Friday, November 16, 2007

All is.......under the Sun

Bob's NEW book is published. -Click here - it takes you to his website for the details on ordering.

This new book from Bob Adamson is 'spot on'.

Todays note:

It amuses me that people write and ask why I don't link to this teacher or that teacher. - I usually reply explaining that the mentioned teacher is not clear and direct and is obviously telling 'stories' about 'time' and makes promises that can't be fulfilled - about a time when things will get better, if you follow their advise and do what they say. - It always implies a commitment and a long process - That is nearly always instantly interpreted as being arrogant and offensive - because that 'self-center' and its 'hero' is challenged - the email reply is always an angry one. - Yet the apparent arrogance expressed is just a bunch of words expressed in confidence - 'my' confidence is apparently unforgivable. - I don't need anyone to explain what I know first hand. - Things are obvious and it does not matter to me what anyone says to the contrary about anything at all. - You may call that arrogance. - Can you bare the weight of your own immediate knowing? - Or is there some sort of hiding from reality going on? - Do you take a back seat and let some guru be the one to bare it all for you? - That is servile nonsense.

Have a look at who it is that gets offended by words - that one who prefers the 'nice flowery' expressions that keep the mind in a dream state and support that 'spiritual self-image'. - It is delusion.

The point is that as long as you hold onto some 'image' of a 'perfect being' - someone that has realized what you still struggle to realize - that is an obstacle in the mind and the protection of that image keeps 'the bondage of self' going around the same old tracks. - It sure looks like that is what most 'people' are happy to do. - However, when the 'teacher' delivers the message, that appearance of a 'teacher' loses its emphasis and is seen to be equal to all that IS and that I am That essence of KNOWING - then and only then will there be a ceasing of unconscious re-action.

Who cares about illustrious teachers and their eccentric display of specialness? - is it only the weak minded ones bound to a concept of the future, a 'time' when they will 'realize'- when they will be 'enlightenment'. - That is a crappy unsatisfying story and nothing more than that - and the 'seeker' remains unhappy in its search - not realizing that their sacred beliefs are the very thing that supports the search and keeps it going.

BE direct and immediate yourself - do not entertain any stories about the future - cut it all away and be this naked awareness right now - SEE what the teacher is pointing at and KNOW that THAT which is SEEING and that which is KNOWING is THAT singular essential nature of being - which springs forth from Non-Being. - Samsara and Nirvana are NOT 2.

The clear empty space (the un-manifest) which is the 'knowing' of 'everything that appears' including this appearance of a (your) body along with all that appears in the mind - that Knowing is not changing. We can call that 'nirvana' - and that which appears is 'samsara' - and the pertinent point is that the 'suffering' of samsara is NOT necessary and that requires an 'entity' to suffer - but you must knowingly BE the KNOWING - and that paradox is that you already are that knowing and cannot not be THAT.

So, just because someone nudges you and disturbs your beliefs -Is that any reason to get angry? - Surely it must be a gift. - But who wants to wake from a dream?

In some of the Japanese Zen Monasteries there was a practice of one of the head monks would be an antagonistic influence on the monks, on a daily basis. - Then each 12 months the roles would change between the head monks. - Last years antagonist would be this years nice guy. - The challenge to habitual beliefs and behavior was 'organized' and what came out of that was a 'shock' that was repeatedly administered - arising from the nature of daily life. - Contrived? - Well, being hidden away from ordinary life the tendency to 'be nice' all the time can be quite debilitating to the 'living spirit'.

Modern spiritual 'people' are dreamers and they do not want to wake up - they twist and turn this way and that - and they get comfortable in their uncomfortable-ness and call that 'progress'. - The aphorisms they repeat to themselves are often just a suppressive self hypnosis that just dams the natural flow of life.

Wakefulness ALREADY IS. - It is NOT going to come via some practice or method - it already IS.

What is wrong with you? - It is a valid question. - Are you completely deluded?

Can you shake yourself? - Do you pamper yourself in a bed of erroneous beliefs? - if you can't shake yourself out of it then allow someone to do it for you. - It is funny how some words will bring up so much angst. - Automatic re-action is mechanical by its nature. - Who wants to know that?

Do you just want stories? - It's a valid question. - But remember every rose has its thorns.
There is so much bullshit floating about, about non duality and many people pay big fees to go and listen to some guru prattling on hour after hour. - And yet what is true is so simple - it is so simple the whole thing can be expressed in a few minutes.
If you want a clear and precise expose on non duality, get Bob's new book - it is extremely direct and easily understood.

