Monday, June 23, 2008

Suspension of Disbelief and Doubt.

News: Take a look at this fairly new site "You are Seeing Oneness".

Rob wrote:

The search: Suspension of Disbelief

Well, as long as I searched for my Self, I overlooked my Self! - How stupid could I be? - They were my first thoughts, reading the words of Gilbert Schultz on his website in early 2006.

And...I knew it all the time!

My thinking had -by sustaining the search- invented a strong spiritual identity!

Searching is stepping out of 'Thou that You are.' I am already That. - The seeker is to be seen in action by the real Me. - So the object tries to find & become the Subject, the real Me. - But I am already That. - I'm not the seeker. - The seeker is a role, invented by thinking. But my existence is beyond denial. - I'm here already! - There is seeing, hearing, tasting, sensing, smelling. - The heart beats, my hair grows, my brain works all the time. - I have nothing to do for it. - I'm here!

That search is thus hopeless. - And whatever is real ‘here’ makes use of the senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling... So I know I'm Here.

About 1995 I first discovered that truth, having read Krishnamurti, Ouspensky, Huang Po and many others. - But I expected after that moment of freedom, that my life would be without troubles from then on. - It did not, on the contrary, so I started the search again, looking for Peace & Safety.

I wrote texts on this website similar as the texts of Sailor Bob and Gilbert Schultz. - I understood it, I saw it. - I understood Krishnamurti. - Reading his Notebook I felt the overwhelming Peace and Stillness. - It was with me….. (so easily at times. ed).... but it didn't change my life. - The pain kept coming. - I kept searching. - I was always in haste on my way to .....home? - I had felt Home, but it escaped ‘away’ so easily.

I dug myself deep in Ramana and Nisargadatta, but it seemed unattainable.- For me the spiritual path had become a kind of suspension of disbelief. - I had so much invested in my personality, my ego, my knowledge, that it was very hard to believe what I read. - And when I believed it, it didn't lead me to realising it as the definite truth. - I was waiting for an impressing and definite sign, that would -beyond any doubt- be a proof of my homecoming.

Early 2006 I gave up the search. - Let it all roll! -It appeared that 'I succeeded in doing that' for a couple of weeks.

In early 2006 I discovered the website of Gilbert Schultz. - The first sentence was: Stop the search! - You are already that, what you are looking for! - I don't know what it was, but it struck me like a hammer. - Yes, this is it! - Of course! - How stupid of me! - It is unavoidable! - I know it, I have known this for years. - I wrote it myself! - I had even explained it to other people.
My mind knew it, 'Rob' knew it, but that was not enough.

'I' remembered 'myself' reading Gilbert. - A spark hit me beyond my grasping mind. - It was not an act of my person or my ego. - Something beyond that recognized Itself. - I'm now back where I belong. - Here, as what I am. - Home. - That's not a so-called enlightenment. - It's the recognition of the nothingness that's behind all that is to be seen and experienced. - That No Thing is my (your) true being. - I'm no other than you, who is reading this. What's me is not that which is to be seen. - The old me tries to regain its ‘old place’ - But the spell is broken.
- Rob (edited from Rob’s website notes)

What Rob read of Gilbert’s writing was probably the following note:
Stop the search! - You are already that, what you are looking for!
Every thought, every motion is consciousness. - The First Instant (the Only instant) is KNOWING - cognition- present and immediate - It remains timelessly as WHAT you are.
So, THAT (this unadorned pure wakefulness -this knowing, right now) is the ‘understanding’ - the activity of knowing IS the understanding - and there is NO entity in that. – Any appearance of an ‘entity’ is an appearance in THAT and is naturally seen – and notice that you cannot see yourself – primarily you KNOW yourself as yourself and then as everything that IS. – No two-ness. - Everything is inclusive in THAT.
There is a seeing of each thought - a hearing of your own speech – taste, touch, all the senses register ‘on that awareness’ that you are - the investigation is of that 'space of knowing' and the investigator dissolves into the knowing – forever - as it always was - is and will be.
It already IS - so it is truly no Big Deal.
Ordinary awareness is clear and present always. – It may appear to be covered over by mind content – but for whom is it covered over – only a sense of identification – INVESTIGATE.

Those who make a big deal out of this just keep the concept of separation going on and on.
The traditional MAP is a fabrication. - You ARE here now and there is no other time or place to SEE directly and immediately.

Right NOW is IT - you are already FREE - but your mind tells you otherwise - and you believe it - 'who' is the believer?
Watch and see - that is all one needs to do.
Everything is revealed in SEEING. (That applies to everyday ordinary seeing and also the highest esoteric insight.)
There is only one SEEING happening.
Everything registers in THAT – that space-like awareness – THAT is what you ARE.

Essential Directness - let it 'seep' into your bones.
Too direct and too immediate for the mind bound into time realms?
This is totally available to everyone - As Bob says: "Not for just the few" - it is totally available, simply because it is our true nature. - It is what I am.
All teachings are simply ‘pointers’ and one should avoid getting ‘stuck’ on the concepts.
All ‘traditions’ appear as transient patterns within Presence.
It is ‘presence’ that needs to be acknowledged, not teachers and gurus or traditions.
The only thing that you cannot deny or negate is the fact that you exist - you KNOW you ARE.