Friday, February 02, 2007

Thick as a brick!

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Todays Note:
So, you have been conned. – All your spiritual journey has been one big con job. – Because you have ignored what is clear and obvious, you have assigned ‘reality’ to another place, out of reach and ‘a deliverance’ into reality at some ‘future point in time’.
Gurus and teachers aid and abet this fallacy for their own benefit and since you are already partly hypnotized into all those beliefs, it only takes a few words to ‘push’ you ‘deeper’ into that ‘trap’.
If you come across a ‘message’ that threatens all those beliefs it is most likely something a thousand times more genuine that those ‘time bound’ concepts about ‘becoming’.
Becoming ‘worthy’ and ‘pure’.
In the ordinary sense those teachings are an absurd insult to one’s true essence but that insult is not recognized at all, while an identification with being a seeker is predominant.
The investigation of what this ‘me’, this ‘seeker’ is, is the instant dissolving of the ‘mirage’. – What happens usually is that the moment the mirage is seen through, a panic grips the organism and a turning away takes place. – It would appear that the truth is hard to bear. – Being wakeful is hard to bear without the luggage of habitual belief.
This is totally erroneous and actually back the front.
The truth is effortlessly supportive.
It is the baggage that depresses the mind. – Giving up that baggage appears to be far too difficult for so many. – However, that is erroneous also.
Seeing through the fabricated hold that this conditioned mind appears to be, is actually effortless and quite spontaneous. – The problem is that any contrived ‘act’ to bring about that seeing through is always conditional and bound up in concepts of time and ‘becoming’ free.
As Bob Adamson says – it is so profound that most miss it – “Start from the fact that you are THAT”. (THAT one without a second)
This pure function of seeing actually registers everything without preferences.
All the rest is in mind process and that is where the seeker is trapped, because the seeker is nothing but a concept about seeking.

Speaking in the relative sense, the average seeker is surely as thick as a brick. – Full of devotional nonsense and totally topped up with unbelievable beliefs.
‘Who’ is offended?
Now, let’s let it all loosen up and ‘talk in the relative’ for a brief time.
Notice how the following concepts 'sit with you' and also notice how the 'centre of gravity' shifts as the words shift into a less 'personal territory' further on down the page.
Petty minds will always blame ‘others’ for their own shortcomings. - True enough?
False superiority or ‘granted’ officialdom will always judge ‘others’ for those committed ‘sins’ that they themselves have in abundance.
– Add an official ‘title’ or an official uniform and things get emphasized rather dramatically. – The boss at work - The ‘officer’ that gives you a parking fine. –The good old church Minister, Vicar, Rabbi or priest with his higher, wiser than thou attitude. – Isn’t the old superiority complex really an inferiority complex in disguise? – Both ‘complexions’, of course, are misleading concepts or notions about one self. – All such ‘inner stuff’ is 'apparently' ‘producing’ more and more of a flourishing array of personalized drama and ‘problems’ for that one called ‘me’.
What are ‘your’ problems? -Are they anything more that ‘self references’ in ‘time bound mind’ with multiple notions of either some sort of threat, danger, loss or some notions of gain for that ‘me’.
Doesn't the natural world provide enough drama to deal with, without fabricating more.
The 'natives', the 'aboriginals' were living more or less in harmony for thousands of years 'before' we came along with all our 'greed' and concepts about evolution and our distorted ideas about religion.
Maybe our agression and implimentation of what we call justice is rather biased and 'missionary'. - We have an abundance of 'gadgets' these days. - Do they actually satisfy? - Or do they just bring more 'wanting', more 'seeking'.
We plunder the natural resources and imagine that no unwanted result will come from our greed. - These are touchy subjects and a lot of drama unfolds around these 'points' of conflicting mind stuff. - Does any of it get resolved?
The only power in any of it is the ‘potential’ from which it all arises.
- It is all appearances and no different than anything else that appears, since ‘all things’ arise from the same (unseen) potential. - Is God playing dice?
This moment right now is emptiness. - In that, memory colors the present with notions from the past and then this delusion of mind is what the mind believes is the present and that these ‘present conditions’ are a result of the inevitable proceeds of 'the past'. - The prison of the mind is just an attitude and an habitual way of looking. - Stop and see. - What is going on?
The mind cannot find the cause of its own ‘apparent’ existence.
If there arises a ‘search’ for the origins of mind, what one is may reveal its nature.
Its nature is not a ‘thing’ and its essential nature is that pure function of ‘knowing’.
In other words, all descriptions of it may be striped away but the pure function of knowing cannot be taken away by anything. – It can’t be denied.
In that knowing ‘space’ there appears a constant parade of changing phenomena, which we call life and the world. - These impressions are only traces of that movement of knowing.
“Awareness – ‘I’ – World” is a triad and each one is the other in essence.
Remove concepts of time and space and the triad dissolves into one essence.
In deep sleep, that movement slows to a faint pulse and so nothing is remembered of it on waking and it is the ‘habitual mind’ that fails to find names for those subtle impressions in deep sleep.
Who wakes up? - Who sleeps?
All of ‘our’ ruminating, amounts to nothing and yet in the knowing of that, there is no benefit or non benefit for anyone – It is simply knowing.
In other words, whatever is known is relative and it can only be known as content within this ‘moment of knowing’ which we also call ‘presence’.
All appearances are in relativity and so they are all transient appearances in ‘time’ and one could say that they only have any validity in their immediacy but even that assertion is only a concept. - The immediacy of right now is nothing other than the knowing presence that you are.
- There is no escape from that fact and it is beyond all concepts about entities or ‘persons’. – There is no need for an escape because in that fact there is no separate individual. – That apparent paradox does not even exist because all reference points in mind have no separate or independent nature other than transient appearances and they can only ‘appear’ in what we commonly call mind.
Now, are you in the mind or beyond the mind?
- 'Who' can answer such a question?
Surely what 'you think you are' is an appearance, a mere concept that appears as mind content.
It is not up to me to designate what you are but it could be said that what you are is that knowing presence, which you cannot know as any 'thing' with any independent qualities whatsoever, with no quantifiable permanence. - 'That', which you are, beyond all words, has never been anything other than that pure knowing presence that you are. - Out of that pure space of knowing the mind appears with its content and if one watches vigilantly without taking yourself to be an observer or even a witness, it is obvious.
- Some call it silence, peace or presence.
- That which appears to come and go is not it. - Even though the essence of it is that, the apparent 'coming' is actually a 'going' of what had occupied the mind and attention.
The whole spiritual ‘pathway’ with its 'teachers', 'pupils', 'practices and methods' and its multiple identifications with being 'individuals', ‘spiritual persons’ can never include any acceptance of ‘pointing out' the errors of perception or the introduction of pure 'knowledge’, since that pointing annihilates all ground in the entire realms of belief. - The mind may panic and run for cover.
What is it hiding from? - Reality?
How can the 'shadow' hide from the TREE that casts it or the Light that gives the shadow its apparent being?
When the 'ideals' of the seeker are investigated they dissolve.
No one wants to know and there is no one that could want to know.
- All there is, is knowing.
It already IS.
'Got it'?