Let's talk about life:

Two men fire their guns across a battle field at one another. - Each man believes that God is on his side and victory is assured for him because he believes it - although doubt most probably plays about in his mind like a devil. – Belief is a seemingly powerful ‘thing’. – ‘People’ die for their beliefs and they believe it is their right to fight and die for their beliefs. – A rational examination of this absurdity must reveal something about 'belief' itself - but the exploration of that is a rare thing, it would seem. - Where did these fighting men get their beliefs? – Are those beliefs an intrinsic inclusion in their essential being or are they acquired from ‘outside’?

When I was drafted to go to Vietnam, the last of about ten doctors who examined me, was maybe a couple of years older than me. - He had a degree in Psychology or Psychiatry. - He was a pleasant chap, was young and still had a heart.

His first question to me was “Do you want to go?” – I answered “No”. - He then asked me “Why not?” – I answered “Because I do not believe that I could point a gun at another human being and pull the trigger”. - There were many other young men who were eager to do something exciting, they wanted to go, and it came to pass that I was not finally drafted.

I must confess I still don’t understand what the war was about. - What I remember was a pervasive ignorance in the community and 'something' had the country in its grips. – The media was not such a good watch dog in those days and maybe it isn't much better these days either. - A good believable story is all they want, it would seem - sell lost of papers! _ Who cares what is in them - there is always tomorrows edition to get it right.

Throughout history men have waged war against each other, sometimes it would seem over the most trifling things. - Madness on mass. - A Roman Emperor gave his city folk the Gladiators just so they could taste the blood and gore of Rome's victories and they loved it. - Such is the common sensitivity of the mass.

Modern movies are rife with violence and blood thirsty acts, depicted in all their glory. - What strange creatures we are. - The box office sales reflect it all fairly clearly. - The directors are celebrities, held up as icons of creativity. - Then we worry about violence in the community, after glorifying it on the big screen. - Then we expect God to forgive our 'sins' and let us into heaven without blinking an eyelid. - It is all stories - all of this is conceptual.

Do you find yourself reflecting on your own views of such things? - Ethics - are they just mind constructs?

How do you measure up?

How do you measure your life? - In decades, years? – Seasons, months, weeks and days? – Hours and minutes?

What about THIS moment right now?

How can that be used to measure anything?

Is there any need to measure anything called ‘time’ in THIS moment?

It just is.

Do you imagine that the ‘sun’ is concerned by the rotation of its many planets? - Does it favor this one over that one? - Is Earth its favorite planet?

Is it concerned by the ‘drama’ that unfolds on the surfaces of those planets?

Of course it is not - it just shines - and it knows no darkness.

These things are just mentioned here as a possible useful means of conveying something by describing various things one may not have thought much about. - Points of view.

Many things can be written and opinions can be expressed.

I am not an economist and my opinion on such things as war and the economy are pretty facile. – But it would seem to me that many of the worlds problems could be solved if just the massive finance that is poured into wars was redirected into something useful. – When a war head explodes, what is achieved? - It cost maybe a million dollars. - Who pays for that and what possible profit can there be in destruction? - Do we really call this evolution? - I call it the evolution of the specimens - what G.I. Gurdjieff called 'Slugs'.

- What are these wars really about? – Has anyone really explained it in simple everyday language? - It looks like complete madness to me and isn't it quite absurd that the media has become impotent, like a dog that has grown old and lost its teeth. - Who can you trust? - When your sons and daughters go off to fight a war based on who knows what? - Who will comfort you when the bad news comes in?

A Newspaper journo? - No way - they will just buy you a coffee and ask you penetrating questions, get a story so that their viewers and readers can sit in the comfort of their armchairs and read or hear about someone else's misfortune. - Civilized people of Planet Earth.

Arrogance? - Who is arrogant? - Better to look at what you unconsciously 'go along with' and then call it civilized. - Who is the judge? - and of what?

The sun sets everyday, does it not?
No the sun sits in the open sky. - Because you are more or less placed physically in one place, the Earth rotates and the sun appears to set. - It is rising in the same moment somewhere else.
Locality is everything - that is what a real estate agent tells us.
Awareness is not located anywhere specifically. - You cannot go anywhere where it is not.
If you could, how would you know it?