Monday, October 29, 2007

The elusive CAT - How did you miss it? - it is as Blunt as a Sumi Wrestler's butt.

Bob's NEW book is off to a flying start. -Click here - it takes you to his website for the details on ordering.

I highly recommend this book. - Carefully selected and compiled so as to deliver the message clearly and precisely. -All the major 'points' are there. - It is an accurate record of some profound expressions in simple everyday language. - No high flying conceptual notions in it.
Everyone should be able to follow what it points out.
It is a remarkably compact and direct representation of Bob's clear expressions and deserves to be widely read.
I am repeatedly touched by Bob's 'ability' to be so direct about THIS 'presence' and his 'never going off track'. - I have never heard him lead anyone off into any elaborate conceptual notions - it is always expressed clearly and always a gentle nudge, bringing it back to present evidence - direct experiencing - back to the basics.
In my opinion it is a most welcome addition to the other two books. - This new book will no doubt touch a lot of newcomers to this 'teaching'.

The great illusion is that there is someone who is going to 'get things clear' and that someone else is helping that someone to see clearly.
At the moment of that illusion being cat away, the clear seeing is found to be present - that it has always been present. - It never was obscured. - The seeker is impotent and has no being whatsoever - it can't even disappear without the living essence that 'appears' to give it life.

The so called search can only disappear - that is the sum total of its potency. - The search can never transform into some result - some objective result that has any permanent quality to it - in fact it is all transient and dream-like. - All those prolonged 'years of service' or of struggling with 'getting anything' is just a bad joke. - What you, that essence that you are is, is already complete - that 'is-ness' is all you need and that is-ness can never be a need or be lacking in anyway, except to 'appear' as a lack in imagination.
-Popular 'pathways' and 'teachings' are just expressions that appear to be 'time bound' and full of concepts about 'acquiring' - these misconceptions about non duality are seen through.
Belief as a 'means' is very a 'popular way' but belief is never going to bring anything - it is a closed circuit - club mentality - it actually keeps one going around in circles bound to condition that don't even exist. - Just because something is popular does not mean it is 'true' - in fact it is usually the opposite - the 'common dream' is not reality.
Knowing what is true, in your own direct experiencing, is the only way - and THAT knowing is always immediate - it is not a concept and it does not depend on any concept or the 'years of absorption' that many appearances called 'teachers' promote as the basis, the 'glue' that binds 'other appearances' their followers to them - it is a joke - all happening in appearance only.
The point is that there never was anyone that was bound.
Let the dead bury the dead - Let the blind lead the blind - investigate 'belief' and see for yourself. - Recognizing the truth is instant, immediate and one also sees that the usual mind stuff has nothing to do with direct recognition. - The words of the guru are not there in that direct seeing - naked awareness - his words can only point you to that - How can he deliver you to THAT - that which you ARE and That which you have never moved away from and what 'time' is there to 'get' anything?
The so-called 'mind' is seen from beyond the mind and one realizes that thought cannot see or know anything at all. - I have always been THIS knowing.
The myth of 'enlightenment' is a belief only - it is not a 'bad thing' - a myth is nothing but a story about another 'time' and it cannot remain in the light of knowing - it can only be in the imaginary realms of mind - just like a dream can only appear in sleep. - Wakefulness registers everything without favor - the minds habitual bias is called 'me' and 'mine' - concepts only.
- Clear and present awareness is not a concept - it is never a concept! - A concept cannot contain awareness because it is only an appearance IN awareness. - Get things in the right order and you can forget about practices and methods - it is only a 'self-image' that depends on such things.
Did anyone see my CAT? It got lost in the paragraph above somewhere.
Cut the cat out and email it to me. - Replace the gap it leaves with some other word.

Email: To Gilbert: Sometimes I look in the mirror and there is a sublte sense that this "me" is not what is seeing - like this "me" is also an object - or, looking at my hands there is a sense sometimes of less familiarity - almost, as if someone elses hands.
Regarding your pointer"you are nothing but the experiencing" ...I immediately habitually looked for an 'experiencer' – but it is seen that what I am is 'closer' than an experiencer – ‘experiencer’ is after – an addition.
Respectfully - S.

Reply: Yes - that is it! - I am THAT in which Everything appears - fresh and new – yet it does not change in essence – ‘fresh each moment’ and even the multiplicity, the concept of ‘each moment’ melts into One moment and even the concept of 'moment' loses its meaning - 'then', which is always ‘now’ it is seen that - THIS IS IT...... this is it.......
The bars of the conceptual prison evaporate - and one knows that freedom was and is always present.
You are ‘prior’ to all things.
It is strange for the habitual stance of the mind - because all the mind ‘has’ is concepts - and as the concepts melt away - the ‘fresh and new’ is sensed as being ‘strange’ -then that falls away as well.
But I see that all this talk can support a sense of expectation - the point is THIS IS IT - it already IS.

Warm regards - Gilbert.

Videos of Gilbert speaking at Bob's can be found as 'links' on the next Note or on the website menu.
These notes are addressed to anyone, yet the language may appear 'strange' to those not familiar with Non Duality 'conversations'.
The so-called ‘mind’ is at all times empty. – The so-called ‘mind’ ‘seemingly’ divides up the natural Unity of everything and then holds onto an expectation of coming to an understanding of Oneness.
Like a biology class, they can dissect a living frog into a hundred ‘parts’ in order to understand ‘the frog’ and ‘biological life’. Even if the worlds best micro-surgeon worked for many hours to reassemble the frog, that frog is never going to take another leap to freedom or even take another breath.
There is an ancient quote that says: “The sum of the parts is not equal to the whole.”
The mysterious quality we know and call ‘Life’ is not an objective ‘thing’ – it cannot be found, except as the animator of ‘matter’. – Like the wind it remains invisible.
You are the same. – No matter where you search, you will never discover yourself as an object. – You will never ‘see’ yourself – that is even logical, since you are the SEEING. – Turn this way and that and only the view changes. – Seeing remains.
It was popular a couple of decades ago, to go in search of yourself. – Thousands of books were written about that ‘search’. – Thousand upon thousands ‘went’ on that search and even though they looked everywhere, under ‘every rock’ and behind ‘every tree’ – they found nothing except new ideas and new concepts.
They did not know that an investigation is necessary – an investigation of ‘who’ is searching.
Only the so-called ‘mind’ seemingly divides wholeness. One must be the whole to know the whole – THIS living intelligence is the whole ‘appearing’ as every perceived ‘thing’.
It is not limited to any particular ‘pattern’ that it appears as. – No pattern can contain the whole.
The whole is not vain, conceited or proud. - It is not afraid or searching for itself.
It is not a concept.
The whole contains it all – without exception or preference, likes or dislikes.
Bob Adamson says many things that are clear and precise. – One is this: “Start from the fact that you are THAT.”
The ‘mind’ cannot approach that – yet its very nature is THAT – clear and empty.
The intellect can not appreciate that - it does not know 'how' to - because 'that' is non-conceptual. – When the intellect is quiet, that clear emptiness is most obvious – it is very subtle because it is actually 'no thing'.
The first movement of the mind away from ‘that’ may be to claim ‘that’ and so one falls back into a conceptual realm of separation.
The ‘habitual mind’ is like quicksand and it convinces one that ‘I am back up to my neck in it’.
No instructions will work, no methods can bring results, except in the ‘appearance’.
Find ‘that’ in yourself, that which does not change.
Recognize its obviousness and KNOW that that is what you are.
That is wholeness.
There is no separation.