Monday, August 28, 2006

Extract from "Everything is Clear and Obvious"

One must gently navigate through the erroneous beliefs and realize the ineffable qualities of awareness.
The habitual and dull pain of a false separation from wholeness and a long-standing belief system inhibits a clear view.
This clouded view can be cleared away.
Love of being ― is the bridge, which spans this erroneous separation.
We can simply open to the warmth of our own being and stay quietly attentive.
With a simple open view you may very well see clearly that you have never been bound and that this innate freedom is yours.
You may also realize that this has always been the case.
Few believe in such a possibility. It is not about belief!
It is a ‘direct knowing’ of the fact.
The fact of BEING.
‘Being’ is present tense, it is always Now!
What is it that is shining through the mind?
Awareness shines through the mind and illuminates all therein, without exception.