Thursday, July 05, 2007

Essential Directness - let it 'seep' into your bones.

Too direct and too immediate for the mind bound into time realms?
There is an essential directness to this 'teaching', which is so clearly obvious, yet it seems difficult for seekers to recognize this.
In the relativity of being a seeker - most seekers are attracted to conceptually based teachings that are full of 'time bound notions' and the mind relates to all that and it gives the mind something to hang onto and to strive for - and so these seekers can then judge themselves by whatever progress they (imagine that they) are making.
- This 'teaching' is about non conceptual awareness.
This 'teaching' is not even a teaching and it is certainly not 'Neo Advaita' nor is it 'Advaita' - it is not found within any localized conceptual boundaries at all - it is nothing other than the directness of your own immediate cognizing - this immediate functioning right now. - All you need to do is re-cognize that fact. - See that all concepts appear within it and that all concepts are equal in the fact that they are all concepts - and a concept is just a concept - Knowing is not a concept - awareness is not a concept, though they appear in the realm of concepts as concepts - but it is the knowing that allows them to be known.
You will never find an answer to it all 'in time' or anywhere else, nor will you find it in anyone can only ever re-discover it as THIS immediacy of functioning NOW - this living essence, and see that it is THAT which is 'doing' the SEEING - THAT which is KNOWING.
It is totally immediate and it never budges from THIS.
THIS is happening NOW - It has no pre-requisites and no limitations at all.
All the limitations are of the mind and the 'owner' of those limited views is a fiction - one discovers that this 'teaching', in its essential nature, has nothing to do with the mind and its endless fiction of 'progress'. - The mind is bypassed totally.
All one needs to do is to look through your own eyes - see from this space-like awareness and KNOW that THAT is what you are.
In that 'space' there is a total clarity and total emptiness, and THAT is so simple - it is this pure knowing that you are and what you have always been.
That does not depend on any concept whatsoever.
Seekers depend on gurus and gurus depend on concepts....while you are beyond all that dependency - just know it and keep knowing it - BE that Knowing and see that nothing can knock you out of it - especially not a concept.
- That 'space-like awareness' that non conceptual awareness cannot be truly objectified in any way shape or form. - In discovering this invisibility of oneself, in transcending the form that believes it is the cognizer and in seeing the fact that the instrument itself is only 'appearing' within the actuality of immediate cognizing, then all methods and practices are rendered completely passive in an instant.
This is totally available to everyone - As Bob says: "Not for just the few" - it is totally available, simply because it is our true nature. - It is what I am.
- All teachings are simply concepts.
The only thing that you cannot deny or negate is the fact that you exist - you KNOW you ARE.
That living-ness can be named as Spirit.
- Spirit suffuses all there is and is One Spirit - undifferentiated in its wholeness.
You can dwell on your limited conceptual bondage for eternity and never take a real step forward.
You are the destination and no departure is possible.
Now is all there is.
Seeing and knowing are the pure functioning of our true nature. - What the mind tells you can only ever be a repeat of the past. - This moment is fresh and new.
It has never happened before and it can never happen again.
It does NOT depend on the past.
- All knowledge is an appearance within KNOWING and the only value any knowledge has is by the KNOWING that is imparted in THIS moment of NOW.
That is all one needs to know - and in knowing that simplicity, all the minds terrain is melted down into this presence - and nothing can ever take you away - and your own formless true nature remains prior to all appearances.
The journey that never was is completed - and from this moment on, you never need to be guided by another.
The mirage is seen through.
The relief that ensues abates as the old habit patterns of mind are washed away. - That may happen instantly or it may appear to be gradual - but it is totally unmistakable because the knowing factor is this presence that I am.

Bob Adamson's new CD "Not for just the Few" is now available - It is excellent. - I highly recommend it - listen to it as often as you can, let is seep into your bones.
You will begin to see what he points out in your own life - and in seeing the truth of it in your own direct cognition, it is then your own. - It appears to 'become' a solid conviction and yet it never is anything other than THIS pure knowing in THIS moment.