Thursday, October 18, 2007

Awareness is Non Dual - Mind is the transient content of awareness.

Bob's new book is about to go up on the site for ordering.

It is called "One Essence appearing as Everything". - It is a potent book and will prove to be quite popular once word gets out about it.

Some requests for more notes came in. - What has not been said already? - How many times is it necessary to hear or read this stuff. - I am quite amazed at how the expressions keep spilling out here. - There appear to be so many ways to 'point' at IT. - It is extremely simple and yet that is why it is so difficult to see - it fact it cannot be seen and there is no seer to see it. - It is that which is seeing. - Knowing that, then all one needs to do is see that everything appears in THAT spacious awareness. - There is nothing that can appear anywhere other than in awareness.

Everything you see is actually awareness appearing as this and that - and 'you' cannot separate what you see from what is truly seeing. - Awareness is SEEING. - Awareness is also appearing as every thing. - This is obvious but thinking about it makes it seem complex. - It is thought that appears to be complex. - We take the concept to be real and get into trouble.

There is no separation anywhere - and so there cannot be any separation between these two aspects of awareness. - What you are APPEARS to be an individual, yet when you investigate it, you find nothing of any substance except the apparent substance of experienc-ING - which may appear to you as a like dimensionless membrane between these aspects - awareness and 'things'. - You and the world. - But are you separate from any of the elements, air, water, earth, fire (the body is warm from the inner fire) or space?

The body is a living vehicle which appears to be a host for awareness - yet it is nothing but awareness.

One can sense the living force pulsating therein - Because there is awareness of that life force, it means that what you are is even prior to that.

When that single cell divided after fertilization there was no true separation - it was totally happening within a vast integrated wholeness - No Boundary anywhere.

The world cannot appear unless what you are is there first - yet the world is nothing but the immediacy of THAT appearing as OTHER - What is truly One - appears as multiplicity.

These links below takes you to 2 video clips of Gilbert speaking recently at Bob Adamson's meetings.

Many popular teachers rely on this idea of a future deliverance. - Their whole teaching falls to pieces without it. - They are convinced that they are enlightened and they are shamelessly promoting that IDEA because it sucks people in, in droves. - It is only an idea - a popular one - but just because it is popular does not mean it is true. - People believe all kinds of nonsense, things that have no actuality at all. - The idea of a separate enlightened being is totally erroneous and should be treated as such. - No harm done to anyone. - Some teachers believe that they have improved the age old teaching because they themselves are so popular - The reason that they are popular is because their teaching indulges the imagination and allows the seeker to stay bound to concepts about the future and 'doing' something to 'get there'.

- It does seem that the courage to cut away all the bullshit in one's life is not a popular way to go.

What is so refreshing about Bob Adamson's 'teaching' is that he tells it straight - he says that it is not for the (specialized) few, as has been promoted by almost all modern teachers one can think of - It is actually the reverse -THIS is everyone's RIGHT. - Everyone is THAT.

Why is it so hard to realize this? Isn't it simply because we have ignored our true nature? - the simple message is not some protracted practice that drags out into years of frustration and self pretense - It is very simple: Investigate - Take a good look - follow what is indicated and SEE for yourself.

An email to Gilbert -

Watched your second you-tube video - yes, upon really seeing – in the looking, it is clear that awareness is always still and everything appears to happen/move within it - and awareness is not affected by anything that happens - remains still - almost solid yet spacious. - Regarding your previous e-mail - even though I can see that "I" exist only as thought, habit, felt sense - I am still holding on to the concept that someday I will not identify with this me – good - sometimes just saying it things shift. -

Thoughts/feelings stickiness shifting - I did have about a ten minute stickiness but it disappeared with laughter at a thought/direct looking. -In gratitude and love, S.


- The thought that there is someone holding onto a 'future time' when there will be no identification is just a thought - the same identification - drop it !- the energy of belief keeps it going - there is only this moment - and in dropping thought - which is easy to do - one is HOME – Instantly! - The idea that I am not THAT HOME BASE - is just an erroneous belief - it only seems to have substance because it is an old habit of thinking - and it has been 'believed in' for so long - seemingly reinforced year after year since childhood.

That is why we must see through it a few times - each time the hold is loosened.
SEEING is always happening - it is the potency of Awareness - KNOWING and it is and can only ever be THIS immediacy.
It is here right now, complete in its pure functioning - it is THAT which imparts all qualities, 'real' or simply imagined - qualities imparted to 'things' that appear in the mind.
You ARE that pure functioning - that living essence.
The mind appears as a 'wanting' a wanting to make what you truly are into a concept, a 'something' - something 'objective' so it can claim it and hold onto it - but it always fails - because THAT 'something' is actually 'no thing'.
Not nothing ! - No Thing - That is why the Gita says: The sword can't cut it.....the wind can't dry it.....water can't drown it....and fire can't burn it.......It is space-like awareness and THAT contains all of the elements including what we call 'mind'.

