, so the mind no longer distorts that knowing.
Paradoxically it is never truly distorted but if you do not know that, then one must investigate to discover that.
- That 'intent' cannot be planned or contrived. - One simply gets an impulse to 'look into it' and that's all there is to it.
- Once you really look, seeing takes over and everything is revealed.
Seeing that all the content of mind is just that...content, comes as a relief. - So, no choice, no doer but there is seeing happening and it is through seeing the erroneous for what it is, that is the investigation.

So here are 3 notes from today.

There is no real problem.
Everything is THAT expressing itself AS THAT.
-Knowing that is freedom itself knowing THAT.
-It does not mean the drama ceases to appear.
-It just means that the ‘eye’ of seeing is from beyond all that appears.

Now that is so obvious, even logical in a very ordinary way.

If there is no identification with being the instrument, the body or mind, then seeing must be known to be from an invisible realm, from and AS direct cognition – Awareness.

2. The Ultimate journey of self discovery.

Many steps appear to be taken physically or metaphysically. - Not one step actually takes you out of, or away from this presence, which is here now.
Without a doubt, you are present and aware. - How could one even imagine that that is not true?
All the apparent conditions, which present themselves to you, all appear in this presence. - Whether they be imaginary or relatively real, they are all transitory appearances without even one exception.
- As long as there is some assignment of an identity onto the content of whatever is appearing, then there will be a sense of coming and going experienced as that identity. - This appears as relative confusion for the mind. - The fact is that what you truly are does not come and go. - How could it?
All that is needed is already present. - Seeing and knowing are nothing apart from this presence awareness.
What you are is nothing other than that.
All efforts to be something other than that do not amount to anything with any substance or permanency and it will all disappear and it does constantly.
- That is why for the identified entity there appears to be vulnerability.
- That is just a misplaced sense of self - misplaced in the changeful phenomenal appearance of things.
- What forever remains, is seeing, knowing, presence awareness.

That which is true, is true irrespective of the instrument that measures it. - Whether it be a physical instrument or a so-called intelligent being doing the measurement.
- That which is true remains true, whether that instrument be a brilliant scientist, a village idiot or a piece of technology.
- The endless ‘conflict in mind’ between various living ‘instruments of cognition’, people, amounts to nothing and none of those conflicts actually alter that which is true. - It is all relativity. -
To know the true, one must be the true.
The paradox for the mind is that you are the true, which is beyond appearances.
Pure cognition or pure knowing is equal to that which is truly known.
- No separation. - There is NO separation, except as appearances in the mind.
- The knower and the known appear 'within knowing'.
- Such immediate knowledge is inexpressible as time bound knowledge.
- Words are words and they remain as words. - If by chance something is understood by one, when ‘shown’ by another, then that understanding is a revelation in the mind of one or both of what is true in both. - No division. ( that may be a bit wordy)
- One could call it communication.
- However, understanding is always present and only seemingly covered by words and mind stuff.
- Who could believe such a thing?
The revelation is appearing in mind but the resonation or understanding is beyond the limitations of mind stuff.
- Who can agree?
- It is not a ‘person’ that agrees. - It is that insight, that understanding which one is. - Agreement is a sense of equalizing in which all conflicting elements are absent.

- Get my drift?