Sunday, July 22, 2007

Where is SEEING happening?

In the contemplation of various 'pointers' the innate intelligence may break through the hypnotic mind set, those 'old ways of seeing things'. - When a few words open the mind, explore it, make some room for the light to shine. It is awareness that shines THROUGH the mind and it is awareness that sees and knows - the 'old mindset' cannot see anything at all - it is ONLY belief.....the essential nature of that view, that profundity, is a resonation in being, it is Knowing - it is not a thought, a concept, an image or a state of mind.
From an email reply (revised)
Hanging onto beliefs and in the refusal to investigate what is true - we limit ourselves to a realm of dis-ease, conflict in mind and suffering.
Still attached? - 'What' is attached to 'what'?
Still trying? - Stop trying!
Be warm towards yourself—that is the primary requirement- Be affectionate towards the consciousness that you are.
That is not an intellectual reflection in the mind - it is in being - that warmth is your true nature - it is not depending on thought - it is prior to thought - yet thought will flow differently once that warmth is resonating through you.
In your search, you may have consumed all manner (manna) of ideas, concepts, words in books and from teachers.
How is it possible that you may well have missed the clear and obvious nature of your own being?
There is a wonderous conscious presence, an intelligence at play - and it is not removed in any way from what you are.
That is completely present, this natural 'presence', it is not something you acquired or gained by spiritual practices - it is simply re-discovered, not through thought but as itself in immediate experiencING, found to be present NOW and found to be what is and always has been present - presence-awareness.
Nothing at all separates you from it. - You are THIS experiencing and nothing other than that.
Let this living unmediated intelligence advise the mind - be 'open' to it.
It is nothing other than your natural state or what one can call the self - it is totally authentic and it is untarnished by anything that may have happened in the so-called 'past' - it is your true nature and that is forever beyond the transient states of mind.
You can cease to pretend or behave as a victim or a prey to what others think and say.

Just take a clear Look:
Look through your OWN eyes and see what is.
As Siddharameshwar says: "Don't try to look through someone else’s eyes"!
Attempting to see through another's eyes or mind, keeps your 'mind' (which is only content of mind) occupied in a kind of hypnosis and so it perpetuates the fixations with that identification - that drama.
The 'common mind' is flitting from the past to the future (reference points in mind) consistently - the present is given little attention - So, is it not obvious to be more with the present, consciously present to 'what IS' - in THIS immediacy - AS this immediacy?
Watch the mind without making an effort to do so! - Seeing is happening. - Just gently be present to what the mind activity is - see 'what it is doing' - SEE what it is habitually telling you and what you have not questioned.
Subtle point: In doing this watching, it is as though one drops back into an empty space of knowing, which is THIS actuality, which is always present, present as an aspect of your true nature - it is spaceous - it is not an 'object' - it is beyond or one could say it is encompassing the very ideas you may have about yourself, as being a 'seer' etc. — it is behind or beyond all mind content, thoughts, states, moods or whatever it is that appears in the mind.
There is a profound investigation that can be made - it is this:
Where is SEEING happening?
Is the seeing happening to a 'someone'? - or are the concepts of being someone clearly observed within the spaceousness of the seeing?
Does anything with any substance, something we call 'someone', or 'me', does it truly appear in the minds realm of concepts? - Have you ever seen it? - Is it just an habitual belief?
Investigate these simple things for yourself.

Subtle Fact:
A subtle fact may emerge: The clear space called 'mind' is found to be spaceous and empty.
There are no limitations present within its clear nature.
In seeing this and in knowing this one naturally knows that this is what I am, one may understand that 'I am invisible'.
I am not this body nor this content of mind.
One re-discovers that 'I am truly not caught anywhere in SPACE or TIME' - at all.
This KNOWING, by its very nature, cuts through all binding belief in stories - all stories.
You may have indulged in hundreds, thousands of stories about yourself and never have questioned their validity.
In a clear investigation of any belief, it loses its hold as its lack of factual base is exposed.

Knowing transcends all belief and there are NO exceptions to this fact.

Stories and concepts, ideas, images - they only re-present 'something else'.
They are never the thing they describe. - Can you eat the word 'apple'?
Words are insubstantial, yet is it not the word that we beat ourselves up with, and others?
They are all transient content of mind - they all come and go. - There is no real place or centre for them to lodge, or stick to, in the mind - and it is only the continued belief in them that perpetuates their habitual re-appearance - they can be discarded simply and naturally in seeing them 'as they appear' and seeing them 'for what they are' - in the clear seeing of them for what they are, they drop away just like the belief in a mirage of water is naturally vaporized once it is seen to be a mere mirage.

Sacred Knowledge:
All sacred or just ordinary 'knowledge' is non-existent without that primary intelligence, which is your very nature - that intelligence is also called SEEING or KNOWING - Being - Awareness - Consciousness. - All aspects of the One Esence that you are.

