Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Yadda, Yadda, blah, blah, blah.

Well, much has been said, much has been written on this site, not to mention every other site, newspaper, magazine, emails and whatever, anywhere and everywhere.
The basics have not changed. - Whatever is said can only be an expression of THAT from THAT and the form the expression takes cannot truly be in error, whatever it is. - Only in a process of measurement and comparison does an apparent error appear and the bias held is transitory.
Biased views are all transitory and biased attitudes appear to collect opinions of a similar bias.
'People' don't switch 'camps' all that often, since their own bias prevents it.
Quasimodo was a disfigured character but (almost) everyone found a soft spot for him because underneath that disfigured form, love was beating in his heart, so to speak. Many spiritual types are extremely judgmental about almost everything, including their own 'Club Members'. - The Critical faculties are associated most usually with a sense of inferiority or insecurity. - At times, I sense that a Caveman may have had more integrity than our Modern man. - I see that computer games are threatening the movie industries hold on 'major profits markets'. - If you have never read Plato's “The Cave dwellers” I suggest you read it, it is a short story. It is highly symbolic. - One can imagine that 'in the future' an aging parent will smash down some virtual reality door and yell at their grown up children, telling them that 'reality' is available right here, right now and the sun is shining in the open sky.
Fancy Guru's weave a virtual reality realm for their devotees to wallow in and they hold the 'main character spot' with a vengeance. - Time to wake dude, slip through that crack in your dream and breathe in the fresh air of this ever fresh moment, which is free of thought bondage.
There are very obvious basics which seem to be missed somehow by so many. - For instance: Thoughts come and go. - They are made of what? - Have you ever seen a thought? - Yet we get tied up in them and many of them seemingly cause great havoc in our lives. - How many thoughts have there been today, so far? - Hundreds, thousands? - They have all come and gone. - Yet there may be a residue that appears to build up, to seemingly create a 'bad day' or a 'good day' or even a 'so so day'.
The freshness of presence with this moment right now, is not based on those previous thoughts or any thought at all. - This presence is simply presence and this is not conditioned by anything whatsoever.
Now a scientist or a therapist will object loudly over that point. - The objection is in their own mind and nowhere else. - Just because some 'other' agrees with them just confirms that that 'other' has a similar objection and they have not seen through the mind content, since as long as there is a heavy identification there, how can the seeing be clear? - Even so, the seeing is clear and is always clear, no matter what - but the one taking up the objection is merely a 'part' of the mind content, and (see this clearly) mind content cannot see, hear, taste or touch.
One essence appears as many – What you truly are is authentic and it is that authenticity that is true and it is THAT which naturally knows what is true. - Opinions are unnecessary in THAT.
Phenomena is ever changing patterns of whatever appears, objects, bodies, thoughts, states etc. - Trying to make a 'base camp' in the shifting sands of time will only bring hard labor and suffering.
Find that which is not changing in yourself and in finding that one realizes that the very 'finding' is a mirage, since what is discovered is simply your own self, which you 'were' all along from the very first instant.
All expressions are THAT expressing AS THAT. - There is no error, until it is judged as such and even then it is only how it appears. One essence appearing as many.