Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Clear and Present & book extract

Watched a DVD of J. Krishnamurti - at one point he said: - "But you are not interested! (after a long talk) - "What are you interested in"? - "Myself" was an answer from the crowd - "Yes", he says - "You are only interested in yourself".
He then talked clearly for a few minutes about 'that interest in myself' and clearly brought it back to what he had been saying all along.
He looks very sad on that video - and I detected a tear running down his cheek.
People are so selfish - so incredibly selfish - and 'spiritual people' are more selfish than ordinary folk, in my opinion. - In 1929 he obviously saw through the facade (in himself and) of organised religion and all spiritual groups and so he dissolved 'The Order' saying that "truth is a pathless land" .
He continued to write and speak.
U.G. Krishnamurti was one who benefited from that cointinuation.
- But look how remarkable it is that so many thousands were attracted to 'K' and yet so few understand what he so clearly expounds.

Entertainment?........here is something:
A Film to see: I just saw “As it is in Heaven” – a Swedish Film by Kay Pollak.
- As one reviewer says " this Swedish-language film could do very well with global audiences".
It is well worth seeing, in my opinion. – Also, anyone into singing and choir members alike will find it inspirational. – There are magic moments in the film that touch the organic essence, sending a 'living sensation' around the body. - The singing quality of the choir is transformed from passable into something that can only be described as superb. - It is not a 'non duality film' as such (what film is?) but it touches on some very potent 'points', if I can be so bold in saying so.
- As with so many films latterly, it is about identity, overcoming ‘conditioned’ fears and finding, seemingly through the residues of conflict, what is genuine in oneself. - I don't usually recommend films - but I make an exception with this one. - Go see it.

Email: Thank you Gilbert, truly! - Now, you can't say anymore that you get no thanks!

Quoting one of your previous notes: "There is no point in my 'hitting you on the head' and saying "wake up". - I get no thanks for 'shouting in your ear' every day. - You just stir and tell me to 'rack off' before rolling over back into that hypnotic dream of separation. - Frankly speaking, I am tired of shaking you."

Sailor Bob and his lineage of teachers are remarkable; all of you. - The questions have long been over and the spiritual material I have kept probably doesn't even weigh a pound - but I still enjoy browsing the Web writings and mp3s of the Bob circle every now and then. - Your direct style, I'm sure, is appreciated by many and bound to help those who are ready. - I like the sense of humor too – “beware of the guru who looks to spend too much time getting pretty in the mirror” (Gangaji maybe? - can't be Bob because he has no hair to comb) - Peace, Jim.

Reply: - Hi Jim, - Thanks for the laugh. – Not pointing at any particular guru’s – they all seem to fall into the same trap. - Warm regards - Gilbert.

Ask yourself these questions: - Do I really want to know?
And/or: - Am I just interested in finding a comfortable ‘place’ where I can lull myself off into an imaginary state of peaceful bliss? - Sucked in by the guru's charisma and his bullshit stories of time and imitation of (his) ME?

So, for anyone that still considers that they are a seeker, I challenge you to read the extracts on Bob’s (iinet) website plus the various quotes. - Read them over and over until they are understood. – They cut to the core of it all with so much efficiency and directness.
Those wanting to add to their spiritual self image will not last long with it but those with a genuine wish to go beyond the shallow spiritual jargon, will find what they need, there is no doubt about that (here).
Everyone raves about this guru and that guru and everyone else gets immune to all the hype - but I can tell you that I am no idiot, I can see clearly from clear wakefulness and it is plainly obvious that what Bob is telling is so profound and so cutting, it makes the other 'time bound teachers' look like they are just spiritual dreamers.
I have no qualms about challenging those teachers and anyone offended by such stuff is obviously not awake at all - So - no harm done.
A warning to long term 'non duality folk' - you may be completely unaware that the non duality spiritual jargon and the concepts themselves have glazed over the mind and nothing cuts through any longer. - Read Bob's words on his website - seriously - there is a profound subtle yet obvious and direct pointing in it.
So, my advice is to forget about reading this website for the moment - go straight the the essence message on Bob's website. - The link is on Bob's page on the 'shining' website.

