Friday, March 02, 2007

Naked awareness is the true sense of self

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I can not recommend it highly enough, because to me it feels like a gentle initiation into the essence of the teaching, if we can put that concept onto it. - Since I have known Bob, I have witnessed a subtle refinement of the expression and even though I am so familiar with this teaching, it still resonates so deeply to hear Bob spontaneously point out the essentials and how his pointers are so directly cutting to the core of (what shall I call it-) 'your situation'. - Thanks to Bob, I have realized that essential nature and there is NO reason why you cannot do the same.
- It makes me smile when my friends 'attack' me over such statements - because it can only be a 'self centre' that could ever have a problem with another's declaration of freedom.
The essence that I am and that you are is behind or beyond 'the form' and it is pure intelligence - the one caught in the form will never find this freedom - it can only fade away.
In fading away, what was always present reveals itself - but not to a 'person'.

I have nothing but the highest regard for Bob. - Even so I know he may not resonate with everyone but I am damn sure I know of no other 'teacher' that 'points' so directly to the facts.

There is NO time bound nonsense in what he is saying.
Some of those, dare I say, more popular guru's in those "Non Duality Hot Spots" could really escape their own clammering, no peace, cramped space on the devotee treadmill, if they would just 'drop' their boring old stories of 'deliverance' in some 'fictional future time', which are just mere mind games, and be open to what Bob is pointing out.
- Very unlikely for them - but YOU can step out of all that nonsense and leave it to the past for good, as I did.
- I can tell you that the air is fresh and clean away from those sickly sweet, pretentious prisons called Ashrams or Satsangs and their 'podium prison wardens' called gurus.

(please forgive my tendency to exaggerate but I am sure you 'get my drift', as they say - I tend to get a little passionate about it from time to time - especially after hearing some moaning, groaning seekers going on about their miserable 'not finding what they are looking for' and just because they listened to some hotch potch swaggering guru)
OK - that's over - back to business!!

You can listen to a whole meeting of Bob Adamson's if you go to his page on my 'shining' website and click on the appropriate link.

Email response to the Note which appears futher down the page:
Dear Gilbert,
- Hi, my name is Jamie, I want to share a few comments about "this" with you.
- Talking in relative terms for ease
of expression, I think the simplicity of this is now being seen after a ridiculously long time of intellectual seeking.
- I liked what you said on
your website about getting a chemical "hit" each time a new concept is taken on board and added to the whole collection of blind knowledge collected
during the search.
- It's seen now that the search can never lead to this
'easy simple-ness' (simplicity) except if you say that it leads to it by driving someone insane enough to give up.
- But even that isn't really true because it's
readily picked up again after a brief collapse.

So sitting here typing this, or whatever the description, is this - there is nothing more.
- There simply appeared to be something more for as long as
there was a trying to find something more...the two things collapse together.
- And what's left is whatever was already there, but at the same
time, the infinite is known through this "whatever" - not in addition to or separate from, but somehow 'through' this relative life.
- That is how I interpreted
your comment:
How can 'Infinity' be known? – except as the finite appearance of ‘things in space and time’.

And finally having played around with both concepts of "infinite" and "relative", I'll put them down and play with something else!

Many thanks – love, Jamie.

The Note mentioned above:
How can 'Infinity' be known? – except as the finite appearance of ‘things in space and time’.
What can 'the Absolute' be known as? – except as the relative appearance of ‘things in space and time’.
Can you see yourself? - Same mystery!
Infinity is inconceivable for the mind. – The Absolute is inconceivable for the mind.
The Self is inconceivable for the mind. - The concept of or about the Self is not the Self.
There are many who pretend to be experts on these ‘subjects’ but they merely delude themselves in mind games and that applies to anyone else who admires what they expound.
In the spiritual realm, that 'cess pit' of mind games is a volatile concoction for continuous suffering and endless misguidance, all in the pathetic disguise of a 'self image' - of an 'advanced soul' evolving.
Like many of the science experts, modern spiritual teachers ‘set you up’ by enticing the mind into a flourishing array of conceptual notions, a ‘conceptual cage’ and they lead the mind on, further and further, into that endless conceptual terrain. – The intellectuals love that stimulation and the chemical ‘hit’ which this endless conceptual stimulation provides.
– One can feel 'pretty damn special' when one is full of ‘sacred concepts’ and esoteric nonsense.
These teachers will even pretend to have transcended the ego and they perpetuate all sorts of spiritual nonsense, just to 'service' that feeling of being ‘special’, mostly for themselves - (it is all selfishness) - They know how to make you feel special and how to make you feel like you are 'almost there' but not quite - and they keep you there tettering on the edge begging for him to pull you 'over the line' - They will not tell you that the line does not exist because they believe it exists and they believe that they are on one side of the line and that makes them feel bloody good and Oh so special! - they keep a 'conceptual you'-- 'within reach of the goal' by using concepts to trick you - it is mostly unconscious behavior and ignorance only.
- Is that not just a picture of cruelty parading as a loving being? - It sure 'looks like it' from where I am looking from. - Who cares?
Of course these teachers and their followers are only just 'doing' what they 'know' - they are 'patterns appearing', so until the 'news' hits home with them, they will continue with their useless activities.
- No harm done - to anyone.
- So, I make no appologies for being contraversial - a bit of 'spice' makes the dish all the more tasty - no?

