Sunday, March 25, 2007

Are we Liquid Crystaline Organisms?

Nisargadatta says: “You are not the body – you are not the mind”.
It is a challenging statement by anyone’s standards.
Only a serious one will explore or investigate into it.
The next question must arise: If I am not this body or mind, then what am I?
If we look to the direct and perceivable evidence in nature, it may assist somewhat.
Some of these points below, I gathered from memory, stuff that Bob pointed out to me a few years ago. - As with so many pointers that Bob expresses, there is a 'deep' profundity to them that the surface barely covers - for those who truly contemplate them.
When an animal dies, ‘something’ appears to disappear. – Some say it is the spirit and some say it is the soul and others say who knows what?
– Most prefer not to think about it. – Death is not a favorite subject for anyone and there is a preferrence to cover it over quickly whenever the subject arises. – The subject of death inevitably reminds one of the inevitable death of oneself – although it can only be a conjecture into a 'future time'. – Just like your mythical birth, you have only heard ‘second hand’ information of that event.
So, what is that ‘something’ that disappears when an animal dies?
The first thing that one notices is that ‘the light in the eyes’ fades away.
All visible or volitional movement ceases and one would say all the senses cease to operate.
Basically the coherent order of the organism enters a new phase, one of disintegration.
Now, if you believe that you are the body then this evidence I am speaking of is a challenge to that belief, a subtle one that can be missed if the habitual rationalization kicks in too quickly.
What is this coherent ‘agent’ that is present in the living organism?
What imparts a living order to the animal or oneself?
Is it the mind?
Is it a thought?
Is it an idea?
Is it intelligence?
We can say with some certainty that it is Life.
But Life is everywhere and not limited to one organism.
So, saying it is life does not satisfy, somehow.
Is there an individual life or is there just (One big) Life?
Some biologists suggest that the body is made up of multiple liquid crystalline organisms.
Those concepts are filtering into many body work modalities with reverberating results - or so it appears.
The research into brine shrimp by James Clegg, a marine biologist, challenged all previously believed notions about life. – It did not make a bid splash in the news.
– The evidence collected shows that a form, a shrimp egg, apparently dead by conventional beliefs, completely dehydrated for 4 years or more, springs to life soon after fresh water is introduced. - Many fish owners feed these brine shrimp to their pets after hatching them.
Up until this evidence was found, it was totally believed that water was an absolute necessity for life to be present. - The quizzical thing is how did that dehydrated body retain life during the 4 years of inanimation? - Mystery! - How does life arrive in these miniature creatures?
Is it in the structure - is it information?

What is the most precious ‘thing’ you have?
Is it not ‘life’?
Do you ‘have it’?
Or does it ‘have you’?
What am I?
Inquire, explore into it.
Are you a liquid crystalline structure? - A biological mystery?
What is this light that shines out of your eyes?
Is it not the light by which you see and know?
How can what you are, your authenticity, your natural state, how can that be separate from the source of that light?
When someone asked Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, “What is purpose of life?”- he answered:
“The purpose of life is living”.

There is life, who can doubt it? - The first direct evidence of it is the livingness right there as ‘This living moment’ right now - it is what you are in this immediacy.

Are you not already that enlightened presence? - A natural presence that needs no practices or methods to bring about?

You cannot drive anything between Life and what you truly are – they are One and the same.

One without a second.

Still not seeing it?

OK, here it is in a Nutshell:

You are the immediacy, this activity of knowing, which has no past and no future, you are only the immediacy itself.
There is NO ‘person’ in that.
Who is it that is caught in the conceptual realms of the mind?
Is it not just a concept with habitual feelings added?
So, if you feel that you are not totally present in this immediacy, my advice is this:

Drop all concepts and so ‘make your way back’ to this immediacy and see that the conceptual framework actually dissolves or fades away within the seeing.
What is left and what is clear and obvious is this pure ‘I am-ness’ - that you are.
Stay with that and see that even that is known from ‘beyond’ it.

No one can teach you how to do this - it must be your own original exploration.
It is confounding for the intellect, so let the natural intelligence work on its own.
Do not think about it - just see into it all. - Seeing is immediatly present.
This is far too subtle to approach in the mind by any conceptual means and yet the essence of it all is already 'presence' - just the way it is.

In realizing this dissolution of the habitual mind stuff, the old tensions in the organism dissolve.

Life goes on as usual, but there is a knowing that that knowing presence is wakefulness itself – forever immediate and forever untouched by anything at all.