Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Even a spiritual beggar is That.

Most ‘people’ don’t give two figs about Non Duality.
Most ‘people’ have no interest beyond their own fixations in mind; of their own self-centered activities and what is more this is seen to be quite normal and even acceptable as long as it does not ‘step over the line’. - Most ‘people’ 'appear' not to have the capacity of any expansion of mind beyond its own fixated ‘content’ of thought, emotion etc.....because that is all it is - content.
(How can the meat in a butchershop window know anything about the butchershop or the butcher?)
No interest therein, or any impulse, to investigate itself beyond the usual superficial looking that happens. – In fact it would appear that all avenues are taken just to avoid that direction or ‘place’ of inquiry.
Where is there an impulse to investigate those habitual notions, which apparently limit the mind so much? – One could say that there 'may be' only one in a multitude that could ever be interested in such an investigation. - Just too scary for the 'me'.
– Maybe for some, a kind of inner conflict reaches a point where an escape from the conflict is desired.
– One could say that, that impulse for investigation is happening only because of a glimmering ‘seed’ of intelligence, which somehow in the appearance of time, it has survived the constant onslaught of the drama of life. - However, seeing is happening already (for everyone) and the essence of any investigation is by its very nature 'seeing'. - So, one could say that realization is happening just as it is.
'Who' has a problem or conflict with that?
(That seeing is an aspect of a 'timeless - ever shining' - the presence of what you are.)
It may appear to shine ever so faintly through the ‘outer façade’ of personalized consciousness or what we commonly call ‘personality’.
Even the darkest shroud of ignorance has no power over, or any resistance to, that glimmering shining light. – Yet your true nature is even beyond that shining and one can know that simply because one is aware of it.
–That shining is not different to what you are - it is simply a movement ‘in’ what you are.
Most spiritual teachings appear to feed the shroud of ignorance (ego) and the self centered activities of the ‘common man’. – All such feeding appears to lend some meaning to ones existence and yet that time bound sense of self never really reaching fulfillment. – Any pattern that forms or appears to arise out of it will dissolve in what you are. - This is happening constantly and you can know this beyond any doubt just by stretching your attention ever so slightly and seeing these 'things' dissolve before you or within you. - They will not be seen as objects but you will know them to be transient appearances.
-What 'seekers', as identified mind, usually always miss is that all those 'time bound teachings' qualify and quantify how life should be and how you should be in order to achieve what they prescribe.
The ‘true teaching’ says straight away that you are THAT realizing principle.
In those time bound teachings, rules and regulations are conceptualized and propagated and a religious community is formed. – All dream like and the game of seeking never ends by these teachings that are always so full of promises. - Some idealized notion of ‘what I should be’ is pushed onto ‘my’ consciousness by ‘others’. – Strangely enough, none of these 'others' have actually ‘reached’ that idealized state which they ‘push and push’ for.
That mythical 'state', which is never known by the seeker,(it knows nothing)ever remains as an object in mind, always so admired and sort after yet completely unattainable.
– The seeker is perpetually left in a state of ‘wanting’. -'Who' cares?
– Is it not ‘Hell’ all dressed up in the spiritual garments of holiness.
Is it Corruption? - It is just how it ‘appears’ to be for a mind bound to concepts and ‘time’. – Nothing in ‘the appearance’ or ‘time based phenomena’ is real.
–You are real but not as you ‘think’ you are. – You cannot know 'what' you are, you can only be what you are and that is 'the actual' – 'the immediate' and in that not even the concept of ‘I’ is there.
In the relative life, as one comes across some more or less ‘pure information’ of a teaching which is from ‘beyond’ those limited and limiting conceptual notions, it is most likely to resonate throughout ones whole being in such a way that it contrasts quite dramatically (or subtly) with the more usual shallow façade interface, which we call the ‘person’.
Reality is what is. – Actuality! – It needs nothing because it is already complete just as it is. - All relativity, if we can say such a thing exists, it could exist nowhere ‘other’ than in this actuality. – There is nowhere else than THIS.
Absolute reality cannot be known other than as this ‘right here, right now’.
Nothing is separate. – As I put it – Zero degrees of separation.
Absolute reality and relativity are one and the same.
For the mind this is not so simple. - All we have are concepts to use to point to that which is not a concept. - That which is beyond all concepts.
If there is an absolute reality, then it must penetrate all time and all space.
Therefore it must penetrate or permeate the mind also.
All you have is this 'experiencing' right now. – Every experience appears nowhere else than in this experiencing. – Time is an apparent 'flow' of experiences in this undivided, ever-present experiencing. - When we speak about it, we necessarily objectify it even though it is never an object.
So it is, that this paradox for the mind cannot be resolved.
Beyond such concepts, it resolves itself each moment whether I want it to or not.
Where does that leave me?
Present and aware.
There is nothing outside this all inclusive presence and this presence is the totality which is never an object, yet it 'appears as' all objects, without preference or favor.
Who knows this?
There is not one teacher or seeker - nor even one head of any glorified religious foundation that knows that.
Yet even a roadside beggar can say “I am That” and no one could truly deny it.