Thursday, March 22, 2007

Reality is not disguised in any way

News: Another New CD "From the Chair" of 'Sailor Bob' Adamson. This new addition will be available in a week or so. - Also a new professionally produced DVD of Bob will become available soon.

Who to see:
If you are in the USA, go see John Wheeler, Burt Jurgens, Steven Wingate or John Greven.
If you have a liking for radical rascals and you are in Germany, go see Karl Renz (although he travels a lot).
If in the UK, go see Tony Parsons or/and Nathan Gill.
If in India, go see Ramesh Balsekar.
If that does not work for you, come to Australia and see Bob Adamson.
Wherever you go, pay close attention to what these chaps are pointing out.
Give it every ounce of mindful attention. – See if what they are saying is true - for you.
Something is bound to resonate.
– Reading books can be extremely helpful but a one to one can dissolve that flimsy film of separation in the mind.

If that does not work, come see me and I will make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Those teachers to avoid like the plague are:
Most of Papaji’s ‘later day messengers’.
– Anyone with an Indian sounding name but purports to be a Zen master.
– Leaders of spiritual empires.
– Any teacher that looks like they spend too much time in front of the mirror.
– Any teacher wearing flowing robes and trinkets and who arrives in a white luxury vehicle.
– Any teacher that is consistently unavailable for a one to one consultation.
– Any teacher who says they must not be touched.
– Any teacher who insists that the ‘person’ is a real ‘thing’ that can be developed and that that ‘person’ will attain what he has mastered.
– Any teacher that insists that it will take time for deliverance and therefore you must do your practices, which he prescribes etc.
– Any teacher that makes you feel like you have a long way to go and who also encourages you to ‘look up’ to them.

– None of those at the top of the page fall into these categories mentioned, so in my opinion, you can trust them, for what that is worth.

Today's 'Mule Kick' note - but first one little mind twister:

Please take note:
These small black shapes called letters which make up the words and sentences do not have much meaning in themselves.
– The words appear to carry a meaning which forms in the mind by reference to memory. – So the meaning that you find in these sentences is appearing in your own mind.
– Any drama that unfolds from them is not necessarily what is meant to be conveyed by them.
– The mind interprets things at a speed which seems to be instantly there.
– If you have been reading my notes for awhile, you may detect that I am saying, basically the same thing over and over in many different ways.
There is ‘a directness’ in all of it and ‘on that’ is what the mind translates it into.
– Strong feelings or resistances come from your own presence – nothing is transmitted from here.
– All is there in 'your own atmosphere’.
Getting caught in your own translations of what is meant to be pointed out, in these notes, is not my concern. - Although it appears that I do try to be as clear as possible and at times I throw in some 'fun bits' and some 'stirring the possum'.

In recognizing that ‘knowing’ is already pristinely present (with you) and seeing that that is never truly disturbed by anything is apparently a rare occurrence.
Just see and know that without 'that knowing' and the reading of these notes, or any written material, it is non existent, empty.
– Then realize that even ‘with that knowing presence’, these words are still empty and non existent.
The only thing you truly know is that you ARE.

That mystery will always confound intellectuals who take themselves so seriously in their expertise on this and that.

Today's Note:


- What can you truly say about it?
- It is!
- It is neither good not bad.
Do we imagine what reality is?
- Can reality be imagination?
Or do we directly know what it is?
Do I need to think about that?
Isn't there already a natural knowing of What IS?
Is it all just in the mind - an endless parade of 'stuff'?

What constitutes a 'good question'?
Is that a good question?
How complex is the Universe?
Ha! - Am I playing with your mind?
Maybe I have been playing games all along?
Why not?
- Who is the authority of "Should and Shouldn't"?
Are you just a sponge, soaking up all the commentaries of others or do you actually contemplate the so-called deeper aspects of your own existence?
Do you live on the surface like a skimmer?
I could go on and on.
- Are they good questions?
- Who cares?

We must use the mind to investigate anything and everything and 'finally' realise that I am this presence in which all activity takes place.
Imagination is not a bad thing - it can be extremely creative.
OK - So, imagine that somehow you, or I, hear about something new, something called Enlightenment.
- Wow! - Sounds good. - It has a certain ring to it.
Then I find it is rather unique and it looks like only one guy ever 'got it'.
The interest level goes up through the roof.
- Then I hear someone proclaims that they are enlightened.
- You seek him out.
- Sure enough he looks like he has a high regard for himself.
- He hold his head in a certain fashion like an aristocrat.
- He knows how to enjoy life (at the expense of his followers).
- He gives Lectures.
- You want to have a chat with him but the 'officials' surrounding him prevent that. - Now you find out that you must never touch him.
He is untouchable - cannot be defiled by your imperfections.
What a load of bollocks! - Pardon my french!

