Friday, October 19, 2007

Liberation is not learned or gained after years of effort

Behind every angel is a devil. - Behind every devil is an angel.

Is it not funny how words can set people off on a tangent?– words can move 'people', move them to great heights or take them into the depths of hell.

But is it true? – Do words take us anywhere? - Don't get lost in these words - watch how the mind 're-acts'. - Be aware of what words are and how they play around in the mind. - Be like a parent watching attentively as the children play in the backyard :-)

Facts are not fictional: - Knowing is not imagination: - The fancy tempting words and images on a travel poster are just dots of ink on glossy paper. – The swaying palm trees, the crystal blue water and the white sifting sands, those ‘dots of ink’ are all carefully arranged (by highly skilled graphic artists) so that the passing ‘do do’, bored out of his wits, will be tempted to walk in and book a holiday- in order to escape from the drudge of daily life. – The staff inside the travel agent's office are trained to make that ‘booking’ so easy. – If you are going to suck people in – it is best to remove the thorns from the rose bush. - It is much the same in spiritual circles. - Fancy glossy pamphlets and whatnot.

Make it easy for them to swoon in belief, to feel safe at last. – All sticky and unpleasant facts are swept under the carpet. - After all - Business is business! - And 'Satsang' has become big business in many places. -It has taken on the appearance of a circus in many cases.

The clever teacher encourages the identification to 'deepen', urging the ‘seeker’ to enter 'deeper' into the imaginary realms of mind - Techniques are employed to take them 'deeper and deeper' and then they are given a suggestion - that they have at last found ‘the true path’. - The alarm bell is switched OFF. - The Bondage is sealed! - "I am your teacher - obey me". - Whoops - These bits are not supposed to be talked about- my humble apology to the gurus.

These pop psychology 'means and ways' are everywhere - it is a huge business - yet somehow I don't see the masses, who attend, 'popping' out into freedom.

This kind of Entrapment is common in spiritual circles. – It is all illusion and these words here are just poking around, jabbing at this and that. - What is coming up? - Insights - dis-ease? - In these big spiritual groups, years go by and no one is released into freedom, no one is really ‘getting anywhere’ – A lot of pretending goes on - and a lot of ‘certificates of advancement’ get handed out by the Chief of Staff. – Under the surface, frustration builds up and special techniques are set in place, employed to deal with the dramas that emerge – one needs to protect the group from what is boiling underneath the surface.

Question: - Is it all just identified minds playing games with each other?

Many teachings talk about ‘identification’. - It is implied that it is a bad thing. – but is it? - Lets take a fresh look at it. - What is it? - Do you REALLY know what it is? - There is no point in pretending to oneself that ‘I know’ when all along you don’t really have a clue.

– Oddly enough that is what so many spiritual ‘people’ ‘do’. – They know all the words for everything. – They know all the ‘good things’ to look for and they know all the ‘bad things’ to avoid. – Trouble is they don’t know what to do with the bad bits that are in their own backyard, things chained to the fence, things that require ‘feeding’ every day. - They do their best to pretend to themselves and to others, that those things in mind do not exist. – But it doesn’t work like that. – Just because ultimately we can 'say' (with words) that 'nothing really exists', does not get us off the hook. – Have we bound ourselves up with the goody-goody ‘ropes’ – bound to 'a fence' (a limited view) that is not there.

Is there a sense of being bound, with you? - Are we just pretending to be free? – Is it a hard thing to examine? - Are we just puppets with a memory – mouthing off the learned jargon of Non Duality? - Where is the courage to take a good look and see?

There is no point in deceiving ourselves – is there?

But have we done just that? - for so long now, we don’t even know about our own delusions any longer.

Well, you may have taken on board everything I am writing here and may be having insights into things right now or you may be having some animated internal commentary about whoever wrote this nonsense. - It is all words. - Children in the playground.

It is all patterns in the mind. – You can sit and look at the passing parade of patterns for eternity and not realize that you are the whole thing.

Identification is like a one-way bridge across a ravine – a bridge that is dissolving behind your every step.

SEEING is omni-directional.

That fact can be explored and a most profound expansion of awareness may 'appear' to open up in the experiencing. – That openness does not 'open' - it already IS - it is the very nature of awareness itself.

Taking yourself to be a limited creature is just learned stuff- a belief.

What you truly are is this knowing presence - this limitless - space-like awareness. - No one can discover this for you - you must know this directly and immediately. - Once re-discovered - it cannot be forgotten.

No matter what anyone says: Liberation is not learned or gained after years of effort.

Liberation is our very nature.

We have bound ourselves up with beliefs.

Those ropes (beliefs) do not have any substance.

Stop ignoring the facts.

Stop pretending to be spiritual. - Stop believing that you are ‘in process’ becoming something ‘better’.

Be what you are – that is effortless - and it takes no time to BE.


The good guys and the bad guys are really all from the same home team. - The good guy at the top is really a bad guy - and the Bad guy at the bottom is really a good guy.

Behind every angel is a devil. - Behind every devil is an angel.