Thursday, June 26, 2008

Self-Realization is simply SEEING-KNOWING that there is no 'me'.

One - without a second.
Nothing that is expressed, by anyone at all, can ever bring you 'home' - because you never ever left 'home'.
As Nisargadatta says: "All paths lead to unreality".
In the clear and present nature of your own being - there is a total openness - is it being ignored? - Is it something fearful? - Is it so threatening? - Do we engage ever so willingly with anything but THAT openness? - just to avoid the absolute naked 'truth' of it. - All of our endeavors, all of our labors are in vain and we suffer unnecessarily - all because we believe in something that does not actually exist.
'Who' is it happening to?
Anyone who has ‘personal’ investments in a future time, in believing that they will acquire some special state at some future moment, is simply ignoring what is clearly obvious right now.
Anyone who teaches methods and practices about such fictional ‘attainments’ is clearly ignoring what is clearly obvious right now. - They imagine that they are doing great service for their companions and that story is an indulgence in a fabrication. – Such is the nature of appearances. – We believe in ‘the appearance’ and ‘the story’ and we ignore our true nature. The idea of being present is just an idea and any story woven around that idea is a fantasy. – The FACT of Being – Being presence-awareness – Awareness of presence is not an idea or a concept. – It is wordless and silent. - That is understanding beyond the realms of duality, good, bad, “I have got it’ and ‘I have lost it’.
In the clear and obvious ‘present evidence’ of THIS timeless Being-ness, right here, right now, all manner of concepts and ideas come and go. – In seeing them for what they are, there is a complete knowing that they can never truly ‘transport’ you away from ‘presence’. – ‘Who’ is it that believes that they leave this presence or that they are dislodged from ‘presence-awareness’? – Who?
You may reply – “It is me”. – Well, what is that ‘me’? - Is that what you truly are?
The ‘me’ is only a thought and a story. - How can a fictional character attain anything, no matter how elaborate the practices are?

News: It will be of interest to German speaking readers to know that the first part of Bob Adamson's Book "One Essence - appearing as Everything" is now translated into German and a FREE PDF is download-able from Bob's official website. - A link to his website is on the shining through the mind links page.

Today's Note:
The relief in letting go of all practices, (after many years) – in relaxing back into simple presence with this ACTUALITY - with 'what is' – and seeing what unfolds from that, is profoundly refreshing. – That is not a sale-able ’practice’ or ‘teaching’ so it is ignored (or even discounted as anything worthwhile - by the experts - it puts them out of work).

The simplicity of being what YOU ARE is not a practice – The pretense of being what you are not is painfully exhausting.

The postulation of a Final Understanding is nothing but 'bait' for a mind distorted by its own obsessions about finding something imagined.
Self-realization is recognizing THAT - that which has always been known beyond all the 'thinking' - the essential nature of being-knowing-presence.
There is no finality to understanding. - The 'un-folding' nature of phenomena - space and time patterns - is simply a movement in stillness. - LIFE.
Some call it God - the ALL KNOWING PRESENCE.
There is NO duality in Non Duality.
'I AM' is your essential name - It is God's name also.
"I and the Father are One".
That is an expression that resonates in Being, if it is recognized.
It is an expression of One Essence - it is not a 'special someone' equating himself with 'The Almighty'. - That is Obvious and yet it is so mis-understood by 'the many' and of course that is the way it has to be.
The Singular core of being abides in ALL equally and without distinction.
The 'Sun shines upon everyone, without discrimination'.
(All the furor over 'same sex marriage' in recent days is so revealing of the ignorance of 'man isolated from his true essence' - The arrogance of 'egoic man' making judgments about 'others' and drawn deeper into his own convoluted arrogant attitude - that he is an 'agent' of 'God's Word'.) - I hear someone saying: "For the Love of God - Wake up, before it is too late." - Of course the word 'God' is so loaded with so many associations, it no longer 'resonates' cleanly.
'Ocean' could serve well as a replacement.
A drop of rain as it strikes the ocean is not rejected by the Ocean.
There is a moment of surface tension and a total dissolution of the 'separate drop'.
In this knowing - one cannot find that 'separate drop', that 'self-center' BECAUSE it never ever was anything but 'water' - ONE Essence.
Understanding is clear and clean - It is untouched by mis-understanding.
The mis-understanding is we take ourselves to be 'something' that we are not.
All confusion arises because of that misapprehension.
It seems rather odd that a clear exposition may be expressed in ‘devastating proportions’, such as the talk Bob Adamson gives at the beginning of his meetings and it is not ‘heard’.
When I first heard one of those talks, it was obvious that the information was ‘thick’ with ‘pointers’ – so thick that it seems impossible to assimilate it all in one hearing.
One may need to hear it a few times – each case is unique. – Just because it is repeated, maybe in exactly the same words, is not a disadvantage - it is always a gift - until it is heard. - Plus, one may well need to contemplate the meanings of it all and ‘follow’ what resonates clearly 'within you'.
In my case, I took it as the most profound exposition I had ever come across. – Something resonated clearly, even though my mind struggled to ‘get it’, that struggle dissipated naturally, the ‘longer’ I stayed with and AS that resonance and saw and ‘felt’ the truth of it – it began to be recognized in my direct experiencing – my ‘daily life’.
That resonance did not leave and it was discovered to be this natural presence that I am. – Now the same essential points are expressed from ‘here’ without a need to repeat the same words. - It is expressed naturally without any dependence upon the ‘past’ or memory. – It is Known – It is KNOWING – from beyond any doubt and ALSO from beyond any concept. – The concepts form themselves naturally ‘each moment’. – This applies to everyone – whether they have this ‘knowledge’ or not. – That is not an opinion – it is obvious.
The concept of a ‘lineage’ is just that – a concept. – This ‘knowing-presence’ this presence of knowing has no need of any support from any conceptual constructs.
Everything appears in THAT.
The Single Essence permeates ALL. - The wholeness is obvious. - The wholeness of a single apricot is obvious – even though it may appear to be a separate ‘thing’.
We may strive to ‘get to’ the ‘inner circle’, to the ‘seed’ - but in attempting to do that, we ignore the fact that the Essence of what ‘I am’ is in the finest fur-like hair of the skin, in the flesh of the fruit, in the case of the seed and also in and AS the potential ‘germination’ of that seed – it is ‘the Whole Apricot’.
These are words – expressing something that is indescribable. – There is nothing more obvious than Oneness.

