Friday, August 17, 2007

Knowing - just Knowing & 2 extra notes

A new DVD on Bob is now available - it contains an excellent introduction to 'the teachings' and some comments from those present - however, I wish to point out that those present for the video session do not give an overall representation of a typical meeting at Bob's. - I recommend the DVD for anyone that wishes to introduce a friend to this teaching and to anyone who is still trying to grasp the teaching.
A new CD "At Bob's place" is also now available and this recording is also excellent. - Bob encourages those present to express their understanding and this will be of interest to many, I am sure. - Check Bob's website for the details of these and how to order them - they are only available through his website and a few selected outlets.

The T.S. Bookshop in Melbourne is now stocking Mark West's book "Gleanings from Nisargadatta" and a few of Bob's items also.

Today's note:
This knowing is ever-prior to all language and is not from the known realm of past knowledge.
It is direct and not of time, either past present or future.Knowing is through being (or in being) so 'the present' for being is this living presence - for the mind the present is merely a concept reflected in the mind (time).In other words, the 'present' in time, is not presence, except as a reflection.
It is a process of mind the present is named and projected back out onto the immediacy - but it is already 'past' due to the process ‘time’ of the mind.
It is a mere conceptual re-present-ation.
The intellect is calculating, measuring, comparing, it is slow and in process constantly.
What you truly are is intelligence and this is only ever 'of this instant'.
It is before any thought about time has a chance to obscure it.
Even so, for those who believe they are in the mind, that may be too subtle for them to grasp.
It can't be grasped at all - it simply is.
This is not significant because that 'knowing intelligence' that you are, is forever instantly here. - KNOWING is instant, unmediated cognition.
Can you truly negate the fact that the simple activity of 'knowing' is happening right now?
You cannot get behind this knowing presence and there is no need to - it is what you are.

How could you not know this?

So simple - so obvious.

SO, if this still does not have any impact on you -There is one factor that keeps the mind going around in circles - it is this: - In trying to use the mind to catch up to 'this immediate presence of being' (this KNOWING that you quite naturally are), all the mind can use is concepts and they are all from memory, from that which has already been named, so it is bound in its own processes - like looking into a mirror that only reflects the past - meanwhile the present is right here, as this all inclusive, all encompassing presence, which includes the mirror and all its reflections.
One must catch a glimpse of this mechanism of believing that the mind stuff is reality and see it over and over, until it loses its grip. - The power of that grip is actually a profoundly weak habit of fixating on the objective nature of what is known (past).
It has no power whatsoever and only seemingly obscures awareness.See what the mind is doing - be the subtle presence of wakefulness - be the seeing and drop all reference points - in this way one comes to know what one is.

Additional Note: - Also it can be mentioned once more that anyone, any teacher, no matter how wonderfully spiritual he or she is, no matter how many thousands of followers think his very footsteps are holy, if they (in their own ignorance) tell you that you have to DO some practice or wait for some special event to happen, they are doing you a massive dis-service and are being completely misleading - there are NO exceptions in this. - I don't give a fig whether his name is Sri Sri Whoopsi-Daisy or Lar-di Dar Dar, or whatever contrived name it may be - There is NO reason why any teacher that KNOWS the truth should NOT point directly to the FACTS.
Stories about time and deliverance are a sure sign of a profound ignorance and a thorough indulgence in a self-image.

The FACT is that there is NO time to wait - Totality - Reality is only NOW.

There is NO acquiring and NO 'getting' - There is NO practice to do and there is NO method to practice. - This is KNOWN completely and there is NO doubt right here and right now about this.These popular gurus and teachers will tell you a story - eg: "Yes you are THAT but you can't see it, so I am giving you these practices to do, so you can come to know that you are THAT".Or some such story - that is total bullshit.
They feather their own nest at the expense of those who they pretend to help.
It is deceit and nothing less than that.The realization is that all concepts, all phenomena, all practices and all methods are only appearances - and the pure knowing that you ARE is already pure, uncontaminated by any phenomena whatsoever. - Nothing has ever touched that and nothing can ever alter that.
It is what you ARE.

Just because the mind, with its dull apprehension can't 'get it' has nothing to do with it.

That conceptual stuff is in the mind only - it can't see or know anything at all.As the fixations with the mind and what it throws up is discarded, the clear knowing presence 'appears' to reveal itself - yet it was always present - just too subtle to notice because the noise of the mind and its restless activity seemingly covers it over.Once a good taste of this clear knowing presence is had, then the content of the mind does not appear as an obscuration.

The FACT is that no concept, no matter how subtle or how gross it may be, it can never truly obscure awareness.

- Everything 'appears' in THAT presence awareness.
Too simple - too obvious.

'Who' would 'think' it so?