Saturday, May 10, 2008

Notes from May 08 - Part 3.

Part 3.
In the ‘appearance’ and in ‘time’, belief is one ‘thing’ that keeps millions upon millions in bondage for their entire lives. - What is it all about? Opinions are opinions and we are all entitled to our opinions and bloody wars are fought over mere opinions.
There is an old saying that says 'The truth hurts'. - It could be said that ‘the actuality’ (the truth) undermines all that is ‘false’ without exception. - A mirage of water is a false apprehension. - There is no water in a mirage – fact. - The belief that there is water ‘in the image’ is insubstantial and upon investigation the misapprehension vanishes by itself, not because of anything the observer ‘does’ – it vanishes because ‘the fact’ is that there is no water there and that fact reveals itself spontaneously on close examination. - This equation applies to ALL beliefs without exception.
One need not live in ignorance. - The ‘bondage of self’ is unnecessary.
There is no reason for suffering, except the reasoning that supports the belief ‘in being someone suffering’. “Yes but…..” – add your own story here.
In THIS actuality of PRESENCE there is no one suffering, so why tell a story about someone suffering? Be THIS actuality and drop the stories.
‘Seekers of truth’ only ‘appear’ to remain in a ‘state of seeking’ and ‘what is true’, what is real, continues to evade them, only because ‘what they truly are’ does not investigate those erroneous beliefs closely enough. Is it simply a question of being present with ‘what is’? – Not as an entity – but as what you ARE – presence itself. – Surely it ‘makes sense’. What is true reverberates with livingness – what is false is shallow and hollow, a misapprehension.
What ‘each and every one of us is’, is this most genuine ‘fact of existence’ itself, THIS authentic nature of ‘being-awareness’ is ‘True’ and cannot be otherwise. - Reality IS.
Whatever you truly ARE - must BE Real.
Our imaginary problems belong to a dream, a habit of ignoring ‘what is’ – it can be broken just like any habit can be broken.
What you imagine or consider this 'you' to be is based on conceptual notions and memory – all of which is ‘an appearance in mind’ –and that can only be a believed in concept. – Everything or anything can only appear in this immediacy – and since awareness is this immediacy and it cannot be NOTHING but THAT, then everything is clear and obvious. Remove the belief in that ‘something’ that ‘habitual self image’ and what you truly are does not disappear – why? Because what you truly are is not dependant on concepts or any ‘thing’ at all.
All arguments against such facts are basically resistance to letting go of habitual beliefs – that is bondage.
My pity for the seeker is useless – all that can be done is to point at what is true as clearly as possible, without embellishment – no stories. Just like you, the one reading this, in this very moment, ‘I’, the writer, have ‘no choice’ in this activity. - The core of this activity is KNOWING.
There is only ONE knowing presence pervading the whole universe – it is totally nameless and indescribable.
Your inner most secret name is ‘I AM’ – it is also God’s name.
Both GOD and your inner most secret name are ‘conceptual appearances’ in THIS nameless PRESENCE – this singular BEING. - THIS is sometimes called Non Duality.