Friday, June 08, 2007

One Essence

Many seekers believe that all they have to do is to memorize the Non Duality lingo and speak it correctly and that is enough to convince themselves that they have 'got it'.
Wrong! - There is nothing more 'boring' than listening to non duality buffs talking the politically correct language. - The so-called mind will always think in the same way.
When speaking, if you do not hear your own voice, its tone and what is being expressed, then how do you expect others to be convinced of whatever you are saying?
Speaking in the realm of common beliefs, the 'normal' way we develop a personality is by imitation etc, and a sense of confidence comes with it as long as we are not challenged too much.
Superior or inferior complexes develop according to the 'forces' playing upon our 'personality'.
All such nonsense is fabricated and totally unfounded. - 'People' get bound up in thoughts because that is what a 'person' is, a thought, a concept.
- It would seem that there has to be 'a willingness' to deconstruct our habitual beliefs before we can taste our true nature - but in the simple act of stopping thought, for just a moment, that taste is right there. - It may be too fleeting and too subtle at first.
Having a good taste of simple 'thoughtless presence' is enough to allow the mind to descriminate between 'pure awareness' and thought, concept etc. - A personality is really made up of concepts and it, in itself, it has no power to see, hear or know anything at all.
So a good taste of ones true nature is also a taste of knowing that I am not those conceptual patterns that I have taken myself to be.
This is my understanding of the 'situation'. - No need to copy it because your understanding is completely enough, in fact you cannot have someone else's understanding. - Just clear it out, clear out the erroneous beliefs and the natural understanding reveals itself more fully, unencumbered by mis-understandings. - Where are you seeing from right now?
Can you describe it? - Our authentic presence is space like awareness - it is not a thought, not a concept. - In the first instant, the only instant of presence, there is non conceptual awareness - then a thought may come and then it goes - yet you remain as presence. - It is very simple.
Because we have been told (by those who truly do not know) that it is difficult and because we have been looking for something complex, we miss it.

Now, after that has been said, one may possibly understand more clearly the following essential pointer:

Awareness is non dual – timeless – presence itself – you are THAT. -THAT is the understanding - (present tense).

Mind is time – its content is all naturally occurring as transient appearances in the immediacy of non dual awareness. - The character in the mind does not understand anything at all - it is a fictional being.

Discrimination between these two ('apparently' for the mind) different 'states' is only for the mind, since pure knowing is non dual, un-mediated presence awareness. - Not two. - Awareness is not a state. - States come and go.

Contemplating this simple equation is enough to see through whatever you imagine it is that prevents you from seeing what is true about yourself and the world.
The essence of all natural insight is 'seeing - knowing'. - That is already happening.
It is your very nature to know this.

One essence appears as everything.

How can you truly believe that you could ever be separate from THAT?

Investigate - the essential nature or grounds of any investigation is naturally occurring SEEING.

Seeing is happening NOW.

Stay with (and as) the seeing.

Email response to the above:

Hi Gilbert,I check out your page pretty regularly and appreciate you continuing to provide the great pointers that you provide. - I think today's entry, "One Essence", was especially clear and to the point. It seems that over time by questioning 'my' assumptions about me/my/mine/good/bad that these assumptions(thoughts) seem to rise and fall away much more quickly. - The other thing that is happening here is more and more just realizing the sort of blank space that I am, the capacity for everything else that arises. - The only concern here, if there is one, is that this appears to be something happening over time. - As I know you are aware, there are conflicting pointers out there about this realization, that it happens once and for all or that it is something that occurs over time as the false is seen through. - There are some indications in your writing that this can happen over time, but that there is a point of no return. Am I understanding this properly? - The best that my mind can make of it, is that habitual patterns of the mind are 'de-habitualized' by recognizing what I am not (the thought of me). - It would seem, and there are pointers out there that seem to support this, that once the false falls away the truth is what is left. - Of course there are other pointers that indicate that once it is seen, it is seen, and thats the end of it. - Do you see what I am getting at here? - How far off-base am I? - Thanks for sharing your insight on the web. - Regards, - Dave.

Gilbert replies:
There is no time! - Brief and potent.
That is far too shocking a statement for the mind - the apparent problem is getting the mind to see that it, mind, is time. - Awareness is presence – seeing - knowing.
What is mind apart from thought? - That is the pointer that Bob put to me, yes it appeared in time, in mind, but the recognition of its profundity is inexplicable, yet I would say it is like a momentary 'bridge' that 'happens' between mind and awareness, allowing clear insight to happen.
We use the word 'mind' far too often and it is misleading, it creates a phantom that does not exist.
All there truly is is 'THIS MOMENT', but those words, that label is just words, yet what they indicate is THIS PRESENCE right now - and THIS is timeless. - When was presence ever missing?
What we need to understand is that the mind can never 'get it', the mind can never put presence into a concept - and then say I have seen through it and now it is done. - That is bullshit. SEEING is happening - it is not a personal attribute. - All concepts are imparted with their own 'apparent presence' simply by their appearance IN or ON Awareness.

Words lead us on and on in the mind - just see, recognise that seeing-knowing is happening, prior to the seen and known.

You are THAT which is SEEING....that is naked awareness.
Nothing can be added to THAT and nothing can be taken away from THAT - It is One Wholeness - Total inclusiveness - Totality.
Where is there any profit for any 'person' in such a revelation? - There is NO profit or loss for anyone or any thing.
For the 'so-called' seeker, there is an ever fresh possiblility of 'negation of beliefs', beliefs in 'that which is NOT'.
In the 'seeing through' of what is NOT, then THAT which IS is clearly revealed, right here, right now, as it always was/IS. - The mind aligns itself with 'what is' and so it is no longer diverted into errors of perception.
Being 'out of the illusions of mind' is indescribable, yet there are many words that appear here, apparently in order to 'point' to the natural freedom - for others to read.
At every turn, there is a possible divergence from clear seeing, if the mind latches onto 'time'.
So many words.........who can understand? - No one!
Understanding is 'presence awareness' - not achieved by anyone - it already is, it just, 'apparently', needs to be unvieled. - The erroneous beliefs need only be conscously deconstructed and this natural understanding reveals its presence as the totality of what is.
Understanding, seeing, knowing, awareness are just words to describe the same 'thing'.
That 'one thing' is energy and the first instant of its 'appearance' is the activity of KNOWING.
In that activity, the mind 'appears' to divide THAT which is One, into a million things, and then as a 'new form', a 'seeker', it wants to put it all back together or to purify the 'machine' with spiritual practices for that body, that instrument of knowing or cognition.
It is useless activity but knowing that seems to be rare and the pointing out of such 'news' is mostly unwelcome. - It 'appears' that there are thousands upon thousands of devotees caught in the gurus web of time stories - the absolute potentiality of a natural freedom from those stories is a 'full stop' away. The resistance to stopping the mind, even for a fraction of 'time' is nothing but a fictional character with all its uninvestigated stories of 'time' and 'me'.
The seeker wants enlightenment for the 'me' - how much more grossly 'off the beam' than that, does it get?
Imagine the torture of so many devotees, being bound in so many rules and regulations and then dumped on top of all that, the guru tells them that they need only stick with it and all the suffering for another 5 years or so and then they will have deliverance. - What a crock of shite!
And seekers flock in their hundreds to such gurus and what is more they look upon those gurus with their concieted facades as though they had just fallen out of the lap of God.
A Self righteous man is a dangerous man but only in the drama of life, the life of duality and mind stuff.
The only deliverance that these gurus are possible of, is if they take a part time job as a pizza delivery boy. - I say to them "keep the tip" and "Close the gate on the way out".