Sunday, May 20, 2007

A mystery - it is up to you to solve it.

The way in which Bob Adamson outlines ‘our situation’ is profoundly engaging, if it is really heard. – It also contains ‘a means’ of getting free of that engagement.
In the first moments of hearing a recording of one of his meetings, some years ago, something registered that there was some element in what he was saying that I had not really come across before – even though I had been a serious student of what I would call profound esoteric knowledge.
– Something cut through all that and stirred in my consciousness.
– A response arose in me and I followed that ‘scent’. – As I delved deeper into what he was saying, I recognized a most profound ‘expose’, one that I could feel most directly, to be releasing age old ‘stuff’ in myself. – There was a ‘tasting’ of something utterly free in myself. – Like the first glimmer of true light. – I had been in a room with a few candles, thinking that that situation was the great prize. – But the dawn was on its way and the light of that dawn made all my ‘previous knowledge’ fade in comparison to this immediate light that grew in brightness each day, ever so slightly.
I saw that all knowledge is faded information and that the immediate light of knowing is all there truly is. – ‘Eventually’ I realized that I am the source of that light. – Then that realization was left behind and the direct knowing remains – it needs no support – it needs no expression other than itself. – Everything is THAT – anyway you look at it.
The basic 'structure' of Life can be likened to an ever emergent simple pattern that informs and underlies all the complex details (of 'you', life and the world) of what is emerging, it appears as the ever new appearances of phenomena (too vast and overwhelming for the intellect to process or comprehend).
- Is the complexity of life just an infinite expression arising out of a singular simplicity? - or from the breath of 'God' - a basic algorithm – or is it just a simple pattern generator at the heart of matter? – for some it is called God - but that has been an unsurpassed 'bone of contention'.
Is it No Thing appearing as 'something'?
If so, can that 'something' understand its origin - no thing?
The clear and empty space of pure cognition is 'the (ultimate) answer' that has no form.
The essence of (any) insight is 'seeing'. - Everything is clear and obvious.
It is the investigation that aligns the mind with pure intelligence.
Arrogance is ignorance.
– With profound insight, the view and perspective shifts and a miriade reference points are released (instantly or progressively) and so the original ‘point’ of perception is left naked. – The essence of this view is naked ‘seeing’. - The 'unveiling' is 'time bound' - bound to process and therefore 'time' - while seeing is ever immediate. - What you truly are is this unmediated knowing - pure and beyond the grasp of concepts.
- You KNOW the concept(s) - the concept does not know you.
This naked seeing is the pure, immediate function of (what I call) seeing-knowing.
THAT is freedom - the fear of freedom is attachment to concepts and the one that fears is ultimately simply 'mind content'. - Who wants to know that?
Who-ness is psychology. - The 'who' pattern is like an emergent pattern that is woven into all the complex details of 'a difficult life' - a 'personal life' - Me and my problems.
- Looking directly into it, one recognises 'something' beyond it and yet what is 'doing the seeing' is beyond it all- beyond it ALL without exception.
Words are words.
- The content of this moment 'arrives', appears. - In not 'taking sides' with old biased points of view, the (otherwise overwhelming) complexity of life may be seen to be just infinite expressions arising out of simplicity (or a basic algorithm – or a simple pattern generator – for some it is called God).
– The view and perspective shifts and reference points are released (instantly or progressively) and so the original ‘point’ of perception is left naked.
– The essence of this view is naked ‘seeing’.
Paradox: - These are all words and concepts, being used to reveal what is never a word or a concept.
This naked seeing is the pure function of (what I call) seeing-knowing.
So, I write about That, in many ways, from many angles, knowing that there may be one out there who may just recognize ‘something’, just like I did.
Siddharameshwar’s words ring so true and so loudly when he said “Don’t try to see through someone else’s eyes.”
No one can make you see and seeing is already happening.
The truth is clear and obvious yet what is it that seemingly prevents a clear recognition of what is true?
That is where to investigate. – Someone else’s words may assist to direct you in some way. – Bob Adamson’s clear way of expressing through speech what needs to be recognized, is so profoundly obvious to me, so direct and so immediate – it is remarkable that so few actually hear it.
That is a mystery - it is up to you to solve it.