Sunday, March 30, 2008

Have a closer look into 'things'.

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Hi Gilbert,

I see that the one being driven on is just a concept being driven on by another concept in the mind. - Meanwhile there is a constant seeing observing the process. - Every time I focus on the I-thought there is a changing of the point of view from which the observing is done. - Is there really a "point" of view at all? Whatever "I" do, the seeing seems to be happening from a "point" "behind" "me". - Almost in the same way that one can´t see one´s own head.

Although I understand all this on some level the sense of "I" is still very strong. - There is still this powerful urge to DO something to travel further along the "path", to move closer to the "goal". Will this urge ever lose its´power?

These insights seem very intellectual to me and has not really changed anything in my life. But maybe that´s all more of the same "seeking-business" that the "I" loves so dearly. - How can I quit it?

I feel really tired sometimes and just want to drop this whole thing.

Once again thank you for taking the time.

Best regards J in Europe


It will drop off by itself.
The intellect has NO power at all. - The believed in 'entity' is a fabrication - there never was a 'you' that 'did' anything. - The 'thinker' - the 'doer' - the 'believer' are all thought based - appearances in/on awareness.
Only belief makes it all seem real.
Is there an 'I' if you don't think about it?
That 'idea' of being 'someone' is just another idea, yet it has been believed in for 'so long'.
So-called society has this core belief of their being 'individuals' and so a lot of 'feedback' supports that idea - it is all dream like and it cannot 'stand alone' in the light of SEEING.

It is seen through.

Even though it is radical to point it out, 'Society' is just another idea.

Society is a concept about multiplicity - separate individuals in groups etc.

What we are talking about is Non Duality. - There is NO duality in Non Duality.

Everything appears as seemingly separate things within the WHOLE.

Everything MOVES upon emptiness.
The reference points 'of view' appear' and disappear, they are replaced constantly.
The SEEING does not need a reference point, the 'mind' does - that is what mind is - reference points.
That is what mind is - reference points in a spacious (no) thing we call or name as 'mind', which is actually awareness - the idea that there is such a thing as mind, is merely another idea and ALL ideas appear and disappear in or ON Awareness.
You are that which never changes - that is so obvious, yet for the mind it is far too subtle - it can only 'know' what it has named - that 'knowing' is fabricated knowing and is ALL from the 'past', even though there is no past as such.
Impressions register ON awareness and then they are translated by the acquired mind - and that is what is believed in - the translation - and the direct and immediate SEEING is only SEEMINGLY obscured.
Look closely and SEE that it is all 'an appearance' - all appearing in what you ARE.
What you ARE is 'space-like' - emptiness which is the KNOWING of every movement and every appearance.
Your account shows that there is indeed this experienc-ING of THAT (what I describe).
The experiencing is not creating a 'you' - an experienc-er - or any experiences.

The ACTUALITY is only this immediacy - it does not change - and there is no room or time for any entity to take form in THIS actuality.

This is extremely subtle and yet it is totally available to KNOW this - putting concepts upon it is where the deviations of mind come into the picture.

It may seem like a razors edge. - Yet what you truly are has never existed anywhere other than AS this immediacy. - No one ever enters the now - nor leaves it.

THIS direct and immediate experienc-ing is all there ever IS.

Stay 'with it' and SEE the truth of what I am saying - KNOW that this space-like awareness has no boundary and NO center.
That is the decisive experiencing - AND the KNOWING of that, without 'having to become' a FORM (habit of 'ME') is what they call the Great Perfection - Non Conceptual Awareness.
No One can claim it - those who attempt to claim or brag about owning it are just insubstantial appearances - dream like notions and should be ignored.

"Let no man come between you and your God" - The Bible

Drop the (you) me concept and drop the God concept and just BE.

Just SEE - be the SEEING only.

The whole matrix will slip and slide, undo itself and in witnessing, even the slightest undoing of it will be significant - yet you must remain as the undisturbed witness - then the witness will also dissolve before your open view - a boundless view with NO point of reference.
It is impossible to describe, yet I have describe it quite well, at least for those who have tasted this freedom.
For the others, they cling to their beliefs like a child to a security blanket.
What can be done?
By whom?
There is no problem - that is not an idea or a concept.
Those who insist that there is a problem are the maintainers of the belief in the problem.
'Who' has a problem?
Conflict starts in the mind and energized by belief - it appears as a perpetuating mechanism which may lead to a bloody mess or not.
And YET all such appearances (beliefs) actually disappear by themselves if they are left alone - and they do.

Strange and wondrous.
The point is that psychological suffering is not necessary.

Warm regards - Gilbert.

Mike writes:

Are you aware while asleep? - Or do you require the mind-body to be aware? The only experience we seem to have is through this mind-body. - To speak, or think of a deeper awareness is difficult for me. - If I am what all this appears on, then it makes sense that "I" should be able to automatically know that (I want to say "experience", but I know there's no-one who experiences). - It all sounds so simple, yet even when I think of nothing and just know "I am", well there's just no great truth revealed to me, or I don't get the "a ha" moment. - Do you know what I'm trying to say?

Thanks, - Mike


Awareness is non dual - it is timeless. It does not sleep.
The sleep state appears in it - for the body to regenerate - it is nature.
The IDEA of being someone disappears in sleep.
Awareness is PRESENCE - how can it leave?
There is an idea that the experiencing is because of, and THROUGH, the body.
The body and the content of mind are appearances and are obviously KNOWN from beyond them.
That is the significant factor.
As long as there is a belief in the transitory reference points of view that appear in the mind, then it will remain a mystery.
One must witness the mechanics of the mind clearly.
There are long standing habits, some appear to be very subtle.
It is as though one must catch them, see them and witness them disappearing.
In that experiencing, there is a FACT - that fact is that I remain and what I thought I was has disappeared.
That KNOWING is what can be called a 'decisive experiencing'.
It is first hand information that cannot be given by another - or read about or passed on by some guru or teacher.
First hand, immediate Knowing - not a concept, idea or image.
The problem is all seekers have so many concepts to play with and they play endlessly with them - and they IGNORE what is so obvious - the fact of their own being - the natural 'state' which is wordless, thoughtless.

How can anyone convince you of this?
You must look closely yourself.

The essence of this investigation is NOT seeking - it is SEEING.
Arrogance of believing that I am 'someone' - someone special is the problem.
That is why so many gurus and teachers are 'bad news' - because of their own ignorance they display that 'special-ness' as if it were the prize that everyone is looking for. - That is the irony of the trap of seeking.
Be cautious of who you take on as a teacher.
A teacher worth his salt will not keep you bound - his job is to set you free as soon as possible.

Warm regards - G.