Lets take it back a step or two, before you found that modern guru, that smelly and suspect example of enlightenment.
So, you went out in search of all the information you could gather about that ultimate prize.
- You purchased many books and sat in libraries for hours on end.
- You picked your way through that information, photocopied, hand copied and created your own little pile of info.
- You went over it all again and again - preening through it, reducing it and then chose the pieces that you could comfortably weave your own experiences around and so make it your own.
- You could talk easily about it with some fabricated confidence - you could, as they say, 'get away with it'.
But even after umpteen years of this game, that matrix in mind does not ever satisfy the hunger of neediness.
Is it only when it is discarded or one reaches a state of exhaustion that one begins to detect that it may all be a 'giving oneself over' to external ‘things’ - and then one detects that it is all going in the wrong direction?

The direct pointing is to your own immediate natural state.
To be oneself is natural and spontaneous.
No contrived mind matrix can ever be simple enough to match what one is naturally.
They never blend successfully.
- One sits on top of the other like oil on water.
You can forcefully make them mix but you end up with a cloudy fluid and that clear view has seemingly disappeared.
In the state of exhaustion, after decades of restless searching in the mind, the seeking subsides and what was clearly 'always here' reveals itself to you in a knowing way.
- Ah ha! - A moment of clarity. - Wosh! and its gone again.
The mind has kicked back in - it wants to 'claim it' and make it 'personal property'.
So, back to the guru? - Kiss his feet?
No! - I'll kiss my own ass first.
A key to all this is that what is true is always simple.
There is nothing more simple than non duality.
If you visit someone like Bob (although I know no other like him) you may detect that he is doing nothing more than pointing consistently to that non dual awareness, which is what you are.
- All the rest is conceptual.
- Bob is most certainly rare if you compare him to other 'teachers' but he would not bother to dwell on that.
- He directly points you to the fact that there are NO others - YOU are that ONE without a second.
- There is no detectable 'ego' there in Bob and when I look at these other well known so-called 'Non Duality teachers' it is clear and obvious that it is more or less all ego stuff, unashamedly on display.
- Why should I care?
- I don't - but I do remember the frustration of getting caught up in the spiritual game and any short cut out of that would have been welcome at any point along that imaginary line I was walking.

If there is a clinging to someone ‘out there’ who claims to be an enlightened being, you can be quite sure that any of their promises of deliverance is nothing but a fallacy - you just join them in their ego games and that is that.
- Most are happy to play along with that senario and good luck to them. - But there are a few who genuinely want out of that hypnotic state of affairs and all my notes are directed to those few.

We trick and fool ourselves into believing in Belief itself and we ignore what is obvious.
That proverbial carrot before the donkey is not a fresh and crunchy carrot – it is old and rotten.
Further more, if you refuse to drop that attachment with its enticement for the unachievable, you can be sure that that old habitual 'sense of lack' in yourself will continue to plague you, if only because you still believe in it.
It is the un-investigated - the haze of belief.
That fancy robed ‘teacher’ will not destroy your illusions (he must destroy his own first)- because basically he depends on yours and other devotees subservient attitudes to support his fabricated special-ness.
The direct and immediate (reality) can often be ruthlessly challenging to those precious beliefs that we hold onto.
– Reality is the uncompromised state of what IS.
– You better get used to it.
Spirituality is just one disguise, all dressed up to make one appear sacred and good.
Reality is not disguised in any way – it is clear and obvious.
Since you cannot find it on your own, only one that is direct and true in expression can direct you to your own immediate and natural freedom.
- The mind may resist but with a continued exploration and the investigation of what is true in yourself, it will unfold quite naturally of itself.
The rest are story tellers.
Stop telling yourself stories and take a direct look into that knowing – this space-like awareness that you are.

OK.....once more lets look at it:

You may be totally convinced in this thing called ‘time’.
It is an extremely common belief so it must be real – yes?
If there is time, then surely it is time to get real.
Stop pretending to be what you are not and what you can never become.
Being what you are is effortless – it is natural – it is not a contrived set of conceptual postulations in the mind.
– They always ‘arrive’ post sync.
The synchronicity of natural presence is beyond manipulations of the mind.
All we do is move furniture around in the mind and go on doing that until we fall down from exhaustion.
You are the immediate livingness and nothing more than that.
Beyond that is no thing, out of that no thing, all things appear and disappear.
This is the immediate fact which is imperceptible from a stance in the mind.
What you are actually seeing is no thing appearing as ‘things’ in the mind.
You cannot prove that things exist but you cannot deny that you exist.
When you see that you are not leaving this presence of knowing, then all things take on a very different nature to what you have been conditioned to believe.

Got it?