Friday, August 11, 2006

No fancy stuff - just clear pointing.

Right now, I want to talk about the one who assisted me in revealing my natural freedom. - Bob Adamson, affectionately known as 'Sailor Bob'. - He too can fire up when necessary but mostly he is in my experience of him, a loving presence.
- When I first heard that nick name 'Sailor Bob', I almost dismissed the conversation but the information about him actually being here in Australia, where I live, kept me interested.
- I was in India at the time and a fortuitous series of events were 'set up' within a few minutes of talking and the rest just unfolded 'in time' and my natural freedom was realized and remains so up to, in and AS this moment.
- There is no reason why I should invent such a thing, unless I be an idiot and I can assure you I am no idiot but I can certainly 'act' as one at times.
There is a deep respect here for Bob and a warm appreciation beyond anything I could put into words. - What is also remarkable is that he offers the same assistance I received to anyone who turns up at his meetings.
- I can't speak for anyone else but I can tell something of how his clear 'pointing' 'did the trick' for me. - Of course I had a part to play in it - and I had to follow what he was saying closely and with a serious 'intent' and I had plenty of that.
- He just kept on pointing things out, guiding my mind back to the facts.
- As my questions changed, with a gradual opening up, he kept pointing back to the basics, according to what I had understood so far from it all. - This was repeated in many ways as long as it was necessary. - It was all relatively quick, not years as my mind had adapted itself to believe it would be - and how it had been for over 20 years of expectation.
- Expectation itself was deconstructed and 'this moment' revealed its nature.
- I would put it this way, what I now call 'the space of knowing' (that I am) appeared as an opening up, more and more until it was pristinely clear that I was not the limited and ever changing 'content of mind' at all.
- In a nutshell, knowing just that is the revelation.
Many of those same 'pointers' appear as a series of very clear passages available to us all in Bob Adamson's books, website notes etc. - These books and CD’s and DVD’s are so direct and simple. - I am a bit surprised that he still remains relatively unknown. - That is just how it is.
- Of course all teachers usually tell us how important their literary works are and have a promotional team. - You won’t find Bob doing any sales pitch about his books or meetings.
- I guess he knows that only a few are genuinely interested. - "I thank my 'lucky stars' that I did not give up."
In the meetings, his way with things is not contrived and his response is an effortless response addressed to the essence, behind the complications of mind stuff - but full of direct information for aligning the mind with the natural intelligence that we are - stimulating a recognition of what is already innately known. - He has been at it for about 30 years and he knows exactly what he is talking about.
- He stays with and as 'the direct and immediate' and I would say he directs ones attention to the immediate evidence, which is available right now, without any books or any other medium.
- However, only a relative few make it to see him.
- So, I and a few others have made the required ‘efforts’ to make his message available for many more than those who get to see him.
- Since the first book appeared, there has been a steady stream of those who have discovered that essential nature he so frequently points to in ourselves.
Transcending the convoluted life of the 'me' is no small thing.
- Even so, when that is 'done', one does not necessarily make a big deal out of it. - After a settling in period, it is all so natural and 'blowing trumpets' to 'wake the dead' is found to be quite useless.
Those who recognise the message, respond in their own way as they do. - You can't 'push' this stuff onto anyone. - Such actions are pointless.
Bob is not an intellectual and he does not play the usual guru mind games, games of being superior - to anyone or anything. - (I could mention a few good examples of those who do but I won't.) - There are no fancy Indian names or Indian clothes with Bob and that is just one sure sign of his genuine, natural way with all of this.
- It's a relief to meet him, if only because he is so 'straight'.
There is an atmosphere of equality, which one feels in his presence. - In a way it is all so very ordinary and that is often quite disarming for a lot of 'expectant' seekers - especially if they have spent time with some of the pretentious gurus.
- When one relaxes into just seeing what Bob is pointing out, in dropping the anxious states of mind, then it starts to ‘seep into one’ in a natural way.
- Things are recognized in their own immediate nature. - Everything is clear and obvious (good name for a book!).
Intelligence is freed from erroneous beliefs.

Over the years I have looked at many available teachings and the works of so-called non duality teachers. - I can tell you that there are none equal to the simplicity that Bob points out, with the odd exceptions, being that of some ancient texts.
Some obvious 'students' of Bob are also very clear.
- I can add, most emphatically, that the potency of Bob’s pointers actually work, because in my own case they ‘did the job’ and my natural freedom is here without a doubt.
- Others may doubt this freedom but that is all to do with their own mind stuff, not mine.
- So, I can recommend, like no other, Bob’s Books etc. to anyone that is serious in this investigation of self. - If you have the slightest chance of visiting him first hand, do it.
- Make that possibility an actuality - be the 'doer' one last time.
- You will not regret it in any way.
- Realize this freedom now.
- If you can’t get there, to Melbourne, then at least get his books and immerse yourself in what they are pointing out.
- If you do this and cease to read anything else ( mixing teachings can be confusing and a bit like mixing a fine wine with a cheap cask wine) - read his books until you are clearly and obviously free, then the true value of his ‘message’ will be realized, no doubt.
- It was working on these books and CD’s, along with deconstructing my beliefs with Bob that ‘finished me off’, so to speak. - I was more or less totally immersed in it all for several months - I KNEW, without a doubt, that I was 'onto something' quite extraordinary and yet so ordinary at the same time.
- Those items, the books and CD's contain that realization, not for ‘me’ but for that true essence that I am and that you are. - One without a second.
Many have taken this advice and it works.
- It's up to you - as it is.

It is an odd thing to witness how seekers get attracted to what I call 'fancy gurus' and do the rounds of them all - or they get stuck for decades with one, with no freedom in sight.
- In my website notes I have 'stepped over the line' many times as I play the role of being a stirrer. - I can say that there is freedom in that since I need not fit into any mold. - Many are 'put off' by such notes but one or two have been shaken up enough to take a fresh look at the situation AND something revealed itself.
- Some long standing habitual attitude loosened up enough for a glimpse to shine through. - That is all it takes to 'set the ball rolling'.
If the foundation stone 'Me' is disturbed enough, the house of cards comes down.
No harm done to anyone.
The age old states of anxious seeking disappear and one can breathe again in an ever fresh freedom and that freedom defies description.