Sunday, November 18, 2007

No point of view is it.

Who is going to rob you of your sacred beliefs and the comfort they give to you?
Someone that is pushing their point of view onto you? - You must think like me and do as I do, etc.
If your beliefs have any truth in them, they are invincible and are not beliefs at all - they must be facts.
Everyone would agree that the sunset last night at such and such a time.
Now we all have seen many sunrises and a sunsets. - Always different and usually beautiful, depending on the pollution in that view. - No one would argue that the sun rises and sets – for them.

Now, lets take another look at that so called fact of the sun rising or setting - If you were able to move at the speed of the sun-rising – it would be seen that the sun is always rising, all the time, every moment. – In that same moment it is also setting on the other side of the planet. – It is the midnight hour right now, whatever time you think it is - and it is also the midday hour right now somewhere - every moment of every so-called day.

The shadow of the Earth does no move as the Earth rotates in its coolness.

What is the difference between a thousand years ago and yesterday?

The only difference would appear to be, that yesterday has memories attached to it.

Ten thousand years ago is just hearsay and relics.

Everything can only appear now, including all memories and the relics also only appear in THIS moment of cognition. - What else is there? - Imagination? - Where does that appear? - Now and nowhere else - if it appears at all.

We call this moment NOW. - It is a serviceable notion and a word. - What does it describe exactly? - How can you define 'now'? - How can you define consciousness or awareness?

Same equation - no description can be adequate. - It remains inexplicable.

It is simpler to call 'now' presence. – No matter what we call it – a name is a name and it always falls short of what it describes. – The word is not the actual – just as belief is not the actual. - The word 'word' is a word that names itself and that is just a word - four letters. - Dog chasing tail. - What is achieved? - 10 years meditating - what is achieved?

The heart essence of all religions is the same. – What the heart of each teaching is pointing to is THAT – which is THIS moment of awareness – not the conditioned mind of belief and prejudice etc.

THIS moment is clear and obvious. – The mind is clear and empty.

Knowing just these simple things is enough to penetrate through all beliefs and cast aside the bondage of self. – Yet ‘people’ want to be convinced.

All the best anyone can ‘do’ is point at THAT. – The sum total of every expression about THAT, including all times ‘past’, all the words of every great teacher and every sacred text, none of it is equal to the clear empty space of know-ING that you ARE!!! - you ARE!!! - What 'time' is there in that simple being-ness? - Is there any duration in it? - Did it ever start or stop?

Is there any doubt in that simple presence?

It is NOT about the mind....never was!

Whether your 'mind' knows that or not does not make a scrap of difference.

All the fuss about this teaching and that teaching – this one says this and that ones says that – it is all of no substance apart from whatever YOU give to it in the moment.

Whatever importance you give such things does not compound into anything with any lasting qualities – unless YOU give some substance to it in the moment.

Why give support to erroneous beliefs? - Why not stay with the facts?

Now this YOU I am speaking about is not what we think it is. - That YOU I am speaking about is the essence of what you are. – You can never know it as an objective ‘thing’. – The KNOWING of all things is by that essence that you are. - That alone is reality - and reality is not a belief.

As the saying goes: Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Belief only binds the mind.

Your nature is KNOWING and this you KNOW - but the mind may tell you otherwise.

Awareness is KNOWING and nothing more.

KNOWING and SEEING are just words for it – THAT is another word for it.

To call it IT is also misleading but all we have is language and symbols etc.

A good friend of mind says “When I enter that ‘no-think’ space……etc”

It is a quaint way of expressing something that is difficult to express in words.

It is all so very simple and yet seemingly so difficult to grasp. - For the mind it remains un-graspable and intellectuals find that way to much to accept.

Of course there is no one that can ‘enter’ into a space of no thought. – Thought simply vanishes and they are not replaced immediately as is usual.

I would say it is like this: - The realization is, or it is simply noticed, that there is emptiness and presence abiding now. – The mind labels it and then goes quiet again.- Unless conceptualizing kicks in. – That ‘no-think space’ is sometimes called non-conceptual awareness. - THAT is what the Dzogchen ‘masters’ called “The Great Perfection”.

THAT pristinely clear (what I call) space of knowing is not owned by anyone – it can never be owned by anyone nor acquired by any practitioner.

Everything and everyone ‘appears’ in THAT.

What appears in THAT must also be THAT also.

Where does that leave you and what sense is there to any search?

Stop ignoring the obvious.