Sunday, June 08, 2008

So many words - for something so simple,

Email: (After several emails)

Hallo again Gilbert, I find in the non-duality community, a lot of confusion. - So many things expressed and talked about, that are not non-dual, but are dual in fact.

There are a lot of things (diversions) - and people want experiences it seems....even virtual experiences.
Regards - Sergio

Gilbert: - Dear Sergio, Yes, the 'community' is an aspect of 'multiplicity', it is all in the appearance of 'things' - it is ONE appearing as 'many'.
There will be no peace for the mind. - 'People' go on and on searching in the mind decade after decade and no peace comes. - Practices, like meditation, may calm the mind temporarily and yoga may help the body be more healthy. - There will only ever be a resolution to the whole riddle 'when' you find out 'what you truly ARE'.

Everything that is expressed about Non Duality MUST and can only be a transient appearance - it is duality - but none of that is what you ARE. - By attaching 'yourself' to any of it, you get drawn in to it, through 'belief'.
What you truly ARE is not in a community, it is the ONE, the ONLY ONE.
The 'purpose' of this 'life' is to realize what you are.
ALL else, everything, without a single exception will draw you into 'the web'.
See that what you are is not moving and in that space of knowing everything appears - it is all 'an appearance' (valid as what it is) - an apparent movement in THIS stationary PRESENCE.

The LIGHT of KNOWING, (which shines ever-before any time realm appears in mind) naturally reveals ALL for what it is. - (It is)Absolutely stable, it shines, appearing as all the energy patterns of the Universe and appearing as 'an emergence' - all expressed as 'change' - from that unchanging singular Essence - THAT is what you ARE. - (Ring a Bell?)

'You' as a believed in 'thing' cannot 'go there' - Going there requires you to be 'somewhere else' and it requires 'time to get there'. -
(THIS is all there IS, so...) Start in 'this immediacy' with 'the FACT' that you are ALREADY THAT (This Knowing presence).

This knowing is forever complete just as it is and resides in the essence that you are, AS 'what you are' (It cannot be negated)
The mind is naturally dualistic - it could be said to stop 'direct cognition' from destroying the illusion of separateness. - In believing in the mind content, yes it appears to prevent self-realization.
Yet self-realization is happening - It is Universal - ONE in essence - realizing Multiplicity - just as it IS.
WHO is the arrogant one who WANTS self-realization?
AND who is the one that proclaims to be self-realized?
It is a most revealing insight.
Insight in its very essence is simply SEEING - Knowing what IS.
There is no separation - only an appearance of separation.
SEE that - be the KNOWING of that - drop the content of mind - even for a few moments and be the KNOW-ING - that is all that is required. - That is all that there truly IS, any way you look at it. - The universal is not limited to the individual point of view, obviously.
So 'you' will not see this truth - yet it is absolutely obvious in pure seeing - seeing without a 'seer'. - The seer is a thought only and it obscures if believed in.
See how the mind resists such information. - The character 'me' is the pivotal point of resistance. - In SEEING that conceptual 'appearance' it is recognized for what it is. - It is embraced and like 'the prodigal son' it takes its rightful place.
The mind is there to serve. - It can do a good job but if the tyrant 'me' is holding ground, it brings much confusion - all in duality and the essence of what 'I am' remains untouched. - So in the moment of seeing through it all, a 'feast' is already prepared - The impressions of what truly IS floods in.
Just drop the concepts and SEE.
Whatever resistance comes up - see it for what it is and drop it.

Everything is a concept except that awareness that you ARE.
The concept about that is just a concept....but the reality of it is undeniable.

Warm regards - Gilbert.

When it is said that awareness is 'space-like' - that is a pointer only. - Awareness is like space - it is not 'a thing' - it is formless - it is knowing. - Awareness has no locality, no center and no circumference, just like space.
Try and find a center to that awareness that you are. - Investigate that and discover what you truly are.
What you believe you are is just thought patterns and they have no substance, duration or volume.
Have a look.
As you approach 'things' they evaporate (subatomic particles are suspended in space - in an ordinary sense, everything appears and 'floats' in emptiness.)
The 'point' of view (pure SEEING, without a thought of being a 'seer') has no dimension - it is zero dimension.
Trying to establish oneself as an observer is a fabrication - an appearance - a transient pattern.
We can go around and around in the mind, altering our definitions and by attaching some sort of importance to them we remain ignorant of our true nature.
Habits can be broken.
The formless presence ('knowing') is already present - yet the habituated mind knows nothing about it and so 'seekers' remain on a 'path' that leads nowhere.

The intellect can serve 'us' well....but it can also keep 'us' seemingly trapped - in a world or 'reference points'.
As Bob says: There is no answer in the mind.

Note 2:

From time to time an abusive email arrives in my in-box. - I also hear stories of how certain 'people' dislike me with a passion. - (Who is this 'me' they dislike so much?) - From my experience these characters, most usually, have major 'issues' (usually substance addiction) that they are not facing in themselves. - It is all rather amusing and sometimes it is just plain pathetic.

Those who remain stuck 'in life' do not recognize that 'what they truly are' is not actually 'in life'. - All of their drama is not cut through - it is all believed in. - Yet it is nothing more than concepts appearing on consciousness-awareness. - THAT, what all concepts appear on, remains a mystery for them. -You may easily recognize the fact that 'most of us' avoid 'the truth' as much as possible - until it looms over us and it no longer can be avoided by the mind and its 'character' 'me'. - 'Weave and dodge' is best left to the realm of ball games.

The 'short cut' is right HERE, right NOW. - The mind avoids 'reality' and 'goes with' whatever concepts that arise. - There is no answer in the mind. - The realization is: - that I am this pure and empty 'space of knowing' - and that EVERYTHING, without a single exception, is 'an appearance' - it ALL 'appears' within WHAT I AM.

This equation 'applies' to everyone, without a single exception! - ONE without a second. - So in BEING THIS - THAT, there is no need to contrive anything, no need to impress anyone and no need of a 'spiritual self-image'.

The following 6 notes are too direct for those who dabble in spirituality and should be avoided.