Saturday, March 01, 2008

Urban Guru Cafe is OPEN for business!

Urban Guru Cafe - a NEW radio style program on NON DUALITY.
Take the time to have a listen - put it on your ipod or mp3 player or listen on line.
I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Today's Note:

Good Teachers? - There are NO teachers, good or bad, anywhere except in the appearance of ‘things’. - Your own Essence is the very thing that should not be ignored - then a natural discrimination comes forward.


I have been reading your e-book, and I'm officially blown away. - I have been searching for something for so long, and I'm exited about what I'm reading. - You seem like someone I could ask a billion questions of. - I'm going to finish reading your book, but would you entertain a question or two if I had a few?
Mike A.

Reply: Yes you are welcome and I am easily available to answer questions.
For those interested the free e-book version of "Everything is Clear and Obvious" is down-loadable from the main website "Shining Through the Mind" dot net. - top right hand corner of screen.

Email: Hi, I'm G, from Portugal.
I am writing just to ask if you know of someone in Europe who gives talks in the Nisargadatta/Bob Adamson tradition, because the persons I know who talk here are of the No practice, NO teaching, nothing to do kind and it has not been very helpful that kind of message. - Regards - G


Hi G, I know of no one as crystal clear as Bob is.
Although, Tony Parson's (not of the tradition you as about - talks London and other places in Europe, I believe -lives in Devon area) is pretty good and a chap called Nathan Gill, although I believe he is not teaching or giving talks these days. - There are many so-called teachers but most of them are telling 'stories' of attainment and TIME. – Recently some of them have caught onto the fact that their 'stories' are being exposed and so they attempt to copy what we could call 'a true teaching' - they try hard to convince everyone they ‘live’ it - and that kind of makes them unbearable to be around and eventually quite sick, in more ways than one. - Then, I notice that they justify even that, by making it into some (imaginary) sacred 'thing' - they say the sickness itself comes from their 'work' - then they add to their story that by helping so many 'seekers' the sickness intensifies
(gross self-pity there, no mistake) - It just shows how manipulative they are in steering their crowd of believers. - Such EGOIC demonstrations are oh! so shallow and such a pretense, it stinks of 'self importance and pride'. - How they 'con' so many is really a marvel. - It is all stories, including this account, and one must recognize them for what they are. - They don't help anyone and just keep the mind going around and around on that endless search. - That self-delusion can be broken quite easily but it appears to be very difficult, because of belief in 'the story'.

The 'answer' is not in the mind! - Never was and never can be! - It is immediately obvious, yet one must 'come back' to the clear empty space of knowing 'before' the believed in 'entity' is recognized for what it is.

The 'point' is to come back to the simplicity of presence - simply being present and then what is true can reveal itself 'more fully' - and it is not a concept - awareness is not a concept. - KNOWING that alone, is enough to know.
THIS presence is effortless. - because IT already IS - just as it is.

My second book has been translated into your language.
I can get an e-book version to you if you would like to read it.
Warm regards - Gilbert

Email: Thanks for your reply. I don´t like, very much, the way Tony Parsons talks because he focuses a lot in the awakening event and he is always saying that any practice will reinforce the I so it leaves one helpless. - Though we could ask who is the one who is helpless? - About your book, which is translated into Portuguese, I would love to read the translated version, thanks. - G from Portugal

Hi G, thanks for the feed-back about Tony Parsons. In coming to a ‘point’ where you have a ‘strong impulse’ to know the truth – then one will challenge the teacher and then an opportunity to find what is true ‘appears’ for BOTH concerned.

In seeing through the desire to be WHOLE, one realises that I am Whole already and the illusion loses its hold – even though it never had a hold in the first instant.

It all ‘appears’ in TIME and the fact is that AWARENESS is TIMELESS – ever present and THAT is what you truly ARE. – The rest is a mirage.

A lot of garbage gets thrown around about teachers, who is clear and who is not.

The ‘key’ is to come back (yourself) to the basics - in this moment and SEE that ‘everyone’ (including the teacher) is simply an appearance in BEING, in THIS presence.
In Essence, everyone is THAT - that ONE Essence - appearing as different objects - in essence it remains as ONE.
The appearance of 'many' is an illusion.
There NEVER was anyone that miss-led anyone - and never anyone who awoke - and there is NO BECOMING whatsoever.
You ARE and what you truly ARE is ALREADY free of duality - because even logically you must be that ONE - since THAT is all there IS.
THAT is REALITY - the rest is only APPEARANCE and (the subtle point that is consistently missed is) that appearance includes the body and the minds content -(Your body is the universe.)
There are no problems in direct cognition - that means that in the registering of everything that appears in THIS instant, there is no duality - so no conflict - there must be 2-ness for conflict to arise.
It is what the mind translates those impressions into - that 'becomes' an apparent
problem and that problem 'belongs' to a 'form' called 'me', a believed in entity, and that is only an appearance, a belief that seemingly occurs in the dualistic mind.
'Stay' with the pure seeing - be that only - at first for short periods - and they will (seemingly) increase (in duration) - that is what 'appears' to happen - it is a mind based point of view -a habitual view - appearing in mind.
One could say that, in such a case, what is happening is belief is being sidelined - and the directness of being comes to the fore - so simple - in being - so complex for the mind - because the mind can only divide oneness into a thousand 'things' - and yet Oneness is untouched by what any apparent mind is doing - because it is all a mirage.
KNOWING is all that is happening - and not to any 'person'.
ONE without a second.

Warm regards - Gilbert.

P.S. - As far as 'teachers' go - Follow what resonates with you. - The 'journey' is only in the appearance - coming 'Home' to the simple presence of being, takes NO TIME at all - But it does appear that one must drop the search, in order to find what IS already HERE. - It is so subtle, compared to the habitual mind stuff, that stuff that has crammed the mind and body for 'so long'. - Drop it and be vigilant, watch how the mind gravitates back to it - catch it at its game and it will lose its hold - but you need to be that wakefulness and not some 'entity'. - That is what you are - Wakefulness.