Saturday, May 10, 2008

Notes from May 08 - Part 1. - Falling leaf.

Today’s Note:

Part 1.
At the core of all the major religions, lies a direct ‘pointing’ to our true nature. – Those words are there for anyone to read – understanding it is clearly only present when there is a reciprocal (or resonating response – ‘knowing’) experience – experiencing, present. - All of the major religions have been ‘added to' with various conditional concepts and these proliferate into a thousand beliefs, which all lead away from the simplicity of what is true.
Most teachings promote a lot of beliefs and they endorse labour intensive practices and so many methods for the adherent to use, in order to achieve the desired ‘result’. – It is all misleading and completely unnecessary but this fact is not examined closely by anyone. - Belief is NOT Knowing and belief will never be Knowing! - Knowing is immediate and belief is 'time bound notions'.
Rare teachings point directly at what is clearly true and present, at what we have ignored – and so what is completely and immediately ‘free’, our true essence, may be tasted directly. – The long and protracted commitment to any teacher or any teaching is not necessary – but this fact will not be mentioned by ‘the teachers of time trodden paths’.
What is not so easily recognized is that no teaching contains the truth. - The best that a so-called teaching can do is point directly at what is true and THAT is nothing other than your own essential being. – It is this essential true nature that dispenses with erroneous beliefs. – The ‘resonation’ of this being-ness is ‘truth’ and nothing ‘false’ or erroneous can withstand its ‘presence’.
Direct and immediate experiencing is uninterrupted. - This direct and immediate experiencing ‘happening’ right now, is ‘all there is’. - It never ‘becomes’ anything other than what it is. This ‘direct and immediate experiencing’ remains, while everything we know of, without exception, is composed of energy patterns, subtle and gross, which merely appear within, or ‘pass through’ this ‘experiencing presence’. - What the so-called ‘mind’ does is to collect ‘experiences’ and ‘store’ them away as ‘memories’ – at least that is how it may be explained in ordinary language. - All such ‘things’ are questionable and yet we never question them because it is a ‘general agreement’ that our life is made up of experiences and conditioning, which apparently make us what we are. – At least it appears to be so.
What ‘I am’ is presence, un-interrupted presence, awareness. What ‘I am’ can never be reduced to mere concepts or words. – So it is that what ‘I am’ remains indescribable and beyond the grasp of the habitual mind’s so-called ‘understanding’.
All memories and all so-called conditioning can only ever ‘appear’ in THIS experiencing of ‘right now’. – Does a memory ever appear ‘yesterday’ or ‘tomorrow’? - Does a memory appear five minutes ago or five minutes in the future?
Such notions about ‘time’ are purely conceptual and such notions can only ever appear in this ‘right now’. – This ‘right now’ is not a series of consecutive moments, as we may seem to believe. – That miss understanding is due to the nature of belief in conceptualizing notions. – I am not speaking about something that is anywhere else than right here, right now. - This ‘right now’ is ‘presence’ and presence does not deviate from what it IS. – How could it? - Where could it go? - What would or could replace ‘this presence’ except ‘this presence’? - If it could be replaced, then ‘when’ could it be replaced, except right here ‘with-in’ this ‘right now’? – See such things for what they are – mere concepts.
Nothing could ever replace it, except itself, and that cannot be termed as ‘a replacement’ at all. – We cannot replace the ocean with water – it is all ‘water’. – The notion of there being a continuum is still a time-based notion, so that word fails to embrace the wholeness of what is. - All such notions are concepts and this presence is never divided or separated into any parts whatsoever.
What gives ‘the appearance of separation’ and deviation, is the dualistic nature of ‘mind’.
Mind is restlessly vibrating between the ‘pairs of opposites’. – Thoughts are ephemeral ‘appearances’ and they do not have any substance or location that you can pinpoint or grasp. – This may appear to be far too subtle and yet it is extremely obvious, since it is the nature of awareness to be naturally clear – to be ‘the light’ that shines ‘forever’ upon the obvious. – The nature of dualistic mind is also obviously ‘transient appearances’.

What ‘knows’ the transient?
By the nature of belief, the personalized drama of a personal life ‘appears to be added’ to those ‘core believed in thoughts’ of personalization - ‘me’. – In that drama, arguments may follow and even bruised egos and bloody noses etc. – Such things appear to make the world go round.
Take a break – have a closer look into things. - Have you ever questioned what ‘belief’ is?

Have you ever looked closely at your own beliefs to see if they have any true or intrinsic value?