Saturday, January 13, 2007

See it for YOURSELF & note on 'Tone of Voice'

Once this clear message ‘hit home’ (for me) there came many expressions ‘seemingly’ from that clear seeing. – I had no choice in the matter and this seeing was more or less unabating. – At first it seemed to be unbearable from time to time but things settled down. - I started writing some of the insights down onto scraps of paper and later, typing them into my computer. – There was no idea of letting anyone see the writings. – However, I did send one or two to friends etc and the response was that I should publish them. – Eventually I had enough for a small book and I had it printed under the name “The First Instant”. – Then a blogsite was suggested and started and that seemed to be quite quickly popular, possibly because I wrote and published new notes more or less every other day. – Then after things ‘settled in’, if one can say that, I composed a second book called “Everything is Clear and obvious”. – Sooner or later a third book, possibly the last, called “Zero Degrees of Separation” will be published, in which it is my intention to outline some very specific and undeniable facts about what is unspeakable.

An email that arrived today: Hi Gilbert,

I was reading your book "Everything is Clear and Obvious" as I often do before going to sleep. - I thought, this time, I'd start at the beginning as I most often just open it at any page. - I read "The Message" and "The core of your own being is the heart essence of this teaching" and whilst reading the message FINALLY hit the mark! (Let me qualify that - I also know there is no ‘finality’ anywhere)

I – appearing as the ego has no substance! – (it appears as) I am a thought pattern!
(With no identification, or even with it happening, it is clear that) - I am Presence Itself!

How many times has this been heard and not quite clearly seen! (?) - Countless.
It was the 'I', the thought pattern that (appears as a) thought, thinking that it understood.
There have been many "glimpses" and moments of peaceful silence. (Ego appears to have no access to these moments)

Some dramas have been occurring lately and ‘I’ have been "staying in the shade", which has helped with the dramas enormously and may have also assisted in this final seeing that I Am the Shade (so to speak). - Once the ego is seen through there's nothing left - which is peace itself.

I sent a message to you that ‘I would treasure this book’ after I received the book. - That ‘I’ has been seen through and (I) can only say the book IS a treasure. - It seems as if it's being read for the first time from Presence to Presence, how crystal clear and very obvious it is!
- It is a great title! (Everything is Clear and Obvious)

Love - S

Note: - You will not find any of my books in your local bookshop because of the nature of the material is just not acceptable to the ‘worldly views’ of common consensus reality. - If you are moved to do it, you can order the book 'Everything' from a link on my website. - Be warned that any sacred concepts about yourself, which you may treasure, could be dissolved. - Your essential being is already free, so there is no danger to any of it. - Wandering about under the influence of erroneous teachings and time bound ideas of deliverance is really quite useless but you have to see that clearly yourself.

Warning! - Controversial Piece - avoid it if you are apt to getting disturbed by some of my more vigorous notes:
"Tone of voice".
Much can be recognized by the tone of voice and the attitude of any speaker. - An idea has presented itself in me, about making a short sound file, in which the tone of voice of many of these popular gurus, who are surrounded by hypnotized or infatuated seekers, can be compared to the voice of an ordinary healthy person, one who shows no signs of pretension etc.
- In other words, a down to earth type compared with a flighty spiritualized ego, ‘a chosen one’. – In the subject of Non Duality, such self centered nonsense is clearly misleading, to say the least.
I have heard, just by chance, many examples of these gurus and teachers speaking and it is so very blatantly obvious that they are grossly indulging in a very special ‘self-image’, of being an extremely special person – all uninvestigated ‘self importance’ - All on display for all to see and hear.
– This is of course demonstrative of their missing the essential message themselves. – Ego has grabbed the prize and runs with it and ‘woe be tide’ anyone who challenges their ‘ground’.
This shows how a teaching gets distorted by the very one who is supposed to distribute the teaching in a precise and clear manner.
- It may be a rather controversial exercise and cause a stirring ‘out there’ and some may desperately want to ‘shut me up’.
- The only point that could be raised against it is that it takes the attention away from the direct ‘message’ and so it is unnecessary.
– Those who hear a clear message and respond, do so and those who are attracted to egoistic teachers are those who just want to enhance their own egos, so all is OK, just as it is. - "Water finds its own level".
- Some fortunate ones have been drawn away from those popular teachers after hearing a clearer message via one who is not obsessed with their own self-image.