Saturday, May 10, 2008

Notes from May 08 - Part 2.

Part 2.
All beliefs are equal if only in ‘the fact’ that they are ‘beliefs’. - Is it not a fact that a belief, by its very nature, has the status of being so, only because the evidence is not there to support it (the ‘subject’ of belief) as being a fact? - The Moon is not made of cheese, even though a million ‘people’ may believe it is made of cheese. Belief is belief and facts are facts. Many ‘people’ will fight ‘tooth and nail’ for their beliefs and will be willing to die for them. - What meaning can such a life have? Are such attributed meanings, merely more beliefs? What supports belief, any belief?
Investigate this.
Struggling seekers never ‘become heroes’ except in dreams. - A ‘seeker’ is a dream only. The seekers struggle and battle is all for nothing and the suffering is completely unnecessary – however, because of resistance to what is true, the ‘seeker’ does not want to hear such news. - They bravely forge their own ‘story’ everyday, avoid their ‘enemies’ if possible and repeat the same old ‘ideas’ much like a wind up toy mechanically goes through its motions. - They may punish their bodies with yogic practices and a strict diet while imagining that they are purifying themselves in order to be worthy of enlightenment. - Such ignorance is based on BELIEF only. - No fact has ever proved that anyone ever purified themselves in such a way. - How can you perceive perfection in ‘another being’ if you do not see or recognize it in yourself first? - ‘We’ project our imaginary notions (about perfect beings) and believe that those projections are reality. - Then ‘we’ may wonder why we can never achieve such perfection ourselves. - We continue the farce by taking on methods and practices which only bind that ‘self-image’ to TIME – and TIME can never be this actuality of THIS immediate PRESENCE.
From the perspective of the body, all we are made of is of the five basic elements. Space, water, fire, earth and air. - These elements can be arranged in all manner of combinations and they are – it is called ‘The Universe’.
In no uncertain terms the message comes – “You are not the body – nor are you the mind”. - How is such a ‘pointer’ ignored? - Why do so many by pass this pointer?
Have you ever found the ‘self’? - Is it in the body somewhere?
What we truly are has never been soiled or damaged, nor is it in need of any repair or in need of any rearrangement. - The believed in battle between body and soul is a complete fiction projected by the mind. - The drama of life appears to depend on such fiction. It is all stories only. - They are ‘believed in habitual stories’ and so the suffering goes on, moment by moment, year after year and these ‘poor souls’ never seem to reach any state of purification or true peace. - Yet they all appear nowhere other than in THIS immediacy of presence awareness. - Why are they not recognized for what they are?
Contemplate this.
Untold numbers of medals of honour and bravery, never worn by any ‘living hero’, fade away and tarnish in dusty forgotten drawers. - The stories can go on and on till ‘time stands still’ - and they do. - What is truly achieved?
Are you truly interested in seeing through ‘the mirage’ of being a seeker?
Is it an ego wanting to secure itself or is it something much deeper?
What are you doing here and what do you wish to achieve? - Do you know ‘why’ you exist? - Endless explanations just tire ‘the mind’ – is that all we have – endless explanations?
Explanations are just conceptual frameworks that appear in or on awareness. - One may be satisfied by their belief in an explanation and another may not.
What is belief?
You ‘know’ that you exist – that is a fact – THAT is NOT a belief. - Do you truly, truly, truly see the difference between knowing and belief? – Is the knowing of this without the slightest doubt? Is it just another belief?