Monday, June 11, 2007

Can you enter into that clear space from which thoughts emerge?

You are THAT which is SEEING....THAT which is KNOWING - how could it be otherwise?
The natural state is 'your' authenticity - it is unquestionable.
Nothing can be added to THAT and nothing can be taken away.
Awareness is non dual - unmediated knowing - it is timeless - it does not come and go.
Mind is time - mind is thought, concept, image etc, and each appearance in mind, whether it be a concept, an idea, a thought or a state, a mood or whatever, it will disappear.
The clear and empty nature of mind is nothing but awareness itself. - So why not call it awareness. - There is no mind apart from its apparent contents and all of that is insubstantial since it all vanishes without a trace. - Yet isn't it thought that we bind ourselves up in?
What is the basis of the bondage of self? - Belief in erroneous details.
Who is bound up in ideas?
Ideas can appear to be creative and they can appear to be destructive.
Someone has a creative idea and puts a patent on it - then ends up in a court case because someone else had the same idea.
Ha! - People don't have ideas! - A 'person' is an idea. - All thoughts, ideas and concepts just appear on awareness. - Do you imagine that you know where they come from?
Can you enter into that space where they emerge from?
I bet that you have never looked into that space thoroughly - because it scares the pants off you. - You much prefer to stay this side of it, bound into conceptual realms of duality.
So much fear over nothing.
What could be back there in that clear space of direct cognition?
It is your own true nature. - Nothing to be afraid of.
You 'go there' every night in deep sleep.
But SEE this - The 'space of knowing' is NOT divided at all - this side and that side is actually one all inclusive wholeness and its apparent 'axis' is yourself.
The 'axis' of the mind is fluctuating all over the place, through identification with anything and everything.
The 'axis' of mind and the 'axis' of being can align themselves and a new way of being comes into play. - (This revelation will be explained more fully in a new book, which is planned to be finished in a month or two.)
Watch the mind, watch what it is telling you and know that you are not in that 'stuff'.
It is chattering away with its old routine - just watch it, catch it at its game. - Be the conscious presence.
The mind stuff has no power or independent nature - you are the awareness of it - 'it' is not aware of you.
Just watch the mind, as often as possible.
So simple, so effective - yet seekers want elaborate practices and complex methods, plus a hero to worship and to show the way.
Just be awake to 'what IS' and see through what is not.