Thursday, November 09, 2006

One Boat - One Ocean

Those who carry an agenda or some personalized ‘need’ will not find much in my words except objections to this and that.
- Only those that are willing to drop their stories and their biased neediness will be able to ‘hear’ or ‘resonate’ with the expressions that appear in “Everything is Clear and Obvious” or “The First Instant”.
- These books will never be popular and I doubt that they will ever appear in your local bookshop.
- Every now and then I receive an email from someone that has been ‘stilled’ by one of these books. – For me, there is a genuine and spontaneous warmth that comes with the receipt of each expression of gratitude.
– I don’t keep track of them but there have been a lot more than I would have anticipated and the same applies to responses to my recent CD.
– I am about to re-release the first CD after repeated requests for it.
– I have re-mastered the audio and cleaned up the contents slightly.
- All of my CD’s are designed for Headphone listening. - I plan to release one more book and one more spoken CD. - At present I am working on some music and may release a 3D Audio compilation of songs, music and 3D effects. - These will engage ones attention in such a way as to emphasis the 'spatial nature' of awareness itself.
– This, combined with various ‘pointers’ can carry an impact which the intellect knows nothing about.
– It, the intellect, is often ‘stilled’ and a view opens up, one that is beyond description. – The mystery of this moment reveals itself ever fresh.
– In the appearances of things, once a good taste has happened, it tends to ‘reappear’ as ‘the scales’ tip away from identified states of mind.
– The woman holding the scales of justice has a blindfold on. - Why?
- It is symbolic.
- That, to me, indicates that the truth or immediate evidence is what it is.
– Reality or truth is not loving, cruel or subject to discriminating mind (judgment).
- It is as it is!

The hypnosis of the daily drama must be broken.
– Speaking within the relativity, if you make some ‘space and time’ and allow a resonation to arise within yourself then a resounding response will come but you must be genuine, or as we say here in Australia, “Fair Dinkum”.
– After all, you are the centre of all that drama and every fragment of the drama is appearing in that space-like awareness that you are.
Let’s put our favorite gurus aside and get down to the basics.
- Let’s get Fair Dinkum.
Email resonance from reader of "Everything is Clear and Obvious" and Website notes:
"Dear friend,
Though it is known by no one that the Core Heart of Being is prior to and includes all transient phenomena, yet the reading of your words often produces the most pleasant radiant vibration in this organism. - So many wonderful mysteries."
- Shelly.
All of our problems are so unreal.
Through ignorance we 're-create' the dramas over and over.
We fight over things that don't even matter.
We set ourselves up and create a monster that needs to be fed.
We become slaves to our own projected dramas.
We seemingly enter into 'ever more' complications of needs and wants and then blame our neighbors for 'our own' ignorant neediness.
We attack and accuse, while our own behavior is suspect.
(Sound familiar? - Personal and Global?)
Is it real? - All this drama - Is it truly real?

Nothing divides this Wholeness into any realms of ‘time’ or ‘separation’.
That is only known by that 'pure space' which is the centre of yourself.
It has no boundaries and actually contains the whole manifestation.
Without any need of a concept or a translation in ‘mind processes’, it is clearly evident that everything is spontaneously present in this space like awareness.

It has always been this way.
IT IS ONE - ONE (long) moment of direct-cognition.
It has never been divided into anything ‘other’ than what it IS.
A simple way to describe it is – it is ‘What IS’.
The 'story' of a life continues to ‘play’ itself out in the 'appearance' - Some call that 'Lila'.
None of it is anything ‘other’ than this directness of immediate livingness.
Nothing can stand between what you are and what is real.
How could it?
YOU are the real but not how you think or believe.
Concepts appear in awareness.
There is no ‘between’.

It is all pure directness.

The mind processes can't catch up to the immediate 'spark' and yet they could not appear without it.
Even the word ‘directness’ is incomplete in expressing THIS profound-ness that we ARE.
In this directness, this razors edge, this moment, you cannot deny that you are present and aware.
Everything you see is 'awareness' appearing as 'this and that'.

Where is there a boundary or a separation? - What is separated by what?
Are you not aware of it all, including all apparent boundaries.
- Do they 'appear' anywhere else, than within the scope of (your) awareness?
There truly is no boundary anywhere, unless the mind seemingly 'creates one' and that can only be a transient appearance, an apparent boundary - like a mirage.
THIS endless infinite universe is the phenomenal aspect of your own being-ness.
The clear and empty nature of this unmediated knowing - is the pure potentiality of your non-being-ness.
These two aspects are actually One.
Right here, right now, there is just this IS-ness.
The intellect shouts "That is a trivial statement".
What does the intellect know of itself.
Is it not just a bunch of memories?
Is that what I am?
A bunch of memories? - A sentimental machine?
We need to get down to it - what am I?
Where is an answer to be found?
After the mind has done all its usual twisting and turnings, have a quiet look.
What you may see or find is actually inexpressible in words.
Isn't it this immediate, vast and everlasting expression of living-ness?

When have you truly been anything 'other' than THIS?
It is always IMMEDIATE!
It is always OBVIOUS!
Don't think on it too long or in the appearance and the identification with appearances in mind it appears to 'take you' into apparent 'otherness'.

Just be quiet, watch and SEE.