Saturday, May 10, 2008

Notes from May 08 - Part 6

Part 6.
Why is it said that we will never find an answer in the mind?
Could it be because all that the ‘mind’ is, is thoughts, concepts, memories and images?
Are these nothing more than mere content that appears nowhere other than ‘in’ or ‘on’ awareness?
The very notion that there is a thing called ‘mind’ is insubstantial – no one has ever found something with any substance or location that they can call ‘the mind’. - The brightest scientist has only theories to offer on this mystery. -
Do any of the transient appearances in ‘mind’ have, of themselves, the capacity of cognition or knowing?
What is it in us that knows anything?
Naked awareness is ‘knowing’. -
There is nothing more subtle than ‘knowing’.
The very notion of something more subtle than ‘knowing’ would depend on ‘knowing’ for its apprehension.
Now, it is not difficult to see that the extremely subtle nature of knowing itself is not found in the expressions called thoughts or concepts. - These ‘things’ only appear and disappear and they are ‘known’ by the ‘activity of knowing’. -
That which is ‘knowing’ can never be found by the mind because it is always beyond the grasp of any observer or witness. - We could ‘name it – give it a conceptual framework’ and say that awareness is ‘a formless witness’, yet such a description quickly leads to additional concepts and so it is inaccurate.
The observer is really only composed of ‘the reflective nature of awareness’ and this nature is what we commonly call ‘mind’, which is nothing but translations, concepts, thoughts etc. - All such things are easily observable and we miss the subtleness of ‘what it is that is seeing these things’.
Some repetition is necessary – hammer it home – ‘something subtle’ sinks in and the chains of bondage loosen.
We have bound ourselves with concepts and it is concepts that release the bondage. -
Thinking about this is a challenge for ‘mind’ because the mind is a constant activity and the subtle nature of knowing is not contained in that activity – it is always ‘prior’ or ‘beyond’ that activity. - Or we could say that the ‘knowing’ contains all these activities.

In a similar manner ‘being’ appears ‘in or on’ that which is ‘non-being’. -
What we call ‘the inner most experience’ is not ‘something’ that has any substance. -
The ‘outer life’ is that which registers on the inner most experiencing.
‘People’ are lost and are searching for something missing in their lives.
The richness of this innermost life has been ‘lost’ to them only because they ignore it. -
They constantly gravitate to the grossness of ‘materialism and appearances’, ‘that’ which registers or ‘that’ upon which the impressions register, is ignored because it is very subtle.
THAT can never be ‘named’ and so it can only be ‘pointed at’. -
In re-discovering this innermost life, this ‘natural state’, then a new balance takes place. -
The grossness of ‘outer things’ loses its hold over ‘the mind’ and ‘the mind’ is released from its unbalanced ‘concerns’.
The so-called ‘mind’ is a functional aspect of awareness and it’s ‘thinking’ is merely one of many senses. - Like hearing and tasting, thinking has its place and thinking functions very well when the unnecessary ‘weight’ is taken off it.
The boundary between inner and outer disappears because it is only a ‘point of view’.
All fragments of relativity are an appearance in the absolute. - Therefore they must be absolute also. -
You are present and aware in this moment – that is an absolute fact. - Where is the doubt?
Why does the mind raise objections?
See that all thoughts are only appearances in ‘the awareness that you ARE’. -
Awareness is awareness. - We are not talking about ‘awareness of’ here. -
‘Awareness of’ is dualistic and that contains the habitual ‘entity’ or witness. -
Speaking in relative terms - the ‘unfortunate’ situation is that so many ‘teachers’ are NOT pointing directly at what is true. - They are far too concerned with their own ‘image’ and ‘self importance’ and so their ‘advice’ is always coloured by a falsehood. -
However, in relative terms, ‘this situation’ appears to be changing in ‘recent times’. - Many are seeing through these teachers and ‘the guru game’. - So many more are now finding what they need and are ‘hearing’ a very direct message and so the ‘fruit’ of that ‘hearing’ is that many are truly realizing their ‘true nature’. -
In the appearance of relativity, for many centuries, the secret beyond all secrets was ‘hidden away’ from ‘common people’. -
It is true that common people ‘trample over flower beds’ and do not value things they do not understand. - Yet it is ‘everyone’s right’ to ‘know what is true’ and ‘in coming to know what is true’, the impulse to ignore what is true is vanquished in them. -
Of course much of this written note is relative and could be criticised by others. -
What is beyond question or criticism is that inner most experiencing which ‘each one of us’ is. -
It matters little what it is that ‘inspires’ us to examine the ‘place’ where knowing is happening. -
Once that ‘inner flame’ starts to burn, once the resonation ‘starts to hum in your being’, it consumes every obstacle in its path. - That clear light of knowing reveals everything for ‘what it is’ without ‘it’ ever ‘becoming’ anything other than ‘what it is’. -
It is only the ‘appearance’ that changes and that is its nature. -
THAT which never changes, never will change – it simply IS. -
Be what you ARE. -Is-ness - IS. -