Monday, November 06, 2006

News plus a short extract from "Everything".

The quality periodical "Inner Directions", a well presented and well respected magazine on spiritual matters has an article on Bob Adamson.
There is also an article on Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, both in the latest publication.
Fortunately you can read the whole magazine as a PDF on their website.
The magazine has high standards and is 'heads and shoulders above' most spiritual magazines you can pick up in a store.

New Note:
Most seekers believe, quite sincerely that things should all be in the light of 'loving'.
Many teachers promote this view and seekers gravitate to it because of a deep lack of 'love of self' in themselves. - Others are drawn to cruel leaders.

Reality is not loving and it is not cruel either.
Reality just IS.

It can ‘appear’ as a loving-ness and it can ‘appear’ to be very cruel also.

In fact it 'appears' as every conceivable form and pattern in the manifestation.
Who can argue with that?

In the relativity of your ‘journey’ and in the seeking of oneness, you have seemingly passed through all manner of situations, dramas and joyous states, to arrive right here, right now.
Right here, right now. - Just as it is.
Isn’t it perfect?
Reality cuts through all time and space.
In fact space and time only appear within the bounds of reality and yet they are only appearances.
What we need to see is that everything, every thing, every speck of dust, every thought, every feeling, every state is appearing nowhere other than in this clear and empty space of knowing, that is nothing other than your true nature.
– It is sometimes called the natural state.
In its essence it changes not and all space/time patterns and change appears in that 'changeless', 'stateless' presence.
Every thing is transient.

Everything is clear and obvious.
What is ever present, if not yourself?
Even a projection of 'something other' as being 'the ever present' would rely on you being here to project it.
No need to set up a campsite in THIS – because the ground is not there and it is not 'in' time. - Time only appears in that presence. - What is 'time' without presence? - There is no 'time' without presence - and 'time with presence' is just a concept.
The ground of all things is – space like awareness.
There are NO entities herein.
Enlightenment is a concept of some, often obscure, quality of being, fixed into some possible 'future time' or it is some quality that your teacher pretends to have 'acquired' and he tantalizes you and all the others with its promise.
- The mind is a bad master.
And there is NO enlightenment other than this clear and empty nature, right now, this space like awareness - in which every thing is appearing as the clear and obvious.
The Buddha pointed all this out but very few have ever heard what he pointed out.
The whole of Buddhism is a 'spilling out and over' from those simple truths that the Buddha expressed.
- How many Buddhists are attached to Buddhism? - All of them!
If one realizes what the Buddha so profoundly points to, surely there is freedom from all labels, including 'Buddhism'.

In our habitual ways 'we' attach our 'identity' to every 'thing' or 'event' that comes along, and so we miss the essential underlying clarity of our own natural and effortless presence.

No step need be taken and no practice is needed in this “right here, right now”.
Isn’t this always so?
All sense of 'coming and going' is nothing but a mirage in identified mind.
Presence in this moment is natural and free of all attachments.
Don't try and find the truth of this or that in a concept.
- Reality is prior to thought or concepts.
- Can you truly detect any 'arrival' taking place, in and of 'This Moment'?
Can you detect any departure of 'This Moment' right now?
Stick with it. - Watch - investigate.

Presence is not a concept.
Watch the passing parade.

Can you truly say that you have ever left this moment?
Has (your) presence ever gone anywhere? - anywhere 'apart' from this space like awareness of 'right here, right now'?

I can tell you with total confidence that it is impossible that you could ever have 'arrived' or 'departed' from this moment. - Impossible!
(But see how the mind attempts to reject these statments because they don't compute.)
It is clear and obvious.
What is more, there is a 'knowing' there (with you) that you know this also.

In the habitual mind stuff, there may be a belief that 'this knowing' is covered over.
Whatever seemingly covers it can never penetrate that ‘knowing’ which is prior to all.
- What I am getting at is subtle and it can appear to be nonsense for the intellect. - Those with more than a 'speck of direct experiencing' happening may see what I am hinting at.
- Language is a wonderful thing and in the telling of stories and 'whoppers' it is exceptional - but in the attempt of expressing what is true, it often teeters on the edge of absurdity.

Below is a short extract from “Everything is Clear and Obvious”:

If you do not consciously include this (your) body along with the content of mind (thoughts, feelings, states) within this 'space of knowing', this natural presence, and so the apparent substantiality of an ‘entity’ (me) is not transcended.

For the so-called 'seeker of truth', in the story of its search, this minor step or movement of attention can be a major turning point (a finding).

Without a thought and without relying on any mind processing or naming, something quite extraordinary, 'something' inexplicable opens up.

We can call it a shift in perspective.

However this open perspective has always been here.

Drop all ideas about time, past, present and future and sit with this immediacy.

Without a thought or concept it is all clear, an open, spontaneous living-ness.

It is the obvious pure clarity in being.

It is too subtle for the word based mind, because in its entire wondrous boundless expanse, it is utterly non-conceptual.