Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"All your problems are so unreal"

Well, it never ceases to entertain me, just how so many ‘people’ get thoroughly upset about any undermining statements about practices and methods. - There is obviously a self image woven with many merits points from past practices and idolization of Great Teachers etc.
Every one of these ‘tender souls’ have missed the point of what Non Duality is pointing out.
ONE – without a second.
All inclusive.
There are no sides to take. - It is NOT Duality.
Those who argue about Non Duality from a fixed view point are just ignorant.
There is no right or wrong and no foundation to take a stand within the natural equality of Oneness.
As soon as you take up in opposition to some idea, your own idée fixe or prejudice blinds the mind to an open view. - That activity attracts the attention and so a biased feeling arises. - Identification! - One assigns ones imaginary identity onto ‘things’ and the drama unfolds.
The essential nature of awareness remains untouched.
There is an open view totally available, which very few even suspect. - It is direct cognition. - It is awareness. - Identified consciousness, ‘People’, are so accustomed to seeing via what the mind believes, they no longer impartially see or witness what is actually happening in their own minds.
All it takes is a little attention and just staying with watching the mind and a revelation opens up. - But the attention has gone into the drama and will not let go until something stronger comes along or it just peters out through lack of energy.
Beyond all that, the few that just happen to clearly see and know this, are not an elite group or ‘special’ in any way. - It is totally available to us all.
The violent reaction so prevalent to hearing something that deconstructs old beliefs is just one reason why no one is really interested in Non Duality. - All the Club mentality which has grown around this subject is just more of the old stuff, which is so apparent in the average spiritual group.
The price of realizing Oneness is basically dying to the ‘me’ and all its erroneous beliefs. - That is a challenge that few wish to take on.
To these upset ones, I say go back to the average spiritual group stuff. - Do your practices and forget about this non duality stuff. - If you are not prepared to pay the price, then you are just going to suffer on the circular path to nowhere.

Wrestling with intellectually trapped ‘individuals’ is quite useless. - What is needed to shake them out of it is the very thing they resist.
There is one distinctive thing that argumentative participants miss. - They only miss it because they are identified with their own opinions and beliefs. - That point is that memory is a useful thing. - It serves well. - However, if the memory appears to be stronger than the immediate knowing, then it takes on a quality of obscuration. - Many well read argumentative types are full of opinions and little of the immediate knowing is evident.
- The mind refers to the past because it is the past. - Awareness is the present and always the present.
The drama all revolves around the self-center – the ‘me’— and that swirling activity seemingly covers the clear and obvious. - If that activity is not witnessed cleanly and precisely, then there is no freedom to be expressed. - Just sticky opinions and discomfort. - It is nothing but a rehash of the past.
Many do not realize that when they hold up a sacred guru as a hero to be imitated or admired, they subjugate their own natural freedom.
Oddly enough, for many, the more this is pointed out, the more desperate they appear to get. - Anger and blame start coming to the surface. - Their whole imaginary realm of knowledge is threatened by freedom from it. - If you cannot see the weight of these old beliefs and that they are the very thing that cuts you off from the immediate, then even that old favorite ‘hope’ is useless.
Being afraid of freedom appears to be the problem. 'Who' is that that fears its own freedom? - Its own demise is sensed because there is a knowing that 'it' is not real at all. - But no one taught me how to be myself! - No university hands out degrees on how to be yourself - what you truly are. - You don't need one!
"Excuse me, I need some space and free time, to be alone, so I can practice being what I am."
Some throw up Buddha as an example of a teacher that taught practices etc.
They miss the clear message he expounded. - “I am formless”.
Once that realization arrived, it is reported that he did not speak for a long time.
When asked about the meaning of life he held up a Lotus flower.
The beauty of that symbol of the manifestation is also silent.
All the subsequent teachings of this and that are really just a practical means to live life in a more harmonious way. - So many things were added by others to the teachings.
Now, let me ask you a question.
Awareness is clear and present. - There is no past imposed upon it, except as possible mind content. - The future is not pressing upon it, except as possible expectation or anticipation. Awareness is truly clear and free of time. - See that this is so.
- Now, what practice is there to be made? - What method can be done to increase that clear presence?
It is so obvious that nothing touches it.
The only problem that appears about this is that the identified consciousness cannot ‘have’ that clarity. - And that fact is so annoying for the 'entity'.
- It is the very thing that seemingly obscures awareness.
- 'Who' has a problem? - That is not a trick question.
- Find out what that 'who' is if anything apart from thought and identified consciousness.
Where is the problem? - In the mind? - with an entity? - Is that what you are?
The Buddha himself said that there is no self. - No entity.
If there is no entity with any substance in reality, how can there be a problem?
As Nisargadatta says: “All your problems are so unreal”.