Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shakin' the Monkey tree

Many teachers postulate that there is something that must be done to bring the organism (your body/mind) into a new set of circumstances and condition.
- Higher consciousness is a popular subject matter, in this regard mentioned.
– I, myself was engaged in such an esoteric teaching for many years.
My ex-companions of that ‘school’, if they imagine that I have attained some ‘special new way of being’ attribute that to all the ‘work’ I did under the guidance of the said ‘school’ and its teacher.
However, this is quite erroneous and that same teacher showed me the essence of why it is so. – I listened closely as he privately alluded through a simple expression, to the simplicity of ‘This Moment’.
– One may take that to be an initiation of the most secret of all secrets.
– However it is so obvious that no one notices it. – I have included that same expression in one of my books. – I will not repeat it here.
In the appearance of ‘things’ and the apparent ‘journey’ which all spiritual aspirants believe they are taking, the seemingly hidden ‘goal’ is ever present. – From the perspective of a habitually identified mind, it is only when the shroud of the 'mind content' and its divergent nature is dropped, even if only for a moment, that the ever present reveals its pristine nature.
What the seeker ignores is that its very nature of restless seeking is simply obscuring that which it seeks.
– Paradoxically for the mind, that pattern of energy called the seeker can never acquire what it seeks.
The seeker is a fraud. – All the sweetness and the spiritual philandering is just a pest.
Anyone who is deadly serious about cutting through the crap usually cannot stand to be around the usual spiritual pretenders and that includes some of the most popular gurus.
See how they want to change the world or save the world. – See how they put themselves up as saviors.
Now if these highly developed souls have acquired all the powers that they pretend to have, why don’t they just change the world in a flash?
The truth is that they have just joined the merchants and sell themselves, their ideas and their books to a witless mass of ignorant seekers, who are caught in belief of a future paradise or one step away from believing in fairies and goblins. – All this activity is under a banner of ‘being Awake’ and being an advanced soul.
‘People’ just love concepts of progress and the world is full of experts who will take their money and give them an expensive, pretentious cure, which if it appears to do anything at all, it usually fades away ever so quickly, leaving the seeker frustrated or in a state of self blame. – “It’s my fault, I am just not developed enough”.
It is all nothing but crap. – Self appointed experts sit around stroking each others egos and write appraisals for each others books as they look down their compassionate noses at their poor lost followers. – Energy experts and Chakra cleansing Gurus, or whatever, all taking the seeker for a ride on a 'spiritual donkey' which just goes around and around the same old trap.
The essence of THIS moment is free of all such nonsense.
- It is always free of it.
Finding the freedom of this moment is the easiest, most effortless thing. is not enough for a hungry mind that is full of erroneous beliefs and which expects all those 'things' that the guru has predicted for it.
It is nothing but bondage of a conceptual notion of 'me' caught in more conceptual nonsense, emphasised and pushed onto them by a self serving egoistic teacher. - How strange that so few ever escape from this realm of suggestion and hypnotic trances!
It is up to you as it always was and is. - Belief is useless, when it comes to liberating the mind from its habitual nonsense.
The only way ‘out of it’ (however, you were never truly 'in it') is through a thorough investigation of one’s own consciousness.
No one can do it for you.
Some can show you how to proceed and point with clear expressions which come directly from their own direct experience in THIS moment.
There lies the essential difference between a teacher who relies on a self-promoted reputation with its dead experiences from the past - and one who is free and speaks directly from freedom without need of any support from any thing at all.

Bob Adamson is one who is clearly offering such ‘pointing’.