Thursday, October 25, 2007

Everything is revealed in SEEING - as it is.

These links below take you to recent video clips of Gilbert speaking at Bob Adamson's meetings.

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Without intention, it is easy to slip into misinforming. - We, those writing about Non Duality, make a 'song and dance' about it and yet it is so ordinary - no wonder so many keep searching. - So many 'teachers' make a big deal out of it and give the impression of someone that is 'knowing something'. - Is it not a parody? - Is it not making a big deal out of it? 'Creating' another obstacle, a tantalizing 'thing' which keeps the seeker busy searching for that 'big deal' and in so doing, they over look this immediate knowing?
- Anything and everything can divert one (seemingly) away, through 'belief', away from this immediate knowing - which is non-dual - the essential nature of awareness.
It is wise to say less. - By constant mental engagement our intuition (already functioning) gets less of a chance to 'surface'.

Words are just like a finger pointing at the moon.
In getting engrossed in the words, the Moon is not perceived in its nakedness, nor is the orb of the moon noticed.
The perceiver is more mysterious and completely unreachable like a rainbow.

In engagement with the imagination we forget that 'seeing and knowing' are what we are. - The first instant of perception is THAT natural seeing-knowing.
Take a closer look - When did you ever leave THAT?

Non Duality Note - revised from April:
Every thought, every motion is consciousness. - The First Instant (the Only instant) is KNOWING - cognition.
So, THAT is the ‘understanding’ - the knowing IS the understanding - there is NO entity in that. – Any appearance of an ‘entity’ is seen in the knowing – and notice the obvious, you cannot see yourself ! – In the first instant you KNOW that you are – for the mind it appears as knowing yourself as yourself Everything that IS, is within yourself. – No two-ness.
There is seeing - of each thought - hearing - your own speech – taste, touch, all the senses register ‘on that awareness’ that you are - the investigation happening in that 'space of knowing' and the pattern called the investigator dissolves into the knowing – into the no-thing-ness that it is - as it always ‘was’ – ‘is’ and ‘will be’. – One moment of self-realizing-ness – just as it is.
It already IS - so it is truly no Big Deal.
The thing that needs to be recognized is very simple. - It is the 'pivotal point' where the erroneous beliefs lose their hold - It is this: The mind translates what is seen and known - that translation takes on a habitual pattern - it is quick and seemingly instant. - That translation is what the mind is meant to do - it is not wrong as such. - The point is that the translation is always using 'old' impressions from memory - dead stuff - using that to describe or translate what is actually the 'living moment'. - This living-ness of direct impressions is not hidden in anyway. - It is so obvious, no one usually suspect it is 'here' - that this obvious clear and prsent evidence is the very 'thing' that they are searching for - searching for it with concepts, 'old' and second hand 'hand-me-down' concepts. - That is why when one pauses a thought - in that 'gap' there is the obviousness - yet for the restless mind it is too subtle at first - so one must get a taste of it over and over.

It is no big deal - the mind looks for a big deal - 'enlightenment' and it is encouraged to do that because it believes what it is told by teachers who speak with an apparent authority and genuine tone - yet all concepts are not equal to THAT - this ordinary naked awareness.

Ordinary awareness is clear and present always. – It may appear to be covered over by mind content – but for whom is it covered over – only a sense of identification – INVESTIGATE.
Those who make a big deal out of this are really treading an imaginary path of ignorance and that dramatizing of it all just keeps the believed in ‘entity’ busy with what is actually a concept of separation – it goes on and on – because it is not recognized for what it is - then the ignorant guru places an obstacle in your mind, one that cannot be fulfilled - he promises you deliverance, if you do what he says - that my friend is nothing more than EGO looking for companions on a road to nowhere or a fantasy journey to that old fabricated mind 'place', a castle of 'Salvation'. – That destination never arrives because it can’t. – Presence itself fills THIS moment and there is no room for that imaginary state of mind, except as an ephemeral appearance in the mind. – Why be a slave to that nonsense?
The modern guru's MAP is fabricated and erroneous belief - nonsense. - You ARE here now and there is no other time or place to SEE directly the ACTUALITY of your own completeness – presence awareness – in seeing that and knowing that, the ownership falls away – it is no longer my awareness.
The erroneous, fruitless effort making ceases to appear with its sadness and its suffering. Blessed relief - no doubt.
Right NOW is Reality - you can easily recognize that you are already FREE - but maybe your mind tells you otherwise - and maybe you still believe it – Investigate - 'who' is the believer?
Watch and see - that is all one needs to do.
Everything is revealed in SEEING.