Thursday, January 18, 2007

That is All or 10-20-30-40 years of useless practice.

It would 'appear' to some that those who have been practicing methods for many, many years have at least a slight advantage over any new comers to the spiritual ‘scene’. – After so much effort and so much ‘time’ and 'investment', a glimpse that nothing is achieved by any of it, can have an 'apparent effect' of dropping the ‘effort’ altogether. – Therefore the habitual ground of the seeker vanishes, if only for an appartent 'fractional moment'. – It is more than enough to reveal most profoundly 'that' which appears to have been hidden for so long.
(After that, there may arise a natural desire to investigate whatever it is that seemingly obscures that open view)
This old belief in and of some benefit coming from those longer term practices is actually a fiction. – The essential nature of total freedom is not 'in time' at all.
– It is 'what you are' - and all that you may 'think' that you are, is just time bound conceptual nonsense - a story.
- Do you ever notice that when you tell your 'life stories', it is all about the past, from memory, or about the (unknown) future and all its thinly disguised hopes and fears? - All phantasy.
The one who appears, from 'time to time', to be in need of letting go of all of that is a fiction itself also.
Therefore ‘when’ all the ‘time bound concepts’ fall away, or are seen through, it is nothing less or more than the pure function of seeing, which is that knowing-ness, totally free of whatever is 'seen' and free of the conceptual notion of being a 'seer'.
– You cannot arrange this ‘state of affairs’ simply because it 'already is' present - just not noticed by the mind. - The habituated mind can never know it.
– All 'additions' or acquisitions are 'mind content' and can only be transient appearances, concepts, thoughts, feelings or states of mind and all such things are completely without foundation or substance and are powerless. – Without that pure living function of seeing-knowing, they would not be 'appearing' to ‘happen’ at all.
You, as that ‘essence’, may at some 'point' from 'beyond time', see and know, without a doubt, what it is that all these 'teachings on Non Duality' are ‘pointing to'. – Not as ‘something’(an object) but as that space of knowing – your true nature.
The paradox repeatedly ‘appears’ as reference points in conflict, all in the mind, because the mind only 'deals with' objects and divisions of space and time and of itself it cannot see or know anything. - (To think on emptiness or no thing actually still the mind) – Mind is basically thought and/or image.
- It cannot know anything beyond such 'things', especially that space-less space and timeless time, in which itself appears (in or upon).
Therefore I say, anyone who says ‘I got it’ or ‘I have it' or 'I am a self realized being’ is no doubt ‘pulling your leg’ - and their own.
If one can say it, then all can say it, because it is 'one without a second'.
What meaning can it have if all are self realizing, equally? - It is thus, meaningless, since a difference must be drawn between some separated ‘things’ that are only conceptually separated in that mind and in truth there is no separation anywhere and there are no 'things' as such. - Things 'appear to be'.