I see from your emails over recent times - that things are clearing away - it is a sign that all is well - and this you (will) know without a doubt - that 'happens' as the space of awareness 'seemingly' opens out into spaciousness - which it already is (openness itself) - so it is the mind content that appears to have more space around it – the mind is less cluttered – the body is less engaged with reactions to thoughts - each thought appears in space - and they are obvious, yet they are not seen at all - just like space itself - we see it yet we cannot truly say that we do actually see it - because it is no thing. - Warm regards - Gilbert.

Note to the reader:

If there is still some doubt there, then examine the following points.

Have you unknowingly been misled by a pretentious 'enlightened being'? - Because you have innocently believed what you have been encouraged to take on board? - Does that message imply that you have not arrived yet? - That it is going to take some time before you will emerge from a dream. - Does the teacher say "Stand up and walk out of your dream?" I say bollocks!

There is 'no one' that is 'in a dream' and there is 'no one' that can 'walk out' of a dream. - It is just a con job of the most insidious nature. - Wakefulness is right here and now - obvious and overlooked - trampled on by common concepts - that 'I am not there yet'. - It takes no time to see this - seeing is immediate. - Concepts do not obscure awareness - believing that they do is just a concept - wakefulness is and must be what you are.

Because of these teachers of erroneous information, the main points of what is true keeps being overlooked - and that point is this:

Understanding Non Duality is absolutely simple.

There can be nothing that is simpler than Non Duality.

Who 'you think you are' can never ‘come into’ or ‘become’ this non dual understanding.

That belief, that ‘appearance’ in mind is only ‘content’ – it has no understanding and can never have any understanding whatsoever. – It only ‘appears IN or ON Awareness’ as ‘a translation’ of perceptions in mind, appearing as, as words, images, thoughts, concepts and ideas. – We say ‘I understand’ or even ‘I am an enlightened being’.

Such things are really misunderstanding. – It is nothing but dualistic notions – an ‘I’ that is ‘enlightened’ or ‘understands’. - Some 'I' has ownership of 'a state of mind'. - These teachers say that they have woken you up and that they will teach you HOW to live an enlightened life and also have 'enlightened relationships'. - Oh dear! - Poor misguided 'teachers'. - The 'school fees' should be refunded. - No harm done - it is ALL in appearance only. - There is no one to be misguided - is it fortunate? - For whom?

The common appearance in spiritual circles is the gathering of seekers around a teacher, a guru, who is believed to be ‘special’ and the atmosphere is one of adoration and devotion etc. – These teachers commonly portray themselves as being Non Duality Teachers. – They even say the Non Dual classic lines: ‘there is no teacher’. – What the common ‘seeker’ misses is the fact that this realm of adoring ‘someone’ is the old ‘worshiping an idol’ - the golden calf syndrome, which the symbolism in the story of Moses points at.

Everyone takes the story with a grain of salt, as a quaint story, overlooking the deep significance of what it potentially reveals. – We ignore the obvious and clear living evidence of our own nature and pay homage to images, objects and ideas in the mind. – That is the bondage of self. – Unwittingly these teachers encourage this adoration only because they have not seen their own vanity, which laps up all the attention. – It is all indulgence in ‘self-image’ and their pointing at what is true is nothing but impotency. – Why? - Because they themselves are nestled in that bondage of self and so they cannot do anything but speak like a parrot and emulate whatever they have imitated or gleaned from the ‘teachings’ of others.

Some readers imagine that I have an issue with these teachers and that I am not spiritual, too blunt and without feelings. – It is not so. – What I SEE in these teachers is that they are like ‘sign posts’ that actually ‘point away’ from what is the Obvious and Immediate Truth. - The imagined ‘entity’ of a seeker indulges in self-preening and imitation and all manner of internal drama and contrived notions about this ‘entity’. – This can never be what one truly IS. – It is not the authentic natural state of awareness that everyone IS.

The emptiness of that bondage of self is not recognized – because the mind is engaged in ‘stories’.

The naked clear evidence of simple presence may ‘appear’ to be devastating to a ‘self-image’ and so what is clearly obvious, without a thought, is foregone, simply because one is not willing to face what is true – and that not wanting to face reality is a realm of imaginary ‘things’ woven around a ‘self-center’ which has no existence at all.

The guru or teacher is only a ‘sign post’. – An accurate sign post, one that points you directly back to what you truly are is what is necessary – but only necessary until what needs to be seen, is seen.

Such SEEING is not going to take years, months, days or even hours. – It is already happening. – The subtlety of recognizing what you truly are is not in the mind as such - not ‘in time’ - it is the essence that you are. – It is in the very nature of awareness – don’t look for a ‘thing’ – it is not an objective ‘thing’ – it is THAT which is SEEING right now. - How could a thought, concept or an idea bind you? - They are all empty, ephemeral appearances. - Contemplate that. Have you ever seen a thought? - Truly? - Do they weigh anything? - Yet we beat ourselves up with thoughts - how ridiculous it all is?

Investigate what you are and stop pretending to be what you are not.
How many 'steps' does it take to arrive at what you truly are? - Surely NONE.