The intellect is not the intelligence!
The intellect is only content of mind and the so-called 'mind' and the brain are instruments of intelligence - just like everything else is in this appearance called 'life as we know it'.
The intellect appears to project concepts and it is a belief in those projections - and it appears to be a belief in itself, without suspecting any error. - It can only continue as long as that belief supports it.
All of it is simply 'content of mind' - objectifications - and they have no independent existence at all.
KNOWING is ever present - it is not limited to the instruments through which this knowing functions.
It is NOT somewhere else, it is not some sacred thing, nor is it in the distance somewhere, nor is it from 'above' or below.
It is the heart essence of what you truly ARE - Right NOW.
There is NO distance between what you truly are and reality - they are one.
Only thought appears to create a realm of distance and duality, separation and 'time'.
Where are there any doubts about this to be found, except in the mind, appearing as concepts? - Are they not just some ideas acquired along the way, acquired through unqestioned belief, from 'others'? - Is it not just ALL Mind stuff?

Look again:
Look through your own eyes, with pure seeing, in THIS immediacy!
Look back into that clear space of knowing.
Free yourself from those illusions in this openness of pure seeing.
All there is, is THIS moment—right NOW.
THIS is all there ever IS.

NOT Common Knowledge:
These 'pointers' are not found in common worldly knowledge and certainly not found through the self promoting gurus or teachers - those characters, those 'appearances' are it seems, caught in the grossness of a grandiose self-absorbtion and one can SEE that clearly, if one really takes a close look at them and their obvious pretense, their sacred behavior. - Their words betray their own elaborate 'self-image' over and over - and it is clear they have not realized the errors in the perceptions - apperception is missed by them because they themselves rely on their own 'stories' and 'time' which they conceptualize and are obliged to pass onto their followers (to keep the 'image' alive)- all the while this immediate natural presence remains unencumbered as the natural state - which can NEVER arrive AS this natural presence, through methods or practices, already IS ! - it is THIS 'ever present' and it is THIS that is your true nature and it is completely clear of any ownership claims. - Knowing just is - completely unconditioned and unencumbered by any 'thing'. - This is Clear and Obvious and in this everything is also clear and obvious just AS it IS.

What appears to be Ruthlessness may well be compassion:
I may appear to be ruthless on this point but I see it is necessary for so many who SEEMINGLY are caught in a realm of 'time bound teachings' and there appear to be thousands upon thousands in that realm, still suffering in isolation, worshipping an appearance, an image, a special 'person' - thier idol.
There NEVER was anyone, teacher or pupil, that is, was or will be caught in any conceptual realm - but that must be re-discovered for oneself in the immediate knowing - Once it is truly re-discovered then where is there any NEED to teach anything that focuses on any future at all - it is ALL presence and that is totally known or more correctly put - it is THIS KNOWING right now. - Time ceases to have any of the usual meaning, apart from being a practical tool in the appearance of there being 'time'.
Only ignorance can keep the mind in a time realm - and it is stories that keep the mind occupied and the 'future deliverence' is a tired boring concept for the ignorant - The time bound teacher's skills are all being used to keep up an image and he is just a salesman for a 'product' that cannot exist - it is just concepts.
Any indulgence in ANY story about a conditional 'futuristic deliverence' or any protracted 'learning how to' is completely unnecessary - no matter what anyone says.

What you ARE already IS:
You will not come to know your own true nature in some promised future time — you ARE already THAT, which is within and IS this instant of knowing - right now - this KNOWING - right NOW.
It is NOT a matter of 'WHAT' is KNOWN — it never IS 'what' is KNOWN.
Indescribable - yet all we have here are words - so - IT IS this KNOWING - and nothing but That!
In your true essence - there is no possibility that you could not not be THIS.

No Problem:
So you see - there is really no problem.
To stop re-creating problems, all one needs to do is to be what you are, live from and AS this direct knowing.
It is also your potentiality!
It is not someone else's potentiality. - No guru can give it to you, even if he promises to.
Such promises are just ignorance or self-centred activity, mere 'tricks of the trade'.

Belief falls away in the light of seeing-knowing.

You are THIS timeless 'moment' of 'presence' and you have always been THIS - and further more THIS is all there ever IS. - Is THIS not clear and Obvious right now?
Does THIS need a thought to support it?
Can a mere thought EVER truly obscure THIS?

my warm regards - Gilbert.

P.S. - Check out a new blogspot by Randall Friend - the address is - (the 0 before the dot, in the url, is a zero, not the letter o.)
- Randall is now expressing things very clearly and his notes may resonate with you. - Randall is living proof that the bright intellect can be penetrated, by pure seeing, releasing those old habitual 'hooks' that seemingly keep us trapped in the realm of concepts. - I shared some of his questions regarding this investigation, a few of those emails to me, and my replies, they appeared on this site in recent months (signed as R or Rod).
It may be of interest to you, or not, that I claim no merit points in whatever appeared to transpire between us - the ruthlessness of the 'pointing out' was naturally occuring here. - The pure functions of 'seeing-knowing' are already functioning in each and every one of us. - It just needs to be precisely investigated - then a warmth appears to 'grow within' and it spills out into the world, one way or another.