Thursday, April 12, 2007

Complete Fabrication? - For Whom?

Note 1:
There is an odd thing that is kind of inexplicable and it is this:
A most profound expression in words can be read many times and the depths of its profundity are missed over and over. - Then ‘one day’ it just ‘clicks’ revealing something not seen before.
As I worked on the transcriptions of tapes of Bob Adamson’s meetings years ago many such revelations happened. – So many of us skim over the surface and say ‘Oh yes, I understand that’. – We miss the essential impact of direct pointing.
Read Bob’s website notes and quotes – read them until they ‘click’.
If you think at any point that you totally understand what he is pointing out and that the mystery is solved, then you probably are just fooling yourself all over again.
You will feel a ‘quickening’ in your bones and a tingle in your atmosphere, if his pointers have ‘clicked in’ and a vista of the miraculous wonder of existence will fill you up with vivid living impressions that then pulse through your body. - I am not exaggerating! - I still feel it after seven years, when I read his pointers.
Part of my ‘self-appointed work’ – is to spread the word about Bob and his ‘pointers’.
Watch some of the video clips of him – go to the Bob Adamson page on my website for the links to

2. One of the most misleading beliefs is that there is some condition that is remotely acquirable – attainable for the ‘spiritual person’.
– By following the directions of a guru or teacher, it is believed that ‘I will get there’. – The basic misnomer is not recognized.
That postulated future of attainment is just a concept, a tantalizing concept but ‘concept’ it is. – That glorified ‘enlightenment’ is drooled about, fantasized about and a wondrous image is built up in the mind.
– Added to this is the ‘example’ that the guru presents himself as – ‘I am enlightened - follow me’. – All this fantasy teases the mind and the fact that it is all fantasy is not recognized – in fact the guru keeps those images alive by presenting lots of new information to maintain those images in mind.
– If the gurus followers were to see the game, they may even get violent and attack the guru because of his ‘lies’.
– But they do not see the game and the few that do, just leave.
– It is a conundrum because who can you trust?
- Who is going to inform you of what is true?
Well, you have ignored what is true in yourself for so long, it seems that that ignoring has become a thick barrier. – The fact is that it is only a thin and flimsy film of conceptual separation. – As a hypnotized and mechanical creature, nothing much will transpire except patterns of repetition.
– As a conscious presence the equation is radically different.
The only way out of that self-hypnosis is to investigate the ‘centre icon’ of that realm of misunderstanding - the ‘me’ and that ‘me’ is the false ‘King’.
The true essence is the rightful sovereign.
A resonation in that true essence dissolves the erroneous beliefs.

Note 3:
So, who are you and what are you looking for?
Someone that knows in an absolute way what you want to know?
Someone who is perfect, someone to look up to? - Someone to imitate?
A perfect mirror?
Someone to tell you that you are okay?
Someone to wipe away all that hurt and self denial?
Someone to bring you completely into the now?
Do you imagine that the teachings on Non Duality can answer all these questions?
The questions are dualistic by their very nature.
The one you look for is and can only be yourself.
But who is looking for that self?
Surely the immediate function of seeing is registering in that space that can only be the self? - So the looking for the self is somehow a diverse movement in the mind or a reflection in the mind.
Could it simply be a fixation, an identification in the ‘mind content’ that is an imagination that ‘it’ is looking for the self?
Can you see the irony of it all?
No matter how coarse or refined that self-image is, it is only an image.
In the pure function of seeing, there is no such entity.
Every spiritual person you know of, no matter how famous or insignificant, that image is a fallacy and there are no exceptions whatsoever.
Your own presence is the only thing that you can directly know as being free of images. – There may be images that appear in the mind about ‘presence’ but 'an image' is not the real, no matter how sacred you believe it is.
Without that presence, no images could appear at all, so it is primary, just like awareness is primary. – Nothing can be known without the ‘knowing’ – which is awareness itself.
As I have pointed out many times, the essence of all knowledge is ‘knowing’.
The most sacred or profound book is just paper and ink and one could say that without the touch of ‘knowing’, it is not even that.
What I am telling now is so profound and yet so simple, it cannot be accepted by any intellectual, because it demolishes the mind’s matrix of conditioning and identification.
For the normal ‘person’, the intellect must protect its own history. – It is convinced that some progression has happened and that one is knowledgeable etc.
What the spiritual practitioner does not realize is that all those beliefs are just images, words and experiences and each and every one has no substantiality in the immediate evidence of presence awareness. – They are all simply ‘content of mind’.
Until you see that you are the unchanging 'knowing presence' of all the changing content of mind - then what use is your search? - All you find is more and more content in mind to identify with and that is an endless realm of unfolding.

