Sunday, May 13, 2007

Just Do it ! - Investigate.

The first knowing is the knowing that you are.

The first seeing is clear empty space, which is not located in any particular place – yet even in that space between the lens of the eye and the retina, there is a clear substance in a clear space.

The eye is not clogged up with all the previously 'seen'. - The mind is not clogged up with the previous content.

The first hearing is silence – all sound appears within a vast silence, a silence we do not even contemplate. - That is not clogged up with any thing. - All phenomena appear and disappears, just like all thoughts appear and disappear - all sound, sights, everything - same equation.
– Even in a very large noisy city, if you go up to the 40th floor of an apartment building, all that noise is reduced to a mild hum.

- Silence, stillness, engulfs those vibrations as it does to all vibrations. - The so-called 'Big Bang' that some scientists insist upon would be deafening today if it were not for the overpowering presence of Silence. - The great cathedrals in Europe have a vastness and silence, which is an integral part of the architecture. - The architecture of all thought patterns appear in a clear space of knowing presence just like a cathedral appeared in a medieval meadow. - (Of course, I am story telling, speaking in the relativity of time)
The cathedral first appeared as a concept in 'someone's mind', and then it was acted upon.
- The original architect did not live to see the finished cathedral. - Most of those cathedrals took many generations to complete. - Some of them have crumbled and some are still well preserved - they all will disappear. - Their (apparent) duration is presently here, just like the planet and all that appears presently on it. - Some say that when you look at the stars, you are seeing the past. - That theory is 'mind content' - The distance between two thoughts is the same as the distance between two galaxies.

But let's leave that contentious stuff and get back to the point at hand.

– Go up above the apartment building, further into the sky, in a comfortable basket beneath a large balloon and one can easily perceive that all the noise of this planetary world is not even registering at all.
One may feel an exquisite freedom up there away from all the drama and fuss of our usual ‘daily life’.
What the ‘seeker’ is not aware of is that the Ultimate Freedom is simply this clear wakefulness, this pure knowing, which is closer to you than anything you 'own'. - It is never truly weighed down, nor attached to anything that appears in its ‘field’.
– Knowledge does not compound into anything other than knowing.
In this clear space of knowing, everything is clear and obvious for what it is, without the need of thought to explain or translate it into the conceptual realm. - A spelling mistake registers instantly and a brief interruption of the mind process happens. - If it is not dwelt upon, then no problem takes hold of the mind. - Even if this conceptual realm is full of activity, that space of knowing remains clear and ever available. - The next spelling mistake is clear and obveous!
At some point you may be seemingly caught up in the deepest concerns about imaginary things and suddenly a knock at the door cuts through it that mind stuff. - You go to the door. - Anticipation leaps into the scene and you wonder who is knocking.

- The ACTUALITY is not touched or altered by any of your expectations and anticipations - whoever is beyond the door is the actual, not the expected. - It may be who you expect but your expectation is only mind content. - The confirmation arrives with the actuality of seeing - who it is.

- These points may seem trivial - but are they really?

'The Actual' is 'all inclusive' - it includes all the apparent changes that are 'appearing' - 'appearing to happen'.

Basically you are the knowing of it all - whatever the case may be.

- 'What is' - is what is.
AND – The essence of all knowledge is knowing.

To know what is true you must be what is true.

The pure knowing that you are is pure existence. – Existence is non dual.
Now a lot of fuss is made about spiritual persons who have realized themselves.
I can tell you that there is no way that you can detect such an individual in their appearance. – What you so often see is ‘behavior’. – They have learned how to behave in a ‘holy way’ and that is total bullshit.

- The external guru is 'at best' (as the phenomenal aspect) a living sign post that points you immediately and directly back to your own heart essence. - Essence to essence.

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