Monday, July 07, 2008

The Profound Evidence is (the) Knowing.

Today's Note is not for the timid or the meek and mild - in fact many will not be able to follow what is being pointed out - if only one does, then these words are not wasted - As Nisargadatta pointed out about what he was expounding: "There are no customers for this knowledge".
Those who gather customers (seekers) are not telling it straight - because they obviously don't know the essence of it clearly. - Ironically, it seems, this one here makes virtually no money from this 'pointing' at what is true. - If there was any ambition here, this 'knowledge' could 'set me up' into a very comfortable life style, with hundreds of followers and all the trappings that come with it, women hanging around like flies, all wanting some 'shaktipat' or whatever you call 'it'.
- Not even a thought of such things can survive here, not for even 2 moments. - The direct message must be told. - It cannot have any conditions placed before it. - Payment is not a prerequisite. - It may 'come after' or not. - Whether gratitude arises anywhere for these expressions, is not of any concern to 'me' because there is no 'me'.
The 'seeker' is 'self-absorbed' illusion - a pattern of energy. - There is no self - 'who' really wants to know that?

The Profound Evidence is (the) Knowing.
The Knowing
is the Profound Evidence. - They are One.
No separation.
The most profound evidence of reality is right here, right now. – The only ‘reason’ it is not recognized is because of ‘reason’ itself – thought patterns ‘apparently’ obscure reality. – The obviousness of ‘space’ is overlooked in the same way that this profundity of ‘presence’ is overlooked.

The reality that 'you are' is THAT in which space and time ‘appear’ – space and time are known from beyond space and time – These attributes of ‘the manifestation’ appear or register on THAT 'knowing', which is not actually subjected to clarity, nor to obscurity. – No matter how much thought is given to this – no matter how much ‘effort’ is made to perceive THAT fact – those activities are only appearances in THAT direct and immediate cognition. - This subtle point is registering in that knowing and the description, and the images in mind, are never the 'thing' being described.
That is a movement in mind, a process, in time.
Knowing is not in time - it never budges from THIS Instant. - It is only the description and mentation that seemingly moves away (into a landscape of thought) - but even that has no existence except AS the immediate vibration that IT IS.

Such information may still the mind. - The wonder of 'knowing' itself may arise (or not).

Any concept about an ‘entity’ being present in THAT knowing, is only 'a transient appearance'. – It has NO duration at all. - Repeated belief lends those appearances in mind an apparent duration and 'being'. - 'The source' of noticing this fact (or anything at all) is knowing and the mind content is an 'appearance'. - It may be an appearance of a ‘turning point’, a 'profound insight' – one that has no actual physical existence in space or time and it is totally impersonal. - It remains 'as if' totally stationary - it is THIS knowing-presence.
In THAT, there is no one (no separate pattern of energy) to indulge in fantasies or stories of someone that is 'enlightened'. - All such talk is fanciful notions and belongs to dualistic mind. - This is known to be true in your own essence.

One cannot, and need not, place oneself anywhere 'apart' from the 'knowing' - THIS knowing has no detectable form or location.

The simplicity of whatever is ‘happening’ (right now, as always) is registering in the ‘knowing’. – In THAT there is No ‘knower’ and No ‘known’ - No Subject and No object. – It is Non Dual. - ALL Inclusive. - Reality.
Because there is no separation, there is no one that can separate this knowing from whatever it is that is known - except conceptually (mind stuff). - To believe that there is, is mere transient content of mind. - No proof can ever support it - but such facts are avoided by the mind, because it is 'too close for comfort'.

A cognitive Scientist may spend a life time trying to establish what the 'I' is. - He remains searching with nothing to rest on - nothing substantial - all he has is theories. - Theories are patterns in the mind. - Not a lot to show for a life times work.

The ‘activity of knowing’ is the ‘foundation’ of every experience – 'the activity of knowing' is not what the mind translates that or any experiencing into.
This is where 'everyone' stumbles - and that could be said to be a natural occurrence because the 'personal approach' is weighted by the bias of an 'attachment'. - The subtle notion of a 'someone', (a thought of being someone) a someone that is wanting a preconceived 'outcome'- which can only ever be more transient content of mind.
The bias of the mind is 'ME'. - The 'me' is NOT reality.
This fact, when it 'finally sinks in', it confounds the intellect and leaves it in a ‘state’ of poverty (a sense of "I don't really know") - that may transpose as a very subtle experiencing of 'expansion' of this 'space-like awareness'.

(A weight is lifted from being)

The profound revelation that may be so easily missed is that at no point is the
intelligence incapacitated. - Intelligence remains throughout all experiencing and apparent ordeals.
Knowing is presence.
One could say that 'intelligence' is witnessing 'the whole universal activity' - all 'time and space patterns' appear in THAT - 'IS That' - Intelligence.
The intelligence and the knowing are ONE.
You KNOW that you exist – any expression about that fact is a translation in the mind, words, concepts, ideas. - The expression may be witnessed and known to be only an appearance in what is 'totally indescribable'.

Belief has nothing to do with it. – Belief belongs to the realm of dualistic mind. Knowing is ‘at all times’ beyond the mind content. - We can call it 'Pure Mind' if that helps. - Pure Mind is not limited to any of the content of mind.
What you ARE is 'seemingly connected' to 'the world of impressions' via ‘knowing’ – not via thoughts etc. – The ‘entity’ one may believe one is, depends entirely on ‘mind content’. - And that does not have the capacity of knowing - only apparent 'connections'.
The knowing suffuses all.

A lot of ‘people’ get hot and bothered about ‘who is clear and who is not clear’, when it comes to the so-called Non Duality ‘teachers’, websites, books and so on. - There has been some not so subtle pointing out of erroneous teachers on this website as well.
It is all futile, nothing but a game of opinions and bias – all of it belongs to the appearance of transient ‘things’. - Entertainment only.

The point is that when one hears a clear message, it is like 'a hunting dog' picking up on the strong scent of ‘the fox’. - Nothing can put that dog off the trail, he is totally ‘one pointed’ from the moment he picks up the scent. – All he needs to do is ‘follow the trail’.
In other words: Follow that resonance in being. - Innately we KNOW.
One 'appears' to retrace ones own Being 'back' to this immediate presence - this Knowing.
In this 'way', one need not worry about who is clear and who is not.
You realize that you ARE the ‘space of clarity’ in which everything appears….and NOTHING can remove 'you' from THAT Knowing….Everything, without exception is known to be an appearance in THAT.
Such profound 'pointing' is not welcome for most 'adherents' because of 'erroneous knowledge' that is being held onto. - Knowledge that some guru or teacher has convinced them is true.
"Who cares?"