Saturday, November 25, 2006

Words - 'who' is challenged by words?

Oh, what a serious bunch these 'spiritual people' are.
Such Advanced Souls on the Evolution Scale!
- But how tender their fragile egos are.
Words. - Word is sound. - Just words can bring whole ‘private worlds’ crumbling down. - Look at the Tabloids and the gossip columns in the local rag.
A cess pit of 'anything goes'. - Reputations dashed in minutes. - All words.
Then there is the other desperate side. - Was it May West that said: "It doesn't matter what they say about you darling, so long as they ARE talking about you."
All Stories....rarely are any of them true, if ever.
Here is a story: The Walls of Jericho come crumbling down, all because of sound.
Those trumpets aimed and played in a certain key, apparently made that stone wall tumble. - It is an old story but in some it still ‘rings’ as being true.
Our beliefs can come tumbling down too.
- When we first hear of this natural freedom, beyond 'the bondage of self', some cracks appear in the fortress walls of age old erroneous beliefs.
It is not words that bring the wall down, it’s what I term as ‘seeing – knowing’.
It is just a way of putting it. - The mirage is seen through.
Something that does not exist does not need to be destroyed - just seen for what it is.
- A mere belief has no power over clear and present evidence.

The mind must investigate the mind. - As Bob points out, it is the only tool we have (the mind).
‘Who’ is it that is investigating?
Pure awareness is not investigating; it has no interest in such activities.
Pure awareness is free of all mind content and so is unbiased.
- It is just registering everything cleanly, without preferences or prejudice.

It is the mind that must investigate the mind. - This is where clear ‘pointers’ assist the mind. What we innately know, resonates with clear information that arrives from one who knows, one who is the knowing of what is expressed. - Not mere pretense.
- In the content of mind, for the apparent ‘entity’, the investigation may hold some promise of liberation for that entity but that is a falsehood. - One that must be revealed for any genuine sense of real freedom to be even sensed at all.
- With the clear pointers from one who knows, that game of being an entity is not long lived. - Pretty soon that 'entity' is revealed to be a fraud and one sees that one does not disappear or disintergrate, without it being 'front of stage'.
I witness so many baulk at that point in the proceedings. - It is as though they think: I shall cease to exist if I let go of this identification with being this ‘entity’.
Most gurus avoid this ‘point’ (for themselves and consequentially) for their followers.
Whenever I mention something like this, I get emails of complaint from readers that have felt a discomfort with whatever is being said. - Sure I sell less books because of it but those who avoid my books due to a few prickly words, will not get anything from the books anyway, so no harm done.
(Words! - Just words.)
The whole point, if we can say that there is a point to this Non Duality 'stuff', for a seeker, it is to reveal the ‘self centre’ as being insubstantial, which it IS.

Now, when someone is complaining about some words that I have expressed on this website, can it be anything more than a ‘me’, a self centre that is upset?
Yes!? - True enough. - Is it just one of 'them'? - Or is it you?
The self centre is just an image, a re-present-ation of 'self'. - It is NOT what you ARE.
Whatever is upset, can only be a self centre, no matter how sacred or how special it is dressed up to look like. - So the whole point 'of revealing' that 'remaining form' of identification, that slippery special-ness, that evolved self image, is a gift.
- It is a gift that is most unwelcome for some, because they just won’t see past their own fixations and special-ness.
You could point the same finger at me and say, “Ah! You’re no different”.
So, what, if I were the same? - What is it to you? - Who am I anyway?
If you do not know yourself, how can you know anyone else?
So, you may well have missed the point over and over again!
It is never about me. – It is all about YOU.
You are the 'apparent' centre of it all, at least it appears that you are, for you at least.
You are the apparent centre of ‘the whole shebang’.
You may believe that you have acquired so much knowledge and accrued so much merit and that it is just a matter of time before you burst out with light and love.
Are you aware of the pure function of knowing right now?
Without it you are nothing....but what do you know of it?
Or are you just wandering the Library of Self Knowledge in your Memory Banks looking for some clever response to this most annoying webpage?
Whatever is necessary to reveal that ‘form’, that ‘identification’, can only be useful.
There is no harm done to anyone. - Words are words.
The fact that some words disturb the fanciful notions of being a special spiritually advanced soul, is just proof of that usefulness. - Who else is going to prick that self hypnosis? - You won’t do it.
- A Loving Guru won’t do it, he is too blissed out to bother. – He will just smile and pat you on the head and tell you to go meditate.
Loving words from a guru may only work for a few.
The challenge of a true investigation cannot be side tracked into arguments and sorry ego issues. - A half hearted investigation gets side tracked very quickly, as you probably know all too well but are hesitant to admit.
You can’t 'mess about' with this investigation and hold onto the old ideas of yourself.
- They will all be destroyed.
- This is not some kindergarten diksha, darshan, kundalini playtime game.
When the walls start coming down, you better be alert. - If you mess with this information, the 'me' will be challenged and there will be nowhere to hide.
(If you are really serious about this stuff, read the previous note about Bob Adamson and forget this note)

Words. - All words. - You are present and aware. - What do these words, or any words, add to, or take away, from this presence awareness that you are?
And that is my point. - Everyone loves the loving words of a loving guru but the prickly ones never got published.
When that special guru walks onto the podium, ‘its all roses, roses’.
- You don’t see the tantrum and the shit fight that went on a few minutes before back stage. - All the dirty washing is hidden from view.
(We have witnessed some of that dirty washing recently. - How a certain guru still remains tight lipped on the whole affair is rather interesting, don't you think?)

The Whole manifestation manifests in the pairs of opposites. – You imagine that that special guru is in a permanent state of ‘goodness’?
– Give me a break. - Theatrics and putting on a show is just entertainment.
Sadly that is what most seekers want - a good show and so that is all they get.
– When that 'special one' actually sits in a normal everyday chair down amongst his followers on the same level, then we shall see what it what.
– But he won’t give up his ‘raised platform’ so easily.
Beyond all such nonsense - The truth is that ALL of this manifestation is equal in its own nature of being of the One Essence.
- Who is really teaching whom?

One without a second.
– Where is the guru and where is the disciple in THAT?