Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Salient Point for Contemplation

This is just a reminder for those who may be interested in the new material from Nisargadatta, which we have now made available as the book “Gleanings from Nisargadatta”. – It is an extraordinary book and will be appreciated by anyone that holds “I am That” as being a classic piece of literature.

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Here is the gentle note for today.
There may be some subtle points in the following note, which may require some contemplation or re-reading.
In the, what shall we say, the average way things appear to be and are, regarding certain information being transmitted to a seeker, it seems that one who knows must clearly present clear information to the one who does not know.
From the point of view of ‘mind’, there is evidence that shows that the mind does have a capacity to align itself more fully with pure intelligence. - This is via the elimination of erroneous beliefs.
However, the pure function of knowing is already present – not for the ‘seeker’, as such, but ‘as’ the natural state of intelligence, that pure being, which this pure presence ‘is’, which is prior to - or ‘behind’, the façade of being a seeker.
The ‘seeker’ is simply a conceptual ‘form’ (have you ever seen it?) which has no being whatsoever of itself and is only a secondary 'poor cousin' or incomplete representative of this living, immediate presence awareness.
In the thorough investigation of one’s own consciousness, what is clearly evident reveals itself naturally and the ‘old’ belief in being a seeker is ‘replaced’ by uncontrived, unmediated, knowing.
It must be emphasised that this is not an acquisition, because this knowing is already present. - One can call it wakefulness. - If this wakefulness was not present with you, there would be no possibility of knowing anything at all.
It remains at all ‘times’ free of the known and free of the knower.
In the light of such ‘knowledge’ one could say that the ‘seeker’ is a kind of stupidity.
It is a kind of ignorance of what is naturally present.
- Many so-called gurus and teachers take advantage of that stupidity or vagueness of mind called the seeker.

The one who speaks of what is true, will never lead another astray into the imaginary realms of time bound concepts.
- Concepts of a future deliverance and all manner of methods and practices are not uttered by one who is totally free, unless it is to point out the uselessness of such ‘things’.
Conditional requirements are only placed before a seeker by those who are building an empire or who are ignorant themselves.
The timeless freedom of the one that ‘appears’ as what I will call 'a true teacher', acts like a directing ‘arrow’ or as a magnet, drawing or pointing the attention of the ‘seeker’ back to the actuality of their own presence awareness.
This is a rarity and only one out of hundreds, or thousands of teachers may 'have' or 'be' such an ‘ability’.
- I was fortunate to come across one and he has demonstrated the same 'ability' to those who can recognise his profound 'outlining' of the 'situation'.
- If you don't know who I am referring to, then explore my website further.

Here is the 'sticky' note for today:
Some 'sensitive types' may not approve of what I am about to tell.
When I read the words of many of the popular teachers and gurus, it is so obvious that they have themselves, missed the point.
– It often shows up in the first lines of their fancy words.
- They have obviously missed the essential message or maybe they have never heard it in the first instant.
– Imitating a guru and setting oneself up as a guru is fairly common in the last ten years or so in the West. – Many have a photo of Ramana beside them during their so-called ‘Satsangs’. - How so many get sucked in by these ‘gurus’ is quite amazing.
Almost all of them rattle on about unconditional love, which works like a ‘drug’ for those who feel lost or alienated by life and/or their own dramatic personal history.
They often hold 'Intensive weekends' where you pay a big fee to attend. - These revenue raisers are so obviously contrived.
- They ensure that it is a dynamic weekend, so that you go home feeling elated - until it all fades away in a day or two and have to book in for 'another one' which is already scheduled in a month or so. - Alikhabam - Sheeshkababa!
Other feeble teachers say - "There is nothing you can do". - This shows that they have not got a clue about much at all. - Most of them are just entertainers at best. - Well, that is fine because most seekers just want entertainment - Few really want to go past their comfort zone of being semi-conscious anyway.
It also shows how conditioned seekers are to the same old ‘sales pitch’.
The franchise mentality of all these gurus and teachers is so glaringly obvious.
Any teacher that encourages you to relate to complex conceptual notions about a future time is just keeping you in his or her own trap.
The touch of freedom is freedom not bondage.
– Conditional promises of a future freedom, after you pass certain tests is really just a 'con job'.
So, having said all that, it should be followed by a pointing to what is true.
So, I suggest that you re-read the first 'gentle' note again.