The wondrous ‘thing’ that everyone makes a big deal out of is ‘enlightenment’.
It is made out to be something that is mostly unattainable.
That is a complete fabrication and the apparent cause of so much misunderstanding.
This moment of seeing and knowing is illuminated, prior to what the mind translates it as and that light of ‘seeing-knowing’ is it – it is in every sentient being – it is just ignored.
–The habitual preference in mind is to go with the content, what the mind is telling us and the fact is that what the mind is telling us is ALL changeful mind content and nothing other than that.
Right NOW is the expression of the absolute - just as it is - In words it is always 'present tense' in its verbalized expression.

The essence of THIS moment, the ONLY moment is now and 'now' IS ‘knowing’ - (Now-ing).
The word 'moment' implies 'time' but it also implies this immediacy which is beyond time.

This essential fact of 'One Moment' has been realized here without the slightest doubt to obscure that.
By writing and talking about these facts, it does seem to be a possibility that another may recognize something but there is no guarantee.
If for some reason, the mind empties itself for a few moments, a very different ‘view’ is present – one that does not include an identified fixation of being an entity.
If such a moment happens, the minds habit is to interpret that moment by adding references to it and weaving the minds meaning around it – and so the essential value of the insight is once again covered over.
Is it true - is awareness ever covered?
Awareness is primary - so it is impossible that anything - any thing could ever cover it - everything is seen.
Does the search go on?

How could that which is looking for itself, ever find itself?
Has it ever been lost?
How could words ever express that which is the source of those same words?
Isn’t it the same equation?
In the attachment to words, there is an apparent ‘getting lost’.
In the attachment to the instrument of inquiry, is there a subtle obscuring of what is actually a clean and clear view?
Do the characters in a projected movie drama ever make their way back past the celluloid into the light that projects the images?
That example is equivalent to the seeker trying to find the source.
This is the obviousness that is consistently overlooked by the seeker. – That is quite natural because the fact is that that seeker is nothing but a pattern of belief. – The courage to go beyond that pattern is the nature of what is 'actual' - real, and that movement of courage appears as a negation of the fixation, the mis-identification with the patterns it appears as.
– Sometimes 'a shock' an unexpected event will cut away that identification (for a short time).
The 'actual' reveals itself as the relative attachment in mind clears away.
– To approach the source (of self) while still being identified will ‘cause’ a panic to arise and it appears that few will get past that fear. – The fact is that there is no one actually in that pattern of belief but that news may itself cause a grasping panic.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj says: “There are no customers for this knowledge”.
The popular spiritual teachings give comfort to that self centred-ness and so they avoid the true situation. – That is why they are popular – plenty of customers.
Yet this clear and present awareness is totally available to anyone.
At one point, Bob suggested that I could publish my notes and added that it would show that anyone can ‘get this’. – The point being that I was and am not anyone with any special circumstances. – I was born in a remote place and had a fairly menial education. – My family background is basic working class, nothing special. – My command of the English language was passable – spelling was horrendous but getting better thanks to ‘spell check’.
Now there are some who would say that all my notes are just nonsense. – However, I get many emails of gratitude. – My intellectual friends would say that there are always people out there stupid and gullible enough to believe anything. – I might add that those friends are the ones that display ‘being stuck’ in the mind more prominently than others.
I will say this: There is no compulsory form that one must take on to share this knowledge, being a guru or teacher for instance.
What I observe is that many of these gurus actually keep the seekers bound up in stories. – Their devotees will protect that guru because they have made him into a ‘god’. – It would be a remarkable thing for any such guru to remain free of distortion in mind, while engaging in such an arrangement. – The photos I have seen of these gurus show very obvious signs of conceit. - I will not name them simply because of a preference, I am tired of emails from wounded egos.
It is the easiest thing in the world to piss off spiritual seekers. – Their whole world is based on erroneous beliefs. – Life itself – which is reality, is challenging erroneous beliefs consistently. – The maintenance of all those fabricated beliefs is a fulltime job for the mind. – When that internal dramatic work is given up, a relaxation happens and the ease of effortless living flows naturally.
Intelligence is within and behind all the activities.
There is no choice maker but there is a choice – a living and intelligent choice – simply to be what you are – present and aware.
Is it all so unbearable?