Saturday, July 14, 2007

This Clear Space of Knowing is what I am.

Do you like it direct?
Or do you prefer 'the run around the block stories', where deliverance is a faint promise?
You will not find much of a time story here, simply because they are nothing but entertainment.

All of the multiplicity of appearances, thoughts, concepts, ideas, images, states of mind or whatever else the mind can think of, simply appear spontaneously in this space of knowing. - Look and see if you can stop any of those things from appearing – see that they are, in fact, appearing spontaneously prior to any 'doership'.
And then see that what you really are is that which is prior to it all.
What is seen is extremely subtle and it is equal to the subtlety of seeing itself. - Once this is tasted, clearly seen and in knowing that I am that which is seeing, it is known to be obvious, so obvious, in fact, that in what one took oneself to be, previously, there was no one suspecting such a simplicity.
All these appearances of thoughts, of patterns, are all insubstantial, they truly have no independence whatsoever apart from this knowing essence that I am.
All and everything simply appears and disappears in this space of knowing that I am.
Can you deny that this space of knowing is what you are?

Seekers are imagination, an imagination of being 'someone' who gets ‘results’ from that seeking. – That, however, is an illusion, for there is no ‘progressive path’ and the ‘seeker’ has no reality at all. – All there is is NOW. - A seeker is simply an appearance in the mind (and mind is time), that content of mind, that imagination is limited or bound into a mindset and the limitation of that mindset is in fact, what 'they' need to transcend, which is impossible.
Impossible? - Why? - Because, how can something that does not exist, transcend anything? – Many things appear to happen in a dream, but does anything really happen? - In the belief that there is a person there in the mind, an 'I', that imagines that it has the power to do anything, is simply a habit of thought, a long standing 'fixation' in mind.
In the clear seeing that there is no substantial ‘entity’ here, that fixation is not active - the energy has gone into the seeing and the fixation loses its habitual hold - so one clearly knows and tastes what one truly is - and the knowing is that what one truly is, is beyond this body and mind.
There is a clear seeing of the body and of whatever content arises in the mind. - That which is seeing is not some psychological stance in the mind - it is simply SEEING-KNOWING.
In that clarity of pure insight, there is a knowing that there can never be a 'person' who will realise THIS or a 'person' that can awaken.
So it appears that in clearing away the binding concepts (and all concepts are potentially binding in the drama of the dualistic mind) and in ‘seeing through’ them, something unique is revealed – one’s own natural presence awareness which is THAT which is seeing and that is the only seeing that is happening – it is not happening to an ‘entity’.
Paradoxically, THIS is 'already happening' (outside of the limits of 'time') with everyone.
So in one instant of clear insight, it can be seen and known without any doubt whatsoever, that I am not a seeker, never was and never can be.

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