Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sailor Bob & the Caged Bird

1. - There is no doubt here that what ‘Sailor Bob’ Adamson is pointing to is the truth.
Whether others recognize it is another 'issue' altogether and that can only be addressed by them.
- I know without a doubt that some do come to recognize it. - And I know that what Bob points out is so ‘spot on the mark’ - because whatever it was that had me ‘seeking something’ ‘out there’ has gone completely.
- It only took a short while through talking with him.
- My own intense intent may have played a part in it.
- I know that there was an easing off of that intensity and a more subtle investigation just spontaneously happened, seemingly independently.
- Seeing through the content of mind & the old habitual feelings just happened all by itself.
- Seeing remains as a quality of the simplicity of presence awareness.
- There was no usual forced intention in that 'break though'. - Like seeing a mirage for what it is, there is no effort in the seeing - things just reveal their true nature spontaneously.
- The overwhelming evidence was (is) clearly here, obvious and profoundly present.
- A clear space of being, empty of all the usual garbage.
– I just knew that I was (am) free and a great relief spread throughout myself (this natural presence).
- It feels like 'coming home'.
- What was even more remarkable was that there was no impulse to make a 'big deal' out of it to myself or to others.
- Any 'mind stuff' that I could use to make a big deal out of it is just old reference points anyway.
– So a new 'relaxed way to be' emerged and there was (is) no ‘doer’ in that.

Bob has assisted so many to naturally 'see from' what is naturally true in themselves - to see what is naturally true 'outside' of themselves....and to know that these apparent 'two' are One.
Now, I will tell you something interesting. - Meeting Bob and in realizing what he so clearly points out, my 'personality' wanted to tell the world and shout it from the mountain tops. - In a smaller way I have done that. - What I am saying is that the impulse to make a grandiose 'thing' out of it is brought into check instantly.
Not by some mental gymnastics, conservative attitude or shyness. - It is intelligence. - There are only a few that 'want to know'. - When someone is ready to see through the facade, that intelligence behind everything, brings what is necessary. - I have witnessed this so many times now. - So, appart from telling everyone who visits my website about Bob and about 'this stuff' which expresses itself 'through me', what more can I do? - The world is crammed full of advertising with every promise a dud. - Everyone has been ripped off a thousand times. -
Those that are 'ready' find what is needed. - Paradoxically the only time you can be ready is 'now' and the only time you can 'see through' the facade is 'now'.
Now is all there is.

It is only the caged bird that sings of freedom.

And the caged bird loves 'a worm'. (a guru's promise for the 'future time')

The caged bird's sad song is believed in and believed as being an expression of something true. - The stories keep the 'appearance' of the cage there - as the bondage of self.

Is it true?

It is not!

The believer is a mis-identified notion (false identity) believing in being a seeker of freedom and truth.
- To know the true one must be the true. - Knowing presence.

The sadness of that 'caged bird' song, like a virus, spreads its infectious dis-ease far and wide.

Only by hearing its vibrations at the source, in the silent, wordless presence, can this infectious dis-ease be 'seen through' and dispelled.

In pure presence, knowing, the authentic freedom of the natural state is clearly never contaminated by anything.

The in-authentic belief system is nothing but concepts. - The 'old campsite' of the 'me'.

Be what you are and see clearly that all those concepts are just concepts.

It is far too simple for the complex 'seeker'. - How is any concept known? - It appears in that knowing space. - Everything appears there! - There is nothing outside it.

Pure seeing is happening.

It is pure knowing, that knowing space, which is your own true nature.

All the respective senses present their unique data to that knowing presence before that data reaches the processes of becoming mind stuff, which is always based on the past.

Stay with that immediate presence of knowing and all is seen. - Maybe it is ALL a mirage.
- Only you can be the seeing of it. - It is not a matter of belief. - It is simply 'seeing-knowing'.
- The first and only instant.

Note: As Bob Adamson points out: "The cage of limitations is a fraud. - It does not exist".