Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Muggly Other and the three Sad Blisters

You have heard it many times - "You are not the body – you are not the mind".
But have you really, thoroughly looked into what it is pointing out?
Since my ramblings have some apparent benefit every now and again, I will give it another shot. - At least it is not the same old 'Oh so precious-La-de-da' Non Duality 'sing-song' that you see on just about every other Non Duality website.
The Human Body – where are you located in the following description?
By mass, human cells consist of 65-90% water (H2O), and a significant portion is composed of carbon-containing organic molecules. - Oxygen therefore contributes a majority of a human body’s mass, followed by carbon. - 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of the six elements oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus.
You may think that you, as a body are independent.
However, if the water intake is stopped, dehydration will bring about death of the body. - So you are connected, as that body to the water that is ingested regularly. - You are also permeated by the air you breathe consistently. - The body also breathes through the skin and if the skin is covered with a substance that prevents that breathing, then death will occur.
Without fresh air with oxygen to breathe, then the death of the body happens.
Without some degree of regular food intake, the body wastes away and death happens.
So, we can see that as a body, we are only relatively independent.
The body is made from recycled elements taken from the Earth.
The body must be maintained consistently and various instinctive senses operate according to the body’s needs.
The whole system depends on ‘Life’.
The complexity of life on planet Earth, alone, is beyond comprehension and analysis.
The whole universe is alive (that will only be denied by a limited intellect).
The human ‘ego’ with its self importance is a complete misunderstanding of ones place in the scheme of things.
The wonder of it all is studied by scientists in many fields of study.
Some of them agree with each other but many of them can't even communicate with each other because of competitive motives or specialized language barriers.
The High flying politicians, in the main are very special selfish creatures with thoroughly a distorted psyche. - Infantile grandiose is the official diagnosis for most of them - self righteous men are very dangerous creatures.
The basic caveman attitude of war mongering personages in powerful positions is simply a life and of greed, greed for more power, more money and more material possessions. - The wonder of life is blocked out and he as with many of his soldiers , their eyes are the eyes of a dicarded broken doll. - Brainwashed killing machines.
Only after the big machine has used them all up, do their eyes start to open to the horror of what they have done and then the lack of support nails their souls in their coffins with a bottle of bourbon for good measure.
OK - let me remind you that these are just words - the images are arising in your own mind - whatever that means.
Are you the mind? - What story can you tell about being a ‘person’ in a mind?
Everyone loves a story. – Your story may go like this:
“It may come to pass that no one is interested in ‘My Story’ but that doesn’t matter, I am going to tell it anyway. - I for one want to see what happens in this story. - Just like God, before he created the world, heaven and earth and all the wiggly bits, I am bored and need entertaining. - I will have to stay awake myself just so I don’t miss anything, so please join me on an unusual adventure into hither to un-chartered territories.
Actually, I only have a vague idea of what this story will unfold into because it appears in the telling of it – just like life and the world at large.
When I was about 14 years old, I remember my mother telling me about the hospital that I was born in.
I had walked past it a hundred times to and from friend’s houses and I had no idea about my historic connection with the building. - All I could do was imagine being born there.
Like everyone else, I had heard the news that I was born and when the apparently fortuitous event took place. - I can not remember anything about it, so it is all second hand information.
It is this point that touches on a profundity, which most people don’t even suspect.
To speak clearly about this profound point is not so easy and it can easily be dismissed if expressed in the wrong manner. - I will give it my best shot - to approach with words this point that I am attempting to reveal.
It so happens that most people imagine that reality is something hidden or somewhere else. They do not suspect that they themselves are reality and that everything else is an appearance in that basic space-like awareness – that non-conceptual thoughtless reality.
- The true nature of mind is clear and empty.
Since first we learned about letters and words, sentences and meaning, we have unwittingly been seduced into a fabricated world in the mind.
All of our personal dramas are made up of conflicting words, ideas, perceptions and mind projections. - This has taken on such a magnitude; we don’t even stop to examine it at all.
- It is a kind of common consensus reality. - The social structure of society is apparently depending on these ‘gentlemen’s agreements’.
As a ‘person’ one must fit in with the scheme of things one way or another. - If one is to rebel against the ‘machine’ it is still a resistance and that is made up from states, ideas, words, images of right and wrong etc.
In other words it is all mind content. - Any disagreement with this is also mind content.
Now all mind content is an appearance in the mind. - Nothing of it sticks in the mind for long. - Every night in deep sleep it all disappears.
The pristine clarity of simple wakefulness is not noticed to be present. It is in fact the very basis of all experiencing for everyone. - Without it, there can be no experiencing at all.
This wakefulness is an aspect of our true essence, being and nature.
If we think about this wakefulness, we are just forming concepts about it and none of such can ever capture that wakefulness.
No matter how stupid or bright an intellect we may think we have, we cannot capture the wakefulness. - It is as though it stays one step ahead of all of our ruminating - however, just see that wakefulness is the very ground of ALL experiencing without exception.
How do you know anything at all, without that clear and present 'space of knowing'?
The same equation applies to enlightenment. - That old fanciful, embroidered concept is so easily used as 'a carrot' by the unconscious and so seemingly unscrupulous gurus.
This light of knowing, wakefulness, is present in all sentient beings.
- Man falsely gives himself a false 'crown of glory', telling himself that he is the chosen one, the one to rule over all the kingdoms. - But waht do we see? - Recent history shows, as stories go, how vain man can be, the wars, the destruction and the waste is extreme. - The wasted finances on just one of our famous war (which no one seems to know what it they are really about) could turn things around in a positive way for a great number of people, people who face so many difficulties every day of their lives. - Is it instant Karma? - Who is the enemy? - Have we become our own worst enemy? - And to put 'a cherry on top', we call it evolution.
Politicians ignore scientists and hold them to ransome. - What a disgrace.
A nation turned upside down by its own philanderings.
A one time dream turns into a bloody nightmare and our "one time hero" becomes a hated villain. - Is this the great cosmic joke?
When our hero is tried for crimes against humanity, what will we do? - pick another hero to do our dirty work? - Are they jostling for position already? - Where is there an honest voice amongst them? - The 'church' has been dragged into politics also - have they all forgotten what that man from Nazareth did in the temple, the synagog?
Such is the drama of life. - A story and one that a vast majority watch on The Evening News every night, more aptly called "The Punch and Judy Show".

Billions upon billions of concepts - trillions of concepts all bunched together weigh less than a tiny white feather of swans down.
You can drop it all right now and see them all flutter away and see directly and ever so clearly that a concept is just concepts. - What holds you back? - Is it the concept you have about yourself? - You are not a concept!
Concepts -useful or destructive - it depends on how it serves you. - If you are merely a slave to the mind and its old ideas, then wow betide you - that is a pathetic way to be and your potentiality is forgone for a life of ignorance and suffering.

But wait! - what has any of these words got to do with this clear and present awareness that I am, in this moment right now? - These too are just words appearing. They are silent words on a screen - the 'sound' they make is in your own mind and the best they can do is 'point' to that wakefulness, that essence of what you ARE.

When the last word is spoken, heard or read - there is that clear space - empty - and that emptiness is full of knowing and THAT unmediated knowing is your true nature.
It does not go away just because words come along.
- KNOW that directly and immediately.
That is all.