All the words, in all the world cannot reveal THAT, that which is so clearly obvious.
Because it has always been ‘here’ and because it is so clearly obvious, the mind has never given it a thought or even named it - and so it has no words for it. – And yet all words appear in that clear obviousness. – The understanding and the recognition of words, or anything at all, is due to this clear obviousness. - Untranslated, unaltered, unmodified - direct knowing.
I AM THAT - I am not the mere words, ideas and images that take 'form' and appear in the mind.
The illusion of a separate self, searching for support, for some sense of substance, in order that it may add some substance to its own in-substantial nature, is itself an illusion. - It is a ‘mis-identification’ with ‘the appearance’. - In the clear space of immediate cognition this can be recognized – not by ‘someone’ – it is recognized as a falsehood by and in the essential being – that presence of knowing is what you are.
This ‘knowledge’ is not for the benefit of anyone. – The stored or shared ‘knowledge’ about this fact is not THAT essential being – that Knowing.
Knowing is unceasing presence and THAT is not limited to any form whatsoever.
All forms are appearances in THAT.
This is why a master will say “You are not the body – nor the mind.”
He may also say “Nothing is happening.”
That living essential being-presence is not a ‘happening’ in time or space.
The data, which gives rise to the sense of Time and Space, is an appearance in THAT.
As an apparent ‘seeker’ of THAT, that ‘seeker’ is naturally bound by its own nature.
A ‘seeker’ can never ‘become’ a ‘finder’. – When the seeker disappears a transitory ‘finder’ may ‘appear’ temporarily – yet this ‘finder’ is simply the mind ‘buying back’ into a story of ‘seeker-finder’. – The slightest evidence of freedom from seeking is exaggerated by the obsessive nature of the ‘seeker’. - In the dream of ‘seeking’ many are easily tricked into an endless cyclic pattern. – Methods are given, which ‘bring’ experiences of momentary freedom and these feeble experiences are enough to keep the mind trapped, for decades. – Living in hope eventually, after decades, turns into despair.
The oscillation between ‘hope’ and ‘despair’ is bound into the nature of duality. – The one that is tossing back and forth is a fictional ‘me’.
That ‘me’ is NOT the essential being.
It knows nothing at all.
It is like a thief – it borrows all of the pure and natural functions and claims them for itself – and yet it has no substance of itself. – It is nothing but a habitual belief.
Its ground is revealed to be non-existent and that can only EVER be revealed in this ‘present moment’.
THIS is obvious.
In believing oneself to be a seeker, what ‘seekers’ always miss is that ‘this moment’ is THIS MOMENT.
Everything reveals itself in THIS MOMENT.
There is NO other moment.
The word ‘moment’ implies time but the meaning of the words ‘this moment’ is not about ‘time’. – THIS MOMENT is the unchanging nature of Presence.
The Presence IS THIS Knowing right now. – It is not a particularization of knowing ‘something’. – THIS is simply the activity of KNOWING.
In recognizing THIS one may have a sense of being struck by a solidity beyond description. – The ‘me’ is shattered. – It may re-group ‘in time’ as the mind tries to assimilate, what for it is a ‘disappearing’ experience.
In staying with the direct and immediate experiencing, all such activities are seen to be insubstantial ‘appearances’.
There is no one to let go of them. – They are nothing but habitual beliefs.
They have NO power whatsoever.
There is NO spiritual self-image, no ‘me’ and nothing to acquire.
What you seek, you already ARE.
That ‘seeking’ dissolves into ‘this moment’ into the nature of recognition – and recognition in its essence is pure cognition – KNOWING.


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