Saturday, May 10, 2008

Notes from May 08 - Part 4.

Part 4.
The complete evidence of ‘what you truly are’ cannot be hidden from you – it is totally obvious – what (only) seemingly hides it from you is ‘mind content and erroneous beliefs’.
Many beliefs are harmless and do not need to be questioned. - Some beliefs however are a continuous ‘cause’ of trouble for ‘us’. - Quite often these very beliefs are the ones that ‘appear’ to be surrounded by a very tenacious defence mechanism.
Over the years I have met many seekers who have remained searching, some of them have been seeking for over thirty years. - Nothing has really helped. - It is a pitiful situation and ‘the fact’ that these ‘poor souls’ are still ‘searching (looking) in the wrong places’ does not present itself to them clearly. - Having invested so many years in ‘the search’, the simplicity of ‘what is true and obvious’ is discounted and even scoffed at. - “What to do?” Often they feel insulted if they are asked to look at certain beliefs. - A spiritual ‘self –image’ appears to have almost crystallized in them and for them that image held to be ‘sacred’ by them. - It is ignorance to believe in an image while what is real is blindingly obvious. An appearance is an appearance. It is that appearance, that same ‘self-image’, that only appears to bring them so little satisfaction in a ‘personal life’ dominated by unnecessary suffering – and further more, how dare anyone suggest that that ‘sacred self-image’ may be the main culprit, the ‘cause’, of their suffering.
Frankly I find it almost useless to talk with them. - Their indulgence in ‘being someone special’ has almost suffocated them - and yet they continue to ‘parade’ about like a peacock. - They imagine that they hide their suffering under a thin disguise but it is far too obvious (for those who see clearly) and if only they knew how obvious it is they may well give it up instantly.
In this ‘instant of seeing’, in this ‘present moment’ (which is all there ever is) a lifetime of erroneous beliefs can be penetrated and those beliefs can fall away, never to return. -
With such a clear and precise insight (seeing) there is no indulgence in any story of ‘I am now enlightened’.
Such notions are instantly recognized for what they are. - Only those who have partial insights tell stories about “I am enlightened’ or allow other to tell such stories ‘about them’.
The ‘time has come’ to put aside false teachers. - ‘You have one chance in this life’ – so don’t waste it on ‘false prophets’ and ‘self-indulgent merchants of the truth’.
The sense of belonging is a common factor amongst ‘seekers’.
The most profound teacher from any eon is only needed for ‘the duration’ of recognizing and absorbing the fullness of the ‘message’. - The message is always simple – far too simple for most. - We expect it to be complex and so we look for unnecessary complexities and they merely keep us ‘in the mind’ and forever searching.
In realizing your own true nature, ‘stories about enlightenment’, unnecessary complexities and a sense of ‘belonging’ are not needed. - Once you receive the required ‘accurate information’ about your true nature, then you no longer need anything from ‘outside’ of yourself and, in fact, it is recognized that everything ‘appears’ within your own true nature. - Even that accurate information only ‘appears’ to come from ‘outside’ – the recognition and resounding nature of what is true, is and can only ever belong to what you truly ARE. - The words “I am That’ has many ‘meanings’ – one meaning is that it is an expression of the above mentioned fact, that ‘everything, without exception, appears within the boundless-ness of what you are’. Awareness.

Other words that ‘point’ to this fact are: ‘Advaita. - One without a second’. - ‘Non Duality’.
‘There is no duality in Non Duality’.
All these words are appearing within awareness RIGHT NOW. - These words ARE ‘awareness’ appearing as words. - Nothing recognizes them but awareness itself. -
Like an arrow piercing into the darkness of night – ‘no one knows’ where it lands, not even the bowman.
But in the instant the arrow strikes its target, the target ‘knows’ without a doubt.

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