Friday, May 11, 2007

The word is NOT the real.

There is a recording from one of Bob’s meetings, now to be found on the Advaita Show site, the latest inclusion (#37), is very comprehensive. – Have a listen.

The 'word' is not the real - do you have to remember that as you read this?
Is that a GOOD question? - See for YOURSELF - seeing is happening before any idea of self arises. - That profundity will remain fairly meaningless until 'the investigation' is happening.
Nothing will stop words from sprouting - they are just 'the flowers of consciousness'.
Some can be named as 'weeds' - some as beautiful blossoms - They all have the same source.
You are the source of it all - yet you may not have a clear knowing of that fact in this moment.

There is one illusion that keeps popping up all over the place. Like a dreaded ‘weed’ it shows itself to be prolific in all the main religious or spiritual groups. ‘Do good-ers’ , ‘Advanced Souls’, the ‘in crowd’ and one could find all sorts of other names for them. – ‘Pretentious prats’ is a good one. – Of course I am not speaking about you my dear. – The imitation of those shallow, sacred gurus is only one reason for such behavior.
All those franchisers of truth, with their 16 different secret herbs, methods, practices and spices should be tied up in a room and made to listen to their own spiel, until they see through the crap they impose upon their own devotees.
Oh, perish the thought! – Anyway in the ‘advaita club’ you get an ‘inner circle’ of competitive ‘players’. – So for any ‘new comers’ it all can be very tedious indeed.
The ‘players’ from the ‘inner circle’ love to let you know pretty quickly, that they hold a ‘certain position’, a ‘special membership’ and they give you those knowing looks, those looks that feel like a mixture of false compassion and serious judgment.
Those are meant to seal the impressions for you, that they indeed are wonderous ‘ascended beings’.
What a load of bollocks.
The un-witted seeker may fall for that crap and get dragged repeatedly back onto that long trail, going around and around the ‘Advaita Showgrounds’. – The state of neediness in the newcomer is confronted by an extra dose of life’s competitiveness. – When the newcomer drops an incorrect word in their conversation, the hounds of Baskerville pounce like ravenous dogs, upon the nervous seeker. – It reminds me of feeding time at the Zoo in the dingo pen. – Café’s in Santa Cruz are full of these pretentious Non Duality Dudes and Dudessess. – The ‘In Crowd’, full of the latest ‘revelations’ of their precious guru and full to the brim with inner conflict because ‘deep down’, they know that they are only pretending. – Keeping up ‘appearances’ has become a shallow way of life for them and their precious guru just tells them that it will take another five years – ‘just be patient’. – On top of all this they force their ‘understanding’ onto anyone that is willing to listen or argue. – Years go by and then they turn into decades and the secret, private and hidden suffering goes on and on like an old record.
The struggling ‘pecking order’ in these groups reveals its ugly head as a superficial memorised understanding and endless argument about Non Duality – what could be more ridiculous and so unsatisfactory? -
If the teacher/guru truly has a clear understanding, such nonsense could not survive for very long.
Bob’s meetings are somewhat clear of such nonsense but it does filter in from time to time. – Egos wiggle into position and try to hold ground. – But Bob’s pointing is so profoundly poignant, that these egos either get seen through or they leave and don’t return, at least not until the suffering increases to an unbearable level again.
Words.........the word is not the real - just a reminder.
Just because you have made it to one of Bob’s meetings, doesn’t mean you have made it into paradise. – For most, the bar is raised and one must face the shallowness of ones sacred beliefs. – Harbouring them just increases the frustration. – So, after all these words, words that can stir up the ‘pot’, I will just say this: The best advice I can give is – read Bob’s books etc. – If a resonation with what he is pointing out is there, then go into it further, explore the pointers most thoroughly. – In that latest recording on the Advaita Show website, there are over a hundred poignant pointers.
- You have to pay attention - When I first heard a recording of one of Bob's meetings, I found myself grabbing a piece of paper and writing down some of the many salient points that were jumping out of the recording. - I had to rewind the tape over and over, listen carefully to the poor quality recording just to get what was being pointed out. - It struck such a 'note' in me, I can now see now that it really did turn me around - I had been going in 'the wrong direction' -without even knowing it.
– ‘Main steam life’, society will not accept any of it – but you can, not only accept it, you can live the truth of what Bob is pointing out, as he so clearly does. - He does not mess things up by playing mind games - he gets straight to the point.
– The fact that it is difficult to get Bob’s books circulated ‘out there’ is just part of the resistance inherent in the machine – the mechanical life of hypnotised beings. – It is a confirmation of the potent message.
Go see Bob and don’t sit passively in the back stalls – get stuck into it and ask your questions – rid yourself of those old doubts – cut through the bullshit of spirituality and start to live the truth of what you truly are.
Then you can take that worn out bamboo stick off the Zen Master, give him a whack and then give a hearty laugh at his finger pointing at the moon.