Saturday, November 04, 2006

Reality is neither Loving nor Cruel.

Since it seems that I can not communicate with seekers, including self professed ‘transcend-ers of seeking’, without ruffling up their fancy egoic plumage and so soliciting an inevitable onslaught of abusive and defensive rhetoric from them, I will cease forthwith to be a ‘bee in their bonnet’.
Treading on peoples corns is a haphazard business.
- These loving creatures appear to turn into vicious fragile toady critters at the drop of a hat.
- Pandering to 'peoples' precious belief system is of no interest to me whatsoever.
As it is, my offerings, the two books and two CD’s appear to work quite efficiently to deliver the message without a direct attack of the ego of a seeker.
- That is by no accident.
- In a clear expression that does not divert from the present moment, there is no need to enter into the convoluted realms of the fragile ego.
– It reveals itself for those that are willing to explore things thoroughly.
- That exploration cannot be forced onto anyone – it must arise freely all by itself. – Any contrived formulation in this investigation will only trap the mind in its usual divergent habits.
I intend to release one more book in due coarse and it is my feeling at present that that will be my lot, apart from a possible new CD at some point.
There is an ability here to point very directly to the essential facts.
- (There is also an uncanny ability to disturb any egoic fixations in so-called others.)
Reality itself is not loving or cruel.
- It is as it is and it cuts asunder all mind fixations.
The ones that are willing to take delivery of that are very few.
- That appears to have always been the case.
- The internet has brought about a venue for touching many more seekers and those few appear to be a little larger in number than ever before.
The bottom line is that only a few are truly willing to make the direct inquiry.
Once it is started, nothing can prevent its fruition as long as the ‘pointing’ is clear and direct.
It is all so very simple but the spiritual realm is so full of beliefs and fancy merit points, it is passed over repeatedly by most.
Those who have a resonation in being nudging them constantly will always find their way to one who is direct.
- It is a reciprocal vibration in being.
The transcendence of ‘mind stuff’ is ever available but the seeker is itself a concept and until that ‘ground’ is revealed to be erroneous, nothing new in the seekers situation can eventuate.
It is very apparent that the ‘modern’ spiritual realm available to seekers is nothing more than a fraudulent ‘set up’.
- It is all ‘time bound’ nonsense.
Being free of it, there is no concern here about that ‘situation’.
All mirages are seen through (eventually).
The whole manifestation flows as it does (appears to).
- It is real but not as it appears.
The Essence of it all is One.
If you consider yourself to be a seeker, then you must repeatedly return to that unchanging natural presence.
That repetition will naturally fade away all by itself into its own empty nature.

As Siddharameshwar says:
“If you hold onto your pride or ego, you will drown.”