The unique ‘teaching’ that I am pointing to (most of the time in my notes) is so direct that any notions of there being 'anyone special', whether it be a ‘teacher’, ‘pupil’ or anyone at all, is quickly put to rest – simply by pointing (in so many ways) to the fact that you are (that) 'presence awareness’. - Everything else is ‘appearing' in that clear space of knowing, THAT is what you are. - All inclusive! - so it naturally includes the one playing the role of being a ‘teacher’, beggar or king or even that miserable seeker.
– That ‘all inclusive’ is not so easily ascertained first off. – It takes awhile for that to ‘sink in’ and disolve those fabrications, those habitual ways that the mind has been operating (for so long - mind is time - KNOWING is immediate and not in time!).
In seeing through the facade, it is as though one 'reclaims' that clear space of knowing in an instant and the fabricated importance of 'others' fades away. - The view is found to be clear and obvious (as it always was).
With this direct pointing, only 'a rare one' will respond with a total recognition of what is being pointed out. – It is the essence of that response itself, which blossoms into full bloom.
'To be direct' is the key point.
- Do you recognise that you are that 'rare one'? - or does the mind jump in a say 'no not me, I always miss out'.
It seems that no matter how long I hammer at these points - it is still a mystery 'how' it 'strikes the bell' only every once in awhile - it only seems that the seekers crust is thick? - It is actually a thin flimsy shroud drapped over the mind - the smallest 'intention of investigation' cuts through it.
I can't cut that thin film or break down those 'walls' you have built up around yourself - you must 'work at it' from the 'inside'. - YOU are the potentiality in regards to this point and everything else also. - It is kind of pointless to say that there is no inside or outside as long as you still believe that you are bound by concepts. - It is known naturally by what you truly are - and the rest is just belief. - Do you have a choice? - Stick with the beliefs? - OR Know what is real?
- Direct and immediate is the key 'element' that cuts through all attitudes.
As Bob says: "Start from the fact that you are THAT" - and in that 'position' everything is naturally direct and immediate - even a dream is seen in the immediacy.
Any indulgence in the indirect details of 'this and that' can only be entertainment or some sort of relief from the rawness of the directness. - What we call normal life is indirect and full of ‘pathways’ and erroneous beliefs - a Dream in 'common mind'.
Everyone is just too damn busy 'seeking' for 'something' that they will never find 'out there'.
Stop! - Look. - See and SEE what is real by being what is real.
There is NO other Way!

If you still consider yourself to be a seeker, take a moment to allow the mind to settle and relax - let the mind rest on nothing at all - and see what happens to those ‘time bound concepts’ of being ‘someone in time’ looking for a sense of completion through ideas and concepts.

In the dropping of all concepts, ‘naked awareness in this moment’ reveals itself, if only for a brief ‘moment’.

It is the time bound concepts, the ideas that relate to time, which appear to engage the mind ‘in time’.
– Beyond that, the mind is nothing but this clear space of knowing.
That is not a concept! - To speak of it, I must use concepts - but that 'knowing', which is the essence of what I call this 'space of knowing' is never a concept!
In a most certain way, this 'teaching' I am pointing to, is nothing but this livingness, this moment right now, with nothing added and nothing removed – just as it is.
Naked, raw and direct. - That uncontrived 'state' appears to be too threatening for most(to stay with)- even though it is the freedom that has been sort for so long.

When it all gets boiled down to basics, that ‘time bound seeker’ is just another pattern appearing in (what I call) that ‘space of knowing’ - that you are.
See whatever it is that is occupying the mind – drop it – repeat that dropping until that stale old 'mindset' ceases to invade the mind with its stale grip.

Naked awareness is the true sense of self.

Note: A whole meeting of Bob Adamson's is available for listening from a link at Bob's webpage on the Shining through the Mind website.
Mark West's book "Gleanings of Nisargadatta" is a book that one should not miss out on. - For anyone who is familiar with "I am That", this new book is a 'powerhouse' of direct pointing.
Mark is holding weekly meetings in Sydney on Wednesday evenings - email him for details.
As I mentioned at the head of the page, a new CD of Bob's will be released soon and it will only be available from Bob's website - it is most likely the best one of the lot - It is very much like a gentle initiation - Keep an eye out for its release.