(After a lot of back and forth via emails)
To Gilbert:
So - this clear and present awareness is IT. - IT is what all the big deal is being made about.
- The present awareness IS - BEFORE thought, judgement, labelling, identification - they all occur IN TIME, AFTER the pure SEEING.
- Everything that arises ABOUT THAT but AFTER is always in the past.
- That pure SEEING continues immediately and presently.
- In fact that doesn't seem right - the pure SEEING doesn't continue, because that implies time.
- The pure SEEING is just THERE always unchanged- the sense of continuity is of the mind.

As you say, this moment is the FIRST moment, because there is no such thing as a moment - it's just a concept.
- It's the first and ONLY moment.
The moments seemingly arise through the sense of time passing but this present awareness never changes.
- Thoughts and memories arise which seemingly give continuity through the moments - but it's all bullshit!
- A moment never passes, how could it?
- It can only pass to that separate-self sense with memories, all of which are occurring in thought, all just objects appearing in this PRESENT awareness.

Nothing more can be said without moving away from THIS. - Randall

Hi Randall,
The expression is clear - it is seen without there being a seer.
Pure seeing cuts through it all - and so in the mind, seeing appears as a negation - it strikes down all the apparent substantiality of concepts instantly.
It is seen that there is no past, present or future, in which anything can occur.
There is only THIS.
There is no duration in THIS. - There is seeming duration.
Find what it is that always remains.
It is clearly obvious to anyone that really takes a close look at life, that nothing remains the same (for long) - everything is shifting and changing - metamorph-ing - energy, dynamic, dramatic, gross and base or subtle and exquisit.
- Sunlight turns into substance in a leaf - photosynthesis.
- A speck on the bark turns into a bud which grows into a leaf and (later) as the winds turn cold, the leaf loses its color and in this moment of presence, it falls to the ground and in this moment of presence, it decays - all the while the elements are forever recycling themselves.
- It all happens 'now' and nowhere else.
- The whole universe, Totality, is the One Energy, the Only Energy, unfolding in THIS moment.
- Inexplicable! - Yet the Totality is the Explication of itself - expressing itself as All & Everything in every way possible.
- Even as that one that you 'think' you are.
You are reality.
Mind is a dreamweaver with all its words, concepts, ideas, states of mind, attitudes and whatever, so simply be the immediate - See what is going on.

Knowing yourself as this unchanging presence, is not knowing oneself to be an object in space or time - everything is seen effortlessly, naturally.
- One essence 'appearing' as all things.

Still missing it? - Have you ever been able to find a natural place for your conceptual 'self' somewhere in this natural presence - like a forgotten piece of a jigsaw puzzle?

Pointless. - Just be still, absolutely still for a moment - SEE and KNOW.
(My CD "ONE Moment" addresses this moment of clear and open cognition)

Your last ‘conclusive’ line in your email is actually incorrect......take another look.
You say: "Nothing more can be said without moving away from THIS."

(In the relative appearance of things) Anything can be said and is said, by anyone and everyone, and yet there is NO movement away from THIS.

You are this first instant of cognition and nothing more than that.

That pointing is totally unacceptable for any seeker - Only in the dissolution of the seeker, a concept, does this open view - open up – even though it is always here.

Warm regards - gilbert.

Another email:

Dear Bob and Gilbert,
I have been consistently listening to Gilbert's "Shining Through the Mind" CD and things have really cleared away.
- Seeing is.
- Everything is made of Awareness and is spontaneously appearing - ever-fresh. Obstacles in mind are being seen through.
- Just this, nothing else.

Gratitude for all of your help. - Love, - Robert

Extract from "Everything is Clear and Obvious - an exploration of conscious presence"
The book can be ordered from a link on the shining through the mind website.

From page 148

You are the (source of the) light by which you see and know ―
You are NOT the content of mind.

In the clear and empty nature of pure mind, there is not one doubt that can obscure the view.
This view belongs to you.
If you drop all thoughts right now, it will be clearly obvious.
This clarity is not ‘yours’ as a ‘personal acquisition’ ― or as some reward for years of effort. It is truly yours right now.
In paying attention to your immediate life, not by remembering some formula or some trick, in simply paying attention to what IS, all will reveal its pristine clarity. Nothing will really compound into some special knowledge.
The knowing just remains un-obscured.
It may not appear to happen suddenly.
It may slip into place without incident and without being an ‘event in time’.
As Bob says: “It dawns on you”.
The doubts must be cleared away or seen through.
(Simply) Be the Seeing.