Monday, October 22, 2007

ONE PATTERN appears as multiplicity

Non Duality Note:

The Universe appears as an endless vast space. - 99.9 plus percent of it is space, which is obvious when you look into the the sky at night. – The ‘matter’ of the universe appears as an infinite series of patterns. - With the naked eye, only a fraction is visible. - The wonder of it is sensed from beyond the eyes vision. - No one has discovered the edge of the universe (not even 'Monkey' from the classic Chinese novel - he wrote a sign on the pillars at the end of the world only to find that those pillars were Buddha's fingers).

Infinity stills the mind when we contemplate it. - That clear and empty space-like nature is the same as the nature of mind itself - clear and empty. - Strange how we ignore the obvious.

The infinite pattern is clearly visible to us, reflected as everything we see, eg: the plant life around us. – A tree is like a fractal pattern – a basic shape repeating on various scales, from trunk, branches and roots down to veins in leaves and further down into cell structures – one basic pattern. – Insects, birds, fish and animals all are patterns repeating themselves as organic life on Earth. – Topographic patterns like mountains, rivers, coastlines, beaches, coves and headlands – all part of a pattern. – Crystals are a prime example of a pattern. - Crystals have always captured the imagination of 'man'. - They are believed to hold special powers for healing. - The unbalanced pattern of the body is believed to be realigned by the influence of the crystal. -

Galaxies, Solar systems, stars, planets and moons – all these are branches of a pattern. – The various branch patterns in the physical body, nerves, blood vessels, organs, cells and the fluids are also patterns repeating themselves.

Now, the point to see or recognize is that the pattern, of itself, is nothing without the energy, the living energy that flows through the pattern. - Life is not limited to organic life forms. - The Whole THING is LIFE. - Only arrogance will say otherwise.

The sum of all the patterns in the universe is actually one pattern appearing as many parts. – The parts are not separate – they only ‘appear’ to be separate.

The living actuality of being is basically ‘knowing’.

Nothing is happening outside of Knowing.

That cognition is the first and only instant of being. – It does not divide into moments of time. – This experiencing that is happening NOW cannot happen anywhere else.

This moment of livingness is not dividing this presence into parts, past, present or future. - It is impartial presence – all presence.

The pattern only ‘appears’ to grow new branches and to shed old branches. – New ‘bodies’ appear to replace old bodies.

Each so-called ‘moment’ is an appearance that is fresh and new. – This moment now has never happened before. – It can never happen again and yet it ‘appears’ to re-appear fresh and new.

Instead of searching in the mind, in memory, stay with the direct cognition – the knowing presence - and see.

In just being the SEEING, the mind will and must ‘unfold’ from its complexities and the obviousness of clear insight is bound to reveal itself.

The most profound insight is nothing but seeing – seeing is already happening.

What the mind habitually translates that seeing into can only ever be a re-presentation of the pattern in one form or another.

The profundity is this: SEEING – KNOWING is not in the pattern at all.

These pure functions (already with you now) are beyond ‘matter’, beyond the pattern.

That is why it is said that you are not ‘in the world’.

The world appears within what you are.

The guru is just a signpost – pointing you back to what you are – so that re-cognition can dissolve instantly into its origin nature, resonation, which is direct and immediate un-mediated cognition – KNOWING. - Un-mediated - means 'not two' - no mediator.

The thoughts about 'who' I am are just thoughts which appear in the grounds of presence.

Those thoughts will never resonate as truth - because they are just twigs on the branch - they are an appearance - they are empty - they are NOT the living essence that is the living stillness of Knowing - they are just an expression coming out of what you are. - They can never BE what you are. - Seeing this is easy - be the space-like awareness and watch and hear the words spoken, those words coming out of your own mouth - See their origin - see that they appear in that space-like awareness - they spill out. - Some remain unspoken and many are expressed.
The ease of being is not found to be with the nervous 'editor' of speech. - That 'considering' of 'what will happen if I say this' is just a fiction - imaginary. - Stop giving it any validation.
Be the hearing, the seeing, tasting etc.

The paradox is that pure Knowing is already happening with everyone - whether 'they' are 'aware' of that or not. - Knowing is universal - it is not personal - the habitual mind labels it as personal and then the 'problem' kicks in - yet it has no basis - it is a story only and the character that owns the story is a fiction. - Seeing that is what 'appears' to make a difference.

The problem for the 'person' is that with an investigation, the 'personal' nature of everything loses its hold and so one quickly comes to the core issue. - Many balk at this point. - Those that challenge that primary belief -belief in ME - dissolve into impersonal presence - knowing - and so everything is known for what it is - with no bias.
The axis of being is freed from the biased distortion of a false self-center.
Paradoxically, who cares? - It would seem that only a person could care and yet in the immediate knowing before a notion of being a 'person' arises - in that knowing, in that absence of being a 'person' - there is a profound and subtle bliss and ease of being.

What is true is always undifferentiated - and ALL the differences in the world do not touch or alter THAT. - That is why it is said that 'nothing is happening'.

These insights appear to be my insights but there is a knowing that they belong to everyone – that is why they are shared. -There is no one here (anymore) the knowing is not obscured by any thought or appearance. Even though this ‘I’ appears to be ‘running on empty’ ‘my cup runneth over’.


Oddly enough, even though it appears that ‘I’ spent many years in spiritual learning with complex and convoluted esoteric, hidden knowledge, it all fades away as being insignificant and yet the short pieces from my Sunday school lessons ‘pop up’ and their profound meaning still resonates.