Sunday, May 13, 2007

Salient Point

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- It is very comprehensive.

Salient Point:

The predominant feature of this teaching is NEGATION. - Elimination.
Eliminate the conceptual bondage and what is actual is found to be your own existence - clear and present.
Now, in my experience, the eradication of all my erroneous beliefs ‘came about’ through contact with an ordinary chap. – He persistently rejected any of the usual ‘setting him up’, in my mind, as being anything more than I am.
– Gradually I began to realize that I had been on the wrong track and I had been overlooking this ordinary wakefulness which is the essence of knowing - and that this knowing has always been here, just overlooked in preference to ‘spiritual concepts’.
– Those old concepts never truly satisfy.
– I could indulge in them and create special feelings in myself with them but they never lasted long. – It all vibrated back into 'the search' and a feeling of ‘not quite getting there’. – There was a period of time when I felt like the thinnest film separated me from what I was seeking.
Then a 'miracle' appears – With Bob Adamson’s constant ‘pointing’, moments of clear insight broke through that ‘film’.
– That film was made of old concepts that I was hanging onto.
I know that I was not given anything new by Bob.
– His pristine clarity and the totally relaxed manner of his assistance, touches the intelligence in oneself and a dawning happens – or a falling away of ‘old ideas’.
That doesn't happen without a persistent inquiry made by yourself.
– One 'eventually' finds something remarkable - in a most knowing fashion, I know without a doubt that 'I am present and aware' and that nothing can threaten that presence.
Strangely enough, there is a knowing that you were never ever truly cut off from anything and that those ‘old ideas’ were just recycling patterns in the mind (like bats circling around on a moonlit night).
So, now - and NOW is all there is, I realized that I am Non Duality – I am existence – this living presence, no matter how it may be appearing to be like.
There is no doubt in this clear presence now – never can be – all doubt has been tossed out.
– I know that those friends who ‘know me’ may have certain things to say about me but I can assure you that all of that is in their own minds and nowhere else. - The drama of life goes on regardless.
The burden of psychological suffering is totally unnecessary. - There is a subtle bliss that 'comes' as the investigation penetrates the erroneous beliefs and as they fall away.
– The mind can be freed from the past - and the future - with its emotional baggage, its fears and expectations etc.
In the ignorant state, the mind is like a prison, a prison of old reference points, old ideas and images fabricated from past experiences and events.
This mind (here) is free from all that. – Sure, I can think about the future but the only place I can do that is in ‘this now’.
– I can remember the past but that past is now free from the old emotional content associated with those memories. – Factual memories can serve and do serve without a problem entering.
– Emotional memories seduce the mind back into a dreamy state and the freedom of witnessing what the mind is doing is seemingly lost. - Why does that happen?
Because you identify with a recurring reference point - ME.
That must be investigated - That is the most 'important' pointer. - INVESTIGATE.
You can put it off and put it off until your personal sun sets - but if you do that, then freedom from the bondage of self is foregone - and the burdens in mind will not leave you alone.
The one that is disturbed is a phantom - but only you must know that totally.
You may have convinced yourself that you have done the investigation - is it true?
Or have you just tricked yourself into believing another 'story'?
Just do it ! - Investigate the 'me'.

Realize that all of the past is conceptualized experience.
– You cannot go back to the past events.
Any concept whatsoever can only appear and disappear. – In believing that a concept is ‘the real’ is where everyone gets into trouble. – Yet it is so clearly obvious that a concept is a concept.

Are you just a selfish lump of resistant flesh and bones?
Are you a concept?
Or are you a subtle presence, awareness itself?
The only thing that seemingly covers that is concepts and the eradication of erroneous beliefs is a blessing, a potent blessing which is forever waiting for that investigation to be made.
- Just do it!

Toss your self centered guru out the window and read Bob Adamson’s books, listen to his CD’s, watch the DVD’s.
– That is the best advice I can give anyone.

If you